A Guide to After-School Activities in Banaswadi, Bangalore  

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After a long day at school, children often find themselves glued to mobile phones or TVs. But here’s a secret for parents: after-school activities! Instead of endless screen time, picture your child enjoying, socializing, and mastering new skills.

In Banaswadi, Bangalore, we’ve discovered fantastic classes for your little ones – from art and music to dance and beyond. Say goodbye to dull afternoons and hello to exciting adventures! Explore these classes today and watch the fun and learning unfold.

Quick Summary

After-School Activities in Banaswadi, Bangalore

  • Why Extra School Activities?
  • Different Types of After-School Activities
  • After-School Options in Banaswadi
  • Attitude In Reflection (A.I.R) Studio
  • Mani Dance Studio
  • Brushes and Strokes
  • Monisha Drawing Class for Kids and Adults
  • Dawn of the Aqua Warriors
  • Opulency Swim and Health Pro
  • FAQs
  • Conclusion

1.  Why Extra School Activities?

Your child spends many hours in class, often exhausted by textbooks and tests. But here’s the truth: after-school activities are more than just a means to spend time. They are the secret ingredient for encouraging creativity, boosting confidence, and forming meaningful friendships. Each activity, from painting to soccer practice, creates new opportunities for your child to explore their interests and skills. It’s not only about keeping kids busy, it’s about shaping a well-rounded human ready to face the world. So, let’s go into why these hobbies are such game-changers!

  1. Online learning games

Online learning games are like exciting adventures that teach you while you play. You can play games to enhance your English or learn a new language. It’s like combining play and learning into one amazing experience!

  1. Scavenger hunts

Scavenger hunts are thrilling adventures where you search for hidden treasures or clues. It’s like being a detective on a mission! You follow hints, solve puzzles, and explore surroundings to find hidden treasures. It’s super fun and a great way to learn while having an exciting adventure outdoors with friends!

  1. Arts and Crafts activities

Participating in arts and crafts activities is like opening a treasure vault of imagination! Painting, drawing, and making DIY crafts are all hobbies that improve imagination and fine motor skills while also allowing for self-expression and bonding with friends. Let’s get crafty! 

  1. Sports activities

Sports are like an adventure waiting to happen! There’s plenty of pleasure to be had, from kicking a ball on the field to shooting hoops on the court. These exercises not only help you stay active, but they also teach you about collaboration, discipline, and determination. So, grab your sneakers and prepare for an exhilarating adventure of play and growth! Let’s get athletic!

  1. Auditory skills

Discover the wonder of music instruction and playing musical instruments to improve your aural abilities! Participate in entertaining sessions where you’ll learn to detect various sounds, tones, and melodies. Strumming, plucking, or playing your favorite instrument immerses you in rhythm and harmony.

  1. Life-saving skills

Take swimming lessons to master lifesaving skills! Important water safety methods. Gain pool confidence and learn essential swimming strokes with professional supervision. Whether you’re a beginner or trying to improve, our teachers provide a secure and entertaining learning environment. Join us to develop skills that could save lives!

2. Tips for Discovering Your Ideal After-School Activity

Here are some handy tips to help you find the perfect after-school activity for your child:

  1. Explore Interests

Encourage your child to explore different activities aligned with their interests, be it sports, arts, or academics. Providing opportunities for diverse experiences fosters personal growth and skill development. 

  1. Consider Learning Opportunities

Seek activities that provide chances to learn new skills, develop discipline, and set goals. These experiences positively influence academic performance by enhancing learning and personal growth. Whether it’s sports, arts, or educational pursuits, engaging in such activities outside of school hours can greatly benefit a child’s overall development.

  1. Balance Variety and Depth

Push your child to try new things while focusing on the ones they enjoy and excel at. They can find their interests by attempting a variety of activities. Once identified, encourage them to devote more time and effort to furthering their skills. This balanced approach encourages both inquiry and mastery, cultivating their passions and talents.

  1. Prioritize Social Interaction

Motivate them to participate in cooperative and socially interactive activities. These encounters help them enhance their relationship-building and communication skills. Making these activities a priority will benefit their overall development and well-being.

  1. Consider Time Commitment

Determine the amount of time required for each activity to correspond with your child’s schedule, encouraging a harmonious balance of schooling, leisure, and extracurricular activities. This review promotes a well-rounded routine that avoids overwhelming and tiredness while fostering productivity and enjoyment in all parts of life.

  1. Family Involvement

Engage in activities that enhance family bonding, foster a nurturing environment, and help your child’s emotional development. These activities may include visits to museums, aquariums, or outdoor excursions such as hiking. Involving the entire family creates a supportive environment in which children feel loved and respected, adding to their overall wellness. 

