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Kids return from their best schools and what do they do in general? We understand well that our little ones are practically attached to their mobiles, and the picture is not different for teens. Well, they practically live on social media. 

Parents often try to make them understand the flaws and demerits of all these devices and tools. But do they listen? They might stop for one day or two, but start doing the same again on the third day! Practically noticing, they need entertainment for themselves and want to be engaged in some other activities after their school hours are over.  

We wanted to help you out and hence explored the activities happening across our city- Bangalore. We have found some after-school activities that are probably the best option for your kids to dive into. Our goal is to be your trusty guide, so you can find the perfect after-school activity for your kiddo without all the guesswork.

Quick Summary

A Guide to After-School Activities in Bangalore –

  1. What are afterschool activities? 
  2. What’s the need?
  3. Types of After-School Activities 
  4. Options available in Bangalore
  • Arts and crafts 
  • Dance 
  • Sports and Athletics 
  • Coding and Technology



1.  What are afterschool activities? 

After-school activities are the best resources to make your kid’s day a bit more awesome! They’re the cool stuff your child can do once the school bell rings beyond homework. Think of sports, artsy stuff, coding, drama, musical events, or even dance – basically, anything fun and skill-building. It’s not just about keeping them busy, it’s about helping them discover what they love while making memories along the way. 

2. What’s the need? 

After-school activities play a crucial role in a child’s overall development and reaching their full potential. Beyond just being a way to fill the time, these activities offer a range of benefits:

  • Skill Development

Kids get to explore and develop new skills, whether that’s mastering a musical instrument, improving their athletic abilities, or enhancing their creativity through arts and crafts.

  • Social Skills

Interacting with peers in a less structured environment helps children build social skills, teamwork, and cooperation. It’s like a mini-society where they learn to navigate different personalities. According to recent psychological research, fighting with your sibling improves your social skills. 

  • Time Management 

Juggling school, homework, and afterschool programs teach kids valuable time management skills. It sets the foundation for handling responsibilities in a balanced way.

  • Confidence Boost

As children master new skills or conquer challenges in these activities, their confidence receives a significant boost. It’s like a confidence gym where they flex their self-esteem muscles.

  • Exploration of Interests

After-school activities provide a diverse range of options, allowing children to explore their interests and discover what they are passionate about. It’s like a buffet for their curiosity.

  • Physical Health

Activities like sports or dance contribute to physical fitness, promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle and instilling the importance of regular exercise from a young age.

  • Emotional Well-being

Engaging in enjoyable and meaningful activities can contribute to a child’s emotional well-being. It serves as an outlet for self-expression, stress relief, and a break from academic pressures.

  • Academic Improvement

Surprisingly, participating in after-school activities can positively impact academic performance. It teaches discipline, focus, and the importance of setting and achieving goals.

In essence, after-school activities are like a hidden curriculum for life skills. They offer a holistic approach to a child’s development, addressing physical, social, emotional, and cognitive aspects. 

3. Types of After-School Activities 

What would you like for your kids to engage in after they get back from their school? Sure thing! After school, it’d be great if your kids could tackle homework first. Then mix it up with some physical activities like playing sports or going for a walk. Encourage hobbies or creative stuff they enjoy, and set aside time for reading.

Don’t forget about socialising—let them hang out with friends or family. Sneak in some educational games or activities that make learning fun. Chores help build responsibility, and family time is crucial too. Finally, make sure they get downtime for rest. Balance is the key! 

Here are various kinds of after-school activities that you may want for your child. It’s up to you and your kid’s interest to choose from these wisely!

