What is PM-Scholarship? Unlock Its Benefits And Eligibility

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Scholarships can be a game-changer, providing crucial financial support and motivating students to excel academically. Schools in Bangalore like Global Indian International School, Harrow International, and Canadian International School offer scholarships to deserving students, regardless of their financial status.

In this blog, we’ll discuss one such prestigious scholarship, presented by the Government Of India- The PM Scholarship! First introduced in 2005 for academic achievers, the scheme now offers scholarships to over 5500 students across the nation. So today let’s learn, what is PM-Scholarship, its eligibility criteria, the documents required, the benefits offered, and other valuable information on the PM-Scholarship. So let’s quickly proceed!

Quick Summary

1. What is PM-Scholarship?

2. When was it started and the benefits of PM-Scholarship?

3. What is the eligibility criteria for the PM-scholarship?

4. What are the required documents and application dates?

5. How to register for the scholarship?

6. What are the benefits of this Scholarship?



1. What is PM-Scholarship?

Ever heard what is PM-Scholarship? It is the Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme (PMSS) in India designed to support the education of the children of deceased, ex-servicemen, and serving military personnel. 

  • Children of Serving Military Personnel
  • Children of Ex-Servicemen
  • Central armed police forces (CAPFs)
  • State police personnel and their widows pursuing professional degree courses like, 
    • Engineering
    • Medical
    • Dental
    • Veterinary
    • MBA
    • MCA, and other fields
  • Kids of soldiers who have lost their lives while in service 

They are allowed to apply for this Scholarship. The amount of money awarded varies and is often updated. The scholarship is typically awarded for the entire duration of the chosen course. This can range from 1 to 5 years, depending on the type and length of the educational program.

2.When was it started and the benefits of PM-Scholarship?

  • The scholarship is administered by the Kendriya Sainik Board Secretariat (KSB) under the Ministry of Defence, Government of India, and was first started on 5 August 2005. The amount of Scholarship varies for different years and girls generally receive a slightly higher fixed amount per month to encourage female education.
  • The government of India revised the amount of scholarship from Rs 2250 to Rs 3000 per month for girls and 2000 to 2500 per month for boys. The government additionally awarded 500 new scholarships to the wards of State Police officials who are/were martyred in Naxal or terror attacks.
  • A scholarship of ₹36,000  per year is thus offered to the students.

3. What is the eligibility criteria for the PM-scholarship? 

Military Personnel Requirements 

To be eligible, candidates must be the ward(son/daughter) of ex-servicemen/ex-coast guard personnel, who served in the armed forces, central armed police forces (capfs), and coast guard.

Candidates can be windows of ex-servicemen/ex-coast guard personnel, who served in the armed forces, central armed police forces (capfs), and coast guard. A certificate verifying the military service of the parent (retired, serving, or deceased) must be provided to authorities to prove the same.

Age Requirements 

There is no specific age limit mentioned for the scholarship, but it is generally aimed at students in the age group who have just completed their school education and are entering professional courses.

Educational Requirements 

Applicants must have scored at least 60% in their last qualifying examination (such as 12th grade or diploma). In addition to this, the student must be enrolled in a recognized professional course such as Engineering, Medicine, Dental, Veterinary, BBA, BCA, B.Pharma, B.Sc. (Nursing, Agriculture, etc.), MBA, MCA, etc. Admission Proof showing that the student has been admitted to a recognized professional course must be submitted for the same. Note that students pursuing a Master’s degree and students pursuing foreign studies are not eligible under the PM scholarship scheme.

Family Income Requirements 

To be eligible for the scholarship, the annual income should not exceed INR 6 lakh per annum. It’s also important to note that candidates with wards of civilians including para-military personnel are not considered in the PM scholarship.

4.What are the required documents and application dates?

To apply for the Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme (PMSS) in India, you need to provide several important documents. These documents help verify your eligibility and support your application. 

