A Guide to After-School Activities in Jalahalli, Bangalore  

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Living in the lively Jalahalli area opens up a world of opportunities, from exploring ancient temples like Ragigudda Anjaneya Swamy to honing practical skills at the renowned Hindustan Machine Tools, Jalahalli offers a unique blend of cultural immersion and practical learning for your child’s after-school adventures. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed about where to start.

Our blog serves as your compass in navigating Jalahalli’s vibrant after-school scene! Whether you’re seeking creative outlets, academic reinforcement, or sports programs, we’re here to help you discover the ideal fit for your child and family.

Take a breath, delve into our suggestions, and uncover the exciting prospects for post-school enrichment and fun right within your neighborhood!

Quick Summary

After-School Activities in Jalahalli, Bangalore 

  • Need for After-School Activities
  • Exploring the Perfect After-School Activity
  • Different Types of After-School Activities
  • After-School Options in Jalahalli
  1. For His Institute of Music
  2. Dream Guitar Class
  3. Bharatiya Sangeetha Vidyalaya
  4. Chetana Nritya Kala Niketan
  5. Urban Groove Dance Studio
  6. SUVI Art Zone
  7. MMks Creartew Zone
  8. JustBeU Drawing and Painting Tutorials
  9. Rising Star Cricket Academy
  10. J.P. Badminton Academy
  • Conclusion


1. Why after-school activities?

As you know, your child spends many hours in the classroom, occasionally feeling a bit tired of books, homework, and tests. But did you realize that after-school activities are more than just time-fillers? They’re like small bursts of magic that ignite creativity, enhance confidence, and forge lifelong friendships. It’s where they uncover their passions and truly shine! Let’s delve deeper into this captivating realm.

  • Sparking Creativity

While many good schools in Jalahalli offer a variety of in-built activities, private lessons can provide a personalised and a unique experience. These lessons offer a platform for exploring artistic talents such as painting, music, dance, and drama, allowing children to experiment and develop their own creative style.

  • Building Confidence

Trying new experiences fosters a sense of achievement, boosting your child’s self-assurance. Whether it’s overcoming a fear of drama or succeeding in sports like soccer, each accomplishment helps build confidence. 

These activities also teach resilience, as children learn to bounce back from setbacks and challenges, further strengthening their self-belief.

  • Creating Friendships

These activities offer a social environment outside of the classroom, where shared interests create bonds and connect your child with peers who share similar hobbies. 

Engaging in group activities fosters teamwork, communication, and cooperation skills as children collaborate towards common goals and learn to appreciate diverse perspectives within their peer group.

  • Exploring Interests

While school gives a glimpse, after-school activities allow a deeper dive into your child’s passions. They can explore various interests, leading to the discovery of what truly excites them. 

This exploration cultivates a sense of curiosity and a lifelong love for learning as children discover new hobbies and interests that align with their unique talents and preferences.

  • Time management skills

Balancing school, homework, and activities teaches valuable time management skills. It helps them prioritize tasks, meet deadlines, and maintain a healthy balance between academics and recreation. 

This time management proficiency extends beyond school years, benefiting them in their future endeavors and responsibilities. 

2. Exploring the Perfect After-School Activity

  • Discover their passions

Have an open conversation with your child to learn about their interests. Observe how they spend their free time and what activities they enjoy. Consider their personality traits and whether they like adventure or prefer quieter activities. 

This understanding will help you choose an activity that resonates with their passions and keeps them engaged. It’s also beneficial to explore activities that align with their long-term goals or aspirations.

  • Try different activities.

Encourage your child to try out various activities through trial sessions or workshops. See how enthusiastic and engaged they are to gauge their interest. 

Trying different activities not only helps them discover new interests but also enhances their adaptability and willingness to explore diverse experiences. It’s important to give them the freedom to experiment and find what truly excites them.

  • Consider learning style.

Think about how your child learns best. Do they like hands-on experiences or structured learning? Tailor the activity to match their style for a better experience. 

Understanding their learning style ensures that they can fully immerse themselves in the activity and grasp concepts effectively. It also fosters a positive learning environment that encourages their curiosity and creativity.