  • Sports and Athletics
    Engagement of children in physical activities like soccer, basketball, and swimming will help them achieve fitness, they’ll also pick up teamwork and skill development along the way.
  • Arts and Creativity
    Exploring artistic expressions through painting, sketching, music, dance, or theatre, will foster creativity and self-confidence.
  • Academic Enrichment
    Children will become more advanced in their academics after joining clubs like Math or Science to dive deeper into academic interests, enhancing problem-solving skills.
  • Language and Literature
    Nurturing language skills through creative writing, book clubs, or language classes will improve cultural and literary appreciation.
  • Technology and Coding
    In today’s advancement, developing digital literacy and problem-solving abilities through coding, robotics, and game development has become more necessary.
  • Civic Engagement
    It is also necessary for children to foster leadership and social responsibility. Hence, they should get involved in student government, community service, or environmental clubs for this purpose.
  • Life Skills and Hobbies
    Learning practical skills such as cooking or sewing is important for promoting independence and creativity.
  • Mindfulness and Wellness
    Children must practise yoga, meditation, or mindfulness for mental well-being and stress relief. This will help them deal with everyday stress and cope with it better.
  • Adventure and Outdoors
    Teamwork and resilience can be encouraged by embracing nature through scouting, hiking, or outdoor adventures.
  • Cultural and Heritage
    Children should explore cultural heritage through dance, language, and exchange programs, fostering global awareness.
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)
    Hands-on activities in science experiments, maths competitions, and engineering enhance critical thinking.
  • Chess and Strategy Games
    Developing strategic thinking and concentration skills can be secured through chess and board games.
  • Home Economics
    It is undoubtedly necessary for children, whether boys or girls, to become self-sufficient. Hence, they should learn practical life skills such as baking or cooking.
  • Health and Fitness
    Staying active helps everyone to increase productivity as well as staying fit has numerous health benefits. Due to this reason, children should engage themselves in fitness programs like aerobics or boot camps, promoting a healthy lifestyle.

4. Options Available in Bangalore 

1.Art and craft

Children love to draw on walls, sketching and picturing their little hands out. Why not provide them a place where they can freely do all this while improving and learning the arts and crafts for the better? We have some places to recommend for this purpose: 

  • Art School of Ankona Group 

Location: 4th cross, New Thippasandra, HAL, 3rd stage, Near Leon Grill – JBN

Contact Number: 07338515908  

They offer 40 different art forms for your creative explorers, all neatly divided into 4 levels. Your kids can immerse themselves in the world of art through hands-on workshops. And on top of that, their instructors are none other than Disney Byju’s artists who are renowned for their excellent services. People love them! 

  • KenFortes Art Academy 

Location: 5th Cross Road, Bilekahalli, Vijaya Bank Layout, Bannerghatta Road

Contact Number: +91 9591593303

Kenfortes’ art course process not only boosts confidence in learning visual art but also gives a clear direction to your child’s creative ideas. They have divided their learning process as per age into a total of four levels. They also offer a meditation program that helps you to use art as a tool to relax and realise your potential to create beyond your limited thinking patterns. They offer online as well as offline courses. 

  • OVYA Art Academy 

Location: East Park Road, &, 18th Cross Rd, Malleshwaram

Contact Number: 096862 68115

Ovya Art Academy is just an awesome place where they’re all about shaping young talents in drawing, painting, mixed media, and sculpture. Instead of boring lectures, they dive into cool projects that let students unleash their creativity and pay attention to the little wonders in their everyday surroundings. It’s more like a creative adventure than just an art class! 

2. Dance

Dance isn’t just about mastering choreography; it’s a vibrant journey of self-expression, confidence building, and physical fitness. From graceful ballet moves to energetic hip-hop beats, dance transcends genres, offering an outlet for emotions and imagination. Several schools offer vibrant dance programs, such as Hip Hop Dance India Company, Latino Rhythms Dance Academy, and Nritarutya. 

  • Hip Hop Dance India Company

Location: 80 Feet Road, 8th Block, Koramangala, above BB Jewellers

Contact Number: 09741599499

The center is a lively independent production crew based in Bangalore. From live performances and dance training to killer choreography and corporate entertainment solutions, they have been at it for over nine years. They were founded in 2005. They’ve got an awesome team of professional teachers and in our opinion, is a perfect place for children to express and learn creatively.  

  • Latino Rhythms Dance Academy 

Location: Koramangala Industrial Layout, opposite to Jyothi Nivas College, Koramangala

Contact Number: 098454 33370

This academy is guided by the internationally acclaimed dancer John Anthony and has been running for 11 years. The academy ensures that children groove and move like pros through innovative and expert classes in Bollywood, hip-hop, ballet, and contemporary dance styles. Bachata is the popular dance form being taught here. 