3.After-School Options in Banaswadi

1. Attitude In Reflection (A.I.R) Studio

Timings: Closes 8:30pm

Contact: 085534 20465 for more information, check out their Facebook Page

Address: 5th Main Rd, Ex-Servicemen Colony, Banasawadi, Bengaluru


Situated in the busy city of Banaswadi, Bangalore, the Attitude In Reflection (A.I.R) Studio provides an escape for wellness enthusiasts looking for balance and quiet after school. A.I.R Studio, with its calm setting and professional instructors, offers a variety of activities, including yoga and meditation, that promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Accept the opportunity to relax, refuel, and create a positive view of life amidst the rush and bustle of everyday routines in Banaswadi.

2. Mani Dance Studio

Timings: Closes 8:00 pm

Contact: 07947142276 for more information, check out their  Instagram page.

Address: 2nd floor, 216/1A, Subbanapalaya, Dodda Banaswadi Main Rd, Jai Jawan Nagar, Subbaiyapalya, Banaswadi, Bengaluru


Mani Dance Studio in Banaswadi promotes creativity and rhythm, providing a vibrant environment for youngsters to experience the art of dance after school. Founded in 2018, this colorful studio captivates young minds with a wide spectrum of dance forms, from classical to modern. It is led by enthusiastic instructors and promotes confidence and self-expression in a supportive setting. Mani Dance Studio, with its perfect blend of fun and learning, promises to instill a passion for Opulencea Adultfor dance in every budding dancer in Banaswadi, Bangalore. 


Timings: Closes 8:00 pm

Contact: 090366 86777 for more information, check out their website.

Address: No.217, ground floor, 9th Main Rd, HRBR Layout 1st Block, HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru


Visiting Brushes and Strokes, Banaswadi’s bright arehaven for aspiring painters! This creative hub, located in the heart of Banaswadi, Bangalore, provides a variety of after-school activities to spark imagination and polish artistic talents. From painting workshops to drawing sessions, youngsters explore a variety of mediums under expert supervision, developing self-expression and creativity. Brushes and Strokes, with its lively atmosphere and emphasis on personal development, is the ideal location for young Picassos to unleash their creativity and turn their dreams become reality.

4. Monisha Drawing Class for Kids and Adults

Timings: Closing time not fixed

Contact: 088808 15074 for more information, check out their Instagram Page.

Address: 28, 3rd Cross Road, Bhavani St, Ramamurthy Nagar, Gurumurthy Reddy Layout, Dooravani Nagar, Bengaluru.


Explore the world of creativity with Monisha Drawing Class for Kids and Adults in Banaswadi! Established in 2016, this artistic retreat provides a caring setting in which people of all ages can experience the delights of sketching. Students may express their imaginations and enhance their artistic talents thanks to skilled coaching and personalized attention. From simple skills to sophisticated concepts, Monisha Drawing Class encourages an appreciation for art while fostering self-expression. Join for a colorful journey of creativity and inspiration!

5. Dawn of the Aqua Warriors

Timings: Closes 8;00 pm

Contact: 095903 48550, for more information, check out their Instagram page.

Address: 6th B Main Rd, Chellikere, HRBR Layout 2nd Block, HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru.


Dive into a world of aquatic adventure at Dawn of the Aqua Warriors in Banaswadi! This outstanding facility provides excellent swimming tuition for all ages, making it a beacon for water aficionados in Bangalore. Located in the heart of Banaswadi, it offers skilled coaching in a secure and friendly setting. Participants, ranging from beginners to skilled swimmers, gain confidence and proficiency with professional instruction. On a trip of splashes, strokes, and aquatic fun!

6. Opulency Swim and Health Pro

Timings: Closes 8:00 pm

Contact: 074065 82222 for more information, Check out their Instagram page.

Address: 50, Jp Dental Clinic Road, Gurumurthy Reddy Layout, Ramamurthy Nagar, Bengaluru.


Come to the field of water expertise at Opulency Swim and Health Pro in Banaswadi! This institution, located in the tranquil Ramamurthy Nagar, provides excellent swimming lessons for all ages. Whether you’re a starting or an accomplished swimmer, their comprehensive training plans are designed for everyone. Opulence Swim and Health Pro are ideal for water enthusiasts in Bangalore, as it focuses on learning the skill of swimming while also encouraging general health and fitness.


So there you have it! Banaswadi, Bangalore, offers a wealth of engaging activities for your children after school. Whether they enjoy the arts, athletics, coding, or dance, something spectacular awaits them. So, after school, let your children go on an adventure, make new friends, and create amazing memories.

After all, the real adventure begins when learning moves beyond the classroom! Remember to explore their hobbies, select activities that they enjoy, and visit the venues to better understand class schedules and expenses.


Q1. How can I find after-school activities for my child in Banaswadi? 

 You can search online platforms, consult local community centers or schools, inquire with other parents, or visit hobby classes and activity centers in the area.

Q2. What are after-school activities?

After-school activities are programs or classes that students can participate in after regular school hours. These activities encompass a wide range of interests, including sports, arts, academics, and hobbies.

Q3.  How do I choose the right after-school activity for my child?

When choosing an after-school activity for your child, consider their interests, strengths, and preferences. Additionally, evaluate factors such as scheduling, location, cost, and the reputation of the program or instructor.

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