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Are you a parent in Kadugodi, Bangalore, looking for the best after-school activities to keep your child engaged and entertained? You’ve come to the right place! Kadugodi offers plenty of exciting options for children of all ages to explore and enjoy beyond the classroom. From sports and arts to academic enrichment programs, there’s something for every interest and passion. Let’s into some of the top after-school activities in Kadugodi that promise to make learning fun and enriching for your child.

Quick Summary

After-school activities in Kadugodi

  • What’s the Need? 
  • Varieties of After-School Activities
  • Choices for After-School Activities in Kadugodi
  1. SSNA Dance Academy
  2. Cadenza Dance & Music Academy
  3. Whitefield Cricket Academy
  4. Sporthood Badminton Academy
  5. Willow Sportz Cricket Academy

1. What’s The Need? 

After-school activities are important because they offer students opportunities to learn and grow outside of regular classroom hours. Here’s why they’re needed:

  • Learning Beyond Textbooks: 

After-school activities provide chances for students to explore subjects that may not be covered in-depth during regular classes. They can delve into various interests such as art, music, sports, or coding, broadening their knowledge and skills.

  • Developing New Skills: 

These activities allow students to develop skills beyond academics, like teamwork, leadership, time management, and creativity. Through participating in different activities, they learn how to collaborate with others, take initiative, and manage their time effectively.

  • Building Confidence: 

By trying new things and mastering skills, students build confidence in themselves. Success in these activities, whether it’s mastering a musical instrument, winning a game, or completing a challenging project, boosts self-esteem and encourages them to take on more challenges.

  • Healthy Social Interaction: 

After-school activities provide opportunities for students to socialize with peers who share similar interests. This can lead to the formation of friendships and support networks outside of the classroom, helping students feel more connected to their school community.

2. Varieties of After-School Activities 

After-school activities contain a wide array of options tailored to individual interests. Here’s a glimpse into some of these choices:


  • Visual Arts: Dive into painting, drawing, or sculpture—an opportunity to nurture aspiring artists.
  • Performing Arts: Explore drama, dance, or music—an avenue for self-expression and creativity.

Sports and Fitness:

  • Team Sports: Whether soccer, basketball, or volleyball, team sports promote teamwork and physical health.
  • Individual Sports: Participate in activities like tennis, swimming, or martial arts, perfect for those inclined towards solo athletic endeavours.

3.Varieties of After-School Activities

1.  SSNA Dance Academy

Google Rating: 5.0 on 49 reviews

Location: 2nd Main Rd, Patalamma Layout, V S Reddy Colony, Kadugodi, Whitefield, Bengaluru.

Timings: 6 AM to 8.30 PM

Contact Details: 99081 21726

SSNA Dance Academy in Kadugodi offers both online and in-person dance classes. It’s a great place for kids to begin their dance journey. People say the teachers are skilled, friendly, and encouraging. They make learning fun and keep students motivated.


  • Salsa
  • Zumba, 
  • other dance styles. 

They don’t have social media.

2. Cadenza Dance & Music Academy

Google Rating: 4.7 on 64 reviews

Location: Belathur, Krishnarajapura, Bengaluru,

Timings: 4 PM to 8.30 PM (Tuesday closed)