  • Location and convenient time:

Consider your family’s schedule and logistics. Check factors like location, timing, and duration to ensure it fits well with everyone’s commitments. Finding an activity that fits seamlessly into your routine reduces stress and allows your child to fully participate without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. 

It’s helpful to plan ahead and make arrangements that accommodate both the activity and other family responsibilities.

3. Different Types of After-School Activities


After-school music programs offer a variety of opportunities for kids to explore their musical interests. They can learn to play instruments such as the piano, guitar, drums, or even traditional instruments like the flute or violin. These programs also include vocal training, helping kids improve their singing skills, whether they prefer Hindustani or Western styles. 

2. Dance: 

These are platforms for kids to express themselves through movement and rhythm. Children can choose from various dance styles, such as ballet, hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, or folk dances. Each style offers unique challenges and opportunities for creative expression. These classes help children improve their coordination, flexibility, and confidence while fostering a love for dance and performance.

3. Art and Painting: 

Kids learn basic drawing techniques, explore different painting mediums like acrylics, watercolors, and oils, and experiment with colors, textures, and compositions. These classes not only enhance children’s artistic abilities but also boost their confidence, problem-solving skills, and ability to think creatively. Art and painting classes provide a therapeutic and enjoyable outlet for kids to explore their artistic talents and develop a lifelong passion for creativity.

4. Sports Options:

After-school sports like basketball promote physical fitness, teamwork, and communication skills. Children learn to collaborate, strategize, and support each other on the court, fostering a sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship. These activities also enhance motor skills, coordination, and agility, contributing to overall physical development. 

4.After-School Options in Jalahalli

Music Classes

1.  For His Institute of Music

Refine your skills or embark on a musical journey with personalized coaching in vocals, keyboard, guitar, and drums. Learn Western music styles like pop, rock, jazz, and blues.

  • Facilities:
    • Well-maintained instruments (keyboards, guitars, drums)
    • Air-conditioned practice rooms
    • Opportunity to perform in student concerts
  • Contact: Phone: 097391 82567
  • Address: 70/71, GPT Building, Sri Sri Sri Shivakumara Swamiji Rd., Jalahalli, Bengaluru

2. Dream Guitar Class

Turn your guitar dreams into reality with expert coaching in various guitar styles, including classical, fingerstyle, rock, and blues.

  • Facilities:
    • A range of guitars (acoustic and electric) for practice
    • Individualized learning plans
    • Flexible class timing
  • Contact: Phone: 0987654321

Address: 3, 1st Floor, Sri Ranganatha Nilaya, 5th A Cross St., Jalahalli, Bengaluru

3.  Bharatiya Sangeetha Vidyalaya

Immerse yourself in the rich tradition of Indian classical music. Learn Carnatic vocal or instrumental music (violin, flute, veena) under the guidance of experienced gurus.

  • Facilities:
    • Instruments for Carnatic music practice
    • Traditional learning environment
    • Opportunity to participate in cultural events
  • Contact: Phone: 098440 96861

Address: No. 6, 7th Main Road, Gangamma Circle Church Rd., Near SBI ATM, Jalahalli, Bengaluru


1.  Chetana Nritya Kala Niketan

Dive into the captivating world of Indian classical dance. This academy offers classes in Bharatanatyam, Odissi, and Kathak, emphasizing traditional techniques and aesthetics.

  • Facilities:
    • Spacious dance studio with sprung flooring
    • Qualified and experienced dance gurus
    • Mirrors to help refine your form
  • Contact: Phone: 080 2348 5690
  • Address: 4th Main Rd., Jalahalli East, Bengaluru, Karnataka

2. Urban Groove Dance Studio

Get your heart pumping with energetic classes in hip-hop, Zumba, and Bollywood. Learn the latest moves and express yourself through these dynamic dance styles.

  • Facilities:
    • Trendy and vibrant dance studio
    • Energetic and enthusiastic instructors
    • Opportunity to participate in workshops and dance showcases
  • Contact: Phone: 096321 45789

  • Address: 100 Feet Rd., Jalahalli Cross, Bengaluru, Karnataka

3. SUVI Art Zone

Embrace a variety of dance forms at SUVI Art Zone. They offer classes in jazz, contemporary, and salsa, catering to both beginners and experienced dancers.