  • Proof of document to status as the ward (son/daughter) of Ex-Servicemen/Ex-Coast Guard personnel or widows of such personnel must be submitted in the form of a Service Certificate, discharge book, or a certificate from the unit.
  • Copies of your mark sheets from the last qualifying examination (like your 12th-grade board exams or diploma) must be submitted. 
  • A document or letter from the college or university showing that you have been admitted to a recognized professional course. This should include details like the name of the course, the duration, and the date of admission.
  • Details of your bank account where the scholarship money will be deposited. This should include the Bank account number, Bank branch address, and IFSC code. Note that the bank account should be in your name.
  • A valid ID proof, such as an Aadhaar card/Voter ID/Passport/School/college ID card must be submitted as proof. A recent passport-sized photograph should also be taken to submit.
  • An Income Certificate is required for proof of family income to prioritize need-based support.

5. How to register for the scholarship?

To register for the Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme (PMSS), you’ll need to apply and register on the government website. From 2015-16, the registration for PMSS happens via online medium.

  • Firstly,go to the official website for the PM Scholarship. This is usually hosted on the National Scholarship Portal (NSP) at scholarships.gov.in. and on the homepage, navigate to the “New Application” button in the Applicant corner and register by adding a registration number, passport, and catchall.
  • After logging in to the website, click on the PM Scholarship application form 2024.
  • Fill out the required details in the application form by selecting the appropriate category from “Basic Profession” from “Central Armed Forces/Assam Rifles, RPF/SRPF, State Police Personnel” etc. 
  • Make sure to fill in all personal details carefully like name, educational qualifications, contact information, etc
    • Upload scanned copies of all required documents:
    • Service Certificate
    • Mark Sheets
    • Proof of Admission
    • Bank Account Details
    • Identity Proof
    • Recent Photograph
    • Income Certificate (if needed)
    • Domicile Certificate.
  • Review all the information you have entered to make sure it is correct. Click on the “Submit” button to finalize your application. After submitting, you will receive an application reference number. Save this number for future reference.

6. What are the benefits of this Scholarship? 

The Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme (PMSS) offers several benefits to students, especially those from military families.

  • This scholarship is provided for the entire duration of the course, thus ensuring full course coverage.
  •  The scheme provides a fixed amount of money each month to help cover educational expenses which will give students financial support. Thie money can be used to pay for tuition fees, buy textbooks, and cover other educational expenses.
  • The scholarship supports a wide range of professional and technical courses. This includes fields like Engineering, Medicine, Dental, Veterinary, Business Administration (BBA), Computer Applications (BCA), Pharmacy, and Nursing, among others.
  • Students can renew the scholarship each year by maintaining good academic performance, offering them the means to pursue education and improve their future prospects.


The Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme provides significant financial assistance, encourages higher education, supports a wide range of professional courses, and promotes gender equality. It is a valuable initiative to support the education of children from military families, recognizing their sacrifices and ensuring they have opportunities for a bright future through education. In conclusion, the Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme is like a superhero for students from military families. 

So, if you’re a student with a military background, and wonder what is PM-Scholarship? this scholarship is a blessing for you, making sure you can focus on your studies without worrying about the costs!


1. What is PM-Scholarship? and 2024 Selection Criteria?

The selection criteria are categorized into different groups typically denoted as Category A, Category B, and so forth. The PM Scholarship awards the first preference to Category A, that is wards and widows of CAPFs & AR personnel who were killed in action followed by Category B that is widows of Ex-CAPFs & AR personnel who were disabled in action, and then to Category C that is wards and widows of deceased CAPFs & AR personnel who died in government service.

2. Can children of civilians apply for the PM Scholarship?

Candidates with wards of civilians including para-military personnel are not 

considered in the PM scholarship.

3. Is The scholarship renewed on its own every year?

Candidates need to renew their PM scholarship after the first Payment. After application, selected candidates get their first instalment of the PM scholarship after the declaration of merit list. To receive the next instalment of their PM Scholarship, candidates must first renew their scholarship online. 

4. Do students need to maintain any academic record to continue their scholarship? 

The continuation of the scholarship is only applicable on successfully completing the semester or academic year with a minimum of 50% marks. It’s important to note that all subjects must be passed in a single attempt. 

5. Will the amount offered change each year for the scholarship?

Although the scholarship amount doesn’t vary each year, it increases every few 

years. The current value offered as of 2024 is ₹36,000 per year.

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