  • Nritarutya 

Location: 39th C cross, 9th Main Rd, 5th Block, Jayanagar 

Contact Number:  +91 9916072270 

From experience, the place is just a fantastic 16-year-old dance studio and is a common attraction for kids. They focus on Indian contemporary dance, which is so cool. In dance class, you get an enriching mix of styles like Indian classical and folk dances. Plus, it can transform a newbie into a pro by boosting their flexibility.

  3. Sports and Athletics

Sports and athletics is not just about fun and games (although there’s plenty of that!), it’s a treasure trove of benefits for growing minds and bodies. Here are some places you can check for: 

  • Inventure Academy 

Location: Sarjapur-Whitefield Road in East Bangalore, around 18 km away from the International Airport and 15 km from Marathahalli. 

Contact: +91 9448936678 

At Inventure Academy, they truly believe in the mantra of “Being fit for life,” and their vision statement reflects the significance they place on sports. For your child, sports isn’t just one among the extracurricular activities —it’s an integral part of their journey. Their sports program vary with age groups and help children to develop in different aspects: kindergarten to grade 4, middle school, and high school levels. 

Inventure students enjoy a wide range of activities, including athletics, basketball, ultimate frisbee, cricket, table tennis, swimming, tennis, and football. During their high school, they get the opportunity to choose any two of these sports and get nurtured. 

Fees (Yearly): Admission/registration fee – Rs.150,000 (non-refundable), 

Security deposit- Rs. 50,000 (refundable), 

Transportation fee – Rs. 69,000 

Meal plan fee – Rs. 55,000

  • The Sports School 

Location: Vaderahalli, 19th Mile, Kanakapura Rd

Fees: Rs. 3.5 to 10.7 lakhs per annum 

Contact: +91 8587878668 

The Sports School on Kanakapura Road is one of the best opportunities for children aspiring in sports. It’s not just any school – it’s a place where education and sports team up to create an incredible experience for students starting from grade 1 and beyond.

The campus is top-notch and equipped with a fantastic infrastructure. Plus, they’ve got a dream team of professional coaches, nutritionists, and psychologists in place. These experts ensure your active kids not only learn the basics but also excel in competitive sports. 

  • Coding and Technology

Today, learning to code is like learning a new language, but for your brain! It’s not just about typing lines; it sharpens your talking and writing skills. Plus, with coding being a big deal for the future, it’s like gearing up kids with a secret weapon for whatever life throws at them! Here are some places you can consider for the same:

  • Crescendo 

Location: Manyata Tech Park, Nagwara

Contact Number: +91 9916444496 

Their trainers are industry veterans with years of experience and knowledge in their field. They facilitate ample opportunities for children to learn while employing excellent teaching methods. They provide a structured and well-organised environment to learn and offer your child with the opportunity to engage in a diverse array of choices to explore. 

Almost every after-school activity can be accessed here, from academic enrichment to sports, dance, music, languages, etc. This is a must-go-to place for you to visit once. 

  • Sanketana School of Code

Location: Nikoo-1, Bhartiya City

Contact Number: +91 9632321212 

They provide opportunities to improve creativity, and problem-solving, and have fun alongwith their programs in web development, mobile app development, scratch coding, python, and competitive programming. 


So now that you know what exactly are After School activities, finding the suitable coordination between academics and After School activities is a challenge we all face as parents. We want our kids to learn and try new things. Therefore, it is equally important to let them enjoy being kids. We want you to be sure about what is necessary for your kid. We would suggest not to pressurize your kids. Learning something new alongwith their usual education is good but should not cost their innocence and fun of life.

5. FAQs

Question: What are the popular after-school activities for kids in Bangalore?

Answer: Bangalore offers a variety of options. Common choices include sports like soccer or cricket, arts and crafts classes, coding workshops, and music lessons.

Question: Are there any tech-related activities for kids in Bangalore?

Answer: Absolutely! Bangalore is known for its tech scene. Many centres offer coding and robotics classes for kids, fostering an early interest in technology.

Question: Are there cultural or arts programs for children in Bangalore?

Answer: Definitely! Many cultural centres and art schools in Bangalore provide classes in dance, music, painting, and theatre, allowing kids to explore their creative side.

Question: Are there options for academic enrichment after school?

Answer: Yes, Bangalore has tutoring centres and educational programs that focus on academic enrichment. These cover subjects like mathematics, science, and language skills.

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