  • Facilities:
    • Multi-purpose dance studio with different flooring
    • Experienced and versatile instructors
    • Relaxed and encouraging learning environment
  • Contact: Phone: 097317 72603

Address: 897-B, 1st Main Rd., Bahubali Nagar, Jalahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Art and Painting 

1. MMks Creartew Zone.

Embark on a colorful journey at MMks Creartew Zone. They offer beginner-friendly classes in drawing and sketching, along with advanced classes in painting (acrylic, watercolor, and oil).

  • Facilities:
    • Well-lit art studio with ample workspaces
    • A variety of art supplies (pencils, charcoal, paints, brushes, easels)
    • Experienced instructors provide personalized guidance.
  • Contact: Phone: 08765432981

Address: 52, 6th Main, 8th Cross Rd., Sharadhamba Nagar, Jalahalli Village, Bengaluru

2. JustBeU Drawing and Painting Tutorials

Explore the world of traditional Indian art forms at JustBeU Drawing and Painting Tutorials.

Learn Madhubani painting, Warli art, or Pattachitra under the guidance of skilled artists.

  • Facilities:
    • Spacious and well-ventilated studio
    • Traditional art materials are specific to each art form.
    • Opportunity to participate in art exhibitions
  • Contact: Phone: 09873210564
  • Address: 9, 4th Cross Rd., Jalahalli Village, Jalahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560013

Sports Academy

1. Rising Star Cricket Academy

Sharpen your batting and bowling skills at the Rising Star Cricket Academy. This academy caters to all age groups, offering coaching programs for beginners, aspiring cricketers, and competitive players.

  • Facilities:
    • State-of-the-art cricket nets with bowling machines and practice pitches
    • Experienced and qualified cricket coaches
    • Opportunity to participate in local tournaments and matches
  • Contact: Phone: 080508 16681

Address: 47, RSCA, New Bel Road, opposite ICICI Bank, AG’s Layout, Bengaluru

2. J.P. Badminton Academy

Perfect your smashes and drops at J.P. Badminton Academy. This academy offers group and individual coaching programs for all skill levels, helping you ace the game.

  • Facilities:
    • Indoor badminton courts with synthetic mats
    • Professional badminton coaches with a focus on technique
    • Opportunity to participate in coaching camps and tournaments
  • Contact: Phone:09108773748

Address: 44, Vidyaranyapura Main Rd., Nanjappa Layout, Chamundeswari Layout, Vidyaranyapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560097


After exploring the need for after-school activities and discussing different types of activities, Jalahalli offers a diverse range of options. From FOR HIM Institute of Music and Dream Guitar Class for musical enthusiasts to Bharatiya Sangeetha Vidyalaya and Chetana Nritya Kala Niketan for those inclined towards dance and music, there are also Urban Groove Dance Studio and SUVI Art Zone for creative expression. MMks Creartew Zone and JustBeU Drawing and Painting Tutorials cater to budding artists, while Rising Star Cricket Academy and J P Badminton Academy provide opportunities for sports enthusiasts. These options in Jalahalli cater to various interests, allowing children to explore their passions and develop new skills in a structured and engaging environment.


Q1. What types of after-school activities are available in Jalahalli?

Jalahalli offers a range of after-school activities, including sports like football, cricket, and basketball, arts and crafts classes, music lessons, dance classes, martial arts training, and academic enrichment programs.

Q2.How can I find after-school activities for my child in Jalahalli?

You can start by researching local community centers, sports clubs, art studios, and music schools in Jalahalli. Many schools also offer after-school programs that you can inquire about. Online platforms and community forums may also provide information about available activities.

Q3.   What are the benefits of enrolling my child in after-school activities?

After-school activities offer numerous benefits, such as enhancing creativity and self-expression, developing social and teamwork skills, improving physical fitness and coordination, boosting confidence and self-esteem, and providing a structured and enriching environment for learning and growth.

Q4.   Are there any age-specific after-school activities in Jalahalli?

Yes, many after-school programs in Jalahalli are designed for specific age groups, ranging from preschoolers to teenagers. You can find activities tailored to different age levels and interests, ensuring that your child engages in age-appropriate and stimulating experiences.

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