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Our Honest Review

Prakriya Green Wisdom School was established by Seetha Ananthasivan in 1995. Located 10 km from Koramangala, on Sarjapur road, Bangalore. It sure is a nice place and it is one of the best ICSE schools in Bangalore. This best school provides a nature-rich environment that is conducive to learning. They offer a unique setting for students of Prakriya by having sports facilities and thematic lobbies amidst abundant greenery.

The curriculum of the school includes real-life projects, and nurtures creative thinking. The teachers engage in regular workshops with the students to maintain a supportive learning environment, foster connections with nature, and promote overall well-being. The school’s commitment to holistic education and experiential learning has positioned it as a top alternative school in India. Prakriya continues to shape the next generation of mindful and socially responsible individuals.

About the School

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We’ve categorised Prakriya Green Wisdom School, Doddakannelli, into our Legacy School Category and Mainstream School Category

What stood out to us? Their quality of education over the decades has kept improving, as has their commitment to building connections with Mother Nature. But why did it end up in the legacy categories and mainstream schools? Let’s find out why it blends well in both categories.

What is a Legacy School?

A legacy school is a longstanding institution, often passed down through generations, with a strong community reputation and rich history. Like old trees, they have provided quality education for decades, earning trust and respect.

Why is Prakriya Green Wisdom a Legacy School?

Prakriya Green Wisdom School has earned its legacy through its longstanding tradition of providing holistic education for over two decades, since 1999. With a strong community reputation, rich history, and commitment to nurturing creativity and connections with nature, it embodies educational excellence.

What is a Mainstream School?

A mainstream school is a diverse community that welcomes students from various backgrounds. It offers a standard curriculum covering math and science, attracting families seeking an inclusive environment where their children can learn alongside peers from different cultures and backgrounds.

Why is Prakriya Green Wisdom a Mainstream School?

Prakriya Green Wisdom School, Bangalore, is mainstream because it has students from various backgrounds, offers a standard curriculum, and welcomes everyone from the community. It balances traditional education with a holistic approach. The majority of local kids attend, and there are plenty of extracurricular activities catering to diverse interests.

Why this school?

USP #1: Prakriya’s dedicated teachers are lifelong learners. They attend bi-monthly workshops to keep the learning environment lively and to keep themselves updated. The school’s supportive culture fosters deep connections with nature, promoting well-being and holistic understanding.

USP #2: Schools that only focus on exams can be boring and kill creativity. At Prakriya, they believe in sharing creative work and learning from others to keep things lively. Prakriya wants kids to feel happy and free to be themselves by discarding strict factory-made rules. They proved that even with board exams, schools can be fun for kids. Their focus on goals rather than money creates a healthy space where children can learn and grow happily.

USP #3: Prakriya offers sessions beyond textbooks, tackling real-life issues like gender discrimination and climate change. Students explore topics on self-image and environmental impact through discussions, expert talks, and activities like theater and TED talks. The school also prioritizes crafting that uses the head, heart, and hands, bringing joy and calming the kids, which helps them focus better. Craft experts are invited to share their work, teaching children about the importance of crafts and supporting jobs in India.

Basic Stats

  • The principal is Mrs. Sharon Lyngdoh and the Vice- Principal is Mrs. Manjula R, they are great visionaries and know very well how to provide a lot of values to the students.
  • The school has an average size of the class of 25 students. The student-teacher ratio is 8:1.
  • The school is affiliated with the ICSE – Indian Council for Secondary Education curriculum.
  • This is a private school and they offer classes from playgroup – class 12.
  • They are located at 70, Chikkanayakanahalli Road, Sarjapur Main Road, Off, Doddakannelli, Bangalore, Karnataka.
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Fees Structure

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We are classifying Prakriya Green Wisdom School in Doddakannelli into our Value for Money Schools Category regarding fees. 

The reason is that Prakriya Green Wisdom School offers numerous opportunities and exceptional facilities that truly justify the fees paid. Okay, let’s delve deeper into this.

What is the Value for Money Schools Category?

Value for Money Schools balance the cost of tuition with the quality of education and facilities. They offer students a high-quality education and resources without costing too much. They focus on giving great education while keeping costs reasonable for families.

Why is Prakriya Green Wisdom School a Value for Money School?

Prakriya Green Wisdom School is a value-for-money school because it offers a high-quality, holistic education with excellent facilities at a reasonable cost. The school focuses on academic excellence, personal growth, and environmental consciousness, ensuring students receive a well-rounded education without financial strain on families. They have well-equipped laboratories, well-stacked libraries, digital classrooms, multi-purpose rooms, an auditorium, and transport facilities. Considering the facilities provided, it is a very affordable price to pay.

