About Varsha & Adi

How it All Started

Hey there, we’re Varsha and Adi. Let’s take you back to where it all began and how Candid Schools became our thing. So, we used to do the digital marketing hustle. Then, reality smacked us when we were hunting for a school for our nephew in Bangalore.

Online info? Total letdown. Just addresses, some random pics, and details straight out of yellow pages. Nothing about what parents really need. We thought, “Do we seriously have to visit every school to get the picture?”

That got us thinking – why can’t school hunting be as chill as picking the next Netflix binge? Bet other parents are stuck in the same hassle, trying to pick a school from the zillion options in Bangalore. Enter Candid Schools!

What We Learnt

We figured out it wasn’t about reinventing the wheel but sharing real stories and tips from visiting the schools firsthand.
Remember those days binge-watching YouTube travel videos to decide on your next getaway? Well, we wanted to be the YouTube of school searches, minus the popcorn. Our mission? Break down the school stuff into easy, no-nonsense bits.

What We Stand For

Candid Schools isn’t just a school blog, it’s our commitment to end your school search with all the details you need. Here’s what we hold close to our hearts:

  1. Sharing Personal Experiences: We’re not into fancy school reports – we’re all about keeping it real. Our info comes straight from our visits and chats with schools. It’s like getting the inside scoop from a buddy who’s been there, done that. We aim for authenticity, so you know it’s vetted info you can trust.
  2. Saving Your Precious Time: We get it – Bangalore traffic is no joke. We’re here to save you from spending hours in the car just to peep at a school. Our goal? To dish out info that’s not even on their website, so you can shortlist schools without the traffic hassle.videos or reading multiple blogs. We’ve got you covered.
  3. Concise Wisdom: No beating around the bush here. With a zillion schools around, we know researching each one is a mission. So, we break it down for you – no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point info. Whether it’s about infrastructure, fees, curriculum, or teachers, we present it in a way that’s easy to wrap your head around.

What Is a Win for Us

Our win is when you don’t need to jump around from one blog to the next. When everything you’re looking for is right here on Candid Schools, that’s our victory. Your happy vibes and trust in your school picks? That’s what fuels our excitement and keeps us going strong.