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At Prakriya Green Wisdom School, everyone supports beyond their roles, with teachers acting as mentors and shaping school culture. Teachers, chosen for their expertise, engage in continuous learning and connect with education and ecology experts through Prakriya/Bhoomi.


Prakriya Green Wisdom School has a 3-acre campus, located near Koramangala and off Sarjapura Road in Bangalore, which offers a nature-rich environment with fresh air and greenery. The campus has over 100 tree species, various plants, and abundant wildlife. Facilities include football and basketball courts, a long jump pit, an auditorium, and age-specific blocks for each school section. The campus features a pond, a Buddha lobby, a Panchavati, and an organic garden. Hasta Kala Kuteer promotes hands-on creativity through crafts like carpentry, pottery, and weaving, fostering an appreciation for Indian cultural heritage.



Prakriya’s classrooms are designed to meet the specific needs of different age groups. Nursery classes accommodate up to 18 children, ensuring focused attention and a cozy learning space. Primary classes also have a maximum of 18 children each and feature octagonal rooms with circular seating to encourage interaction. Middle and high school classes can have up to 26 students each, emphasizing academic rigor and personal growth.

2. Laboratories

The school has well-resourced laboratories for physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, and cooking. These labs provide students with hands-on practical experiences that complement their theoretical learning.

3. Library

Prakriya has a well-stocked library that supports the reading and research needs of students across all age groups. It is a space where students can explore a variety of books and resources, fostering a love for reading and independent learning.

4. Multi-purpose rooms and auditorium

Prakriya has a spacious activity hall and an auditorium that hosts diverse school activities. These multi-purpose rooms, the auditorium, amphitheatres, and two well-equipped libraries, are used for various functions, including assemblies, performances, workshops, and audiovisual presentations. They provide versatile spaces for student engagement, enabling a wide range of learning experiences within the school premises.

5. Playgrounds

The campus includes ample outdoor facilities, such as football, basketball, and volleyball courts. There are also sand pits for younger children, providing a variety of play areas to cater to different interests and age groups.

6. Extracurricular activities

The school excelled at extracurricular activities. These are an integral part of the curriculum at Prakriya. Students participate in sports, arts, crafts, yoga, and community service. The Hasta Kala Kuteer space is dedicated to hands-on crafts like carpentry, pottery, and weaving. Regular field trips, gardening activities, and nature walks enrich the students’ learning experiences, promoting eco-consciousness and a deep connection with nature.

7. Transport 

Prakriya offers extensive transport services, ensuring safe and convenient travel for students. The school’s transportation system is well-organised, making it easier for students to commute to and from school.

Google Review

Prakriya is rated at the top rating of 4.1 out of 5, reflecting satisfaction from 82 reviewers in the review section.

We have gone through the different reviews and got the opportunity to interact, one parent praised the school for its focus on minimalism, character building, holistic education, inclusivity, and spiritual growth, noting that it suits tradition-oriented families. Another parent highlighted the school’s emphasis on environmental consciousness, personalized attention from teachers, healthy canteen food, enriching field trips, strong academics, and early encouragement of extracurricular talents. When we met with other parents, we heard about some parents form negative opinions about issues with the admissions process were mentioned, but the school has promised to address and fix them.

Our Verdict

Prakriya Green Wisdom School, Bangalore is a wonderful place for children to learn and grow. We believe that its unique approach to education, which combines academics with a deep connection to nature, provides an enriching experience for students. From Nursery to High School, the school offers excellent facilities and a supportive environment where children can thrive.

According to us, the dedicated teachers at Prakriya are truly exceptional. They are committed to lifelong learning and work hard to create an engaging learning environment for their students. We also appreciate the school’s focus on real-life issues like climate change and gender discrimination, which are taught in class and helps students develop critical thinking skills and social awareness.

One of the things we love most about Prakriya is its emphasis on creativity and holistic development. They are different in approach, through activities like crafting, students are encouraged to express themselves and develop important skills. We admire the school’s commitment to minimalism, character-building, and inclusivity.

Overall, we believe that Prakriya Green Wisdom School, Bangalore offers a well-rounded education that prepares students to be responsible and compassionate individuals. We hope that this blog has provided you with valuable information about the school. You can contact the school directly to know first hand or connect with other parents and see whether they are also facing the same issues.

FAQs on prakriya green wisdom school reviews

What are the school timings for students at Prakriya?

The school working hours are Monday-Friday: 9:30 AM – 1:30 PM & Sunday is closed.

What is the curriculum followed at Prakriya Green Wisdom School? 

The school is affiliated with the ICSE (Indian Council for Secondary Education) Boards.

How does Prakriya Green Wisdom School offer holistic education?

The school offers holistic education through critical thinking, respect for diverse strengths, experiential learning, and life skills development, fostering well-rounded growth in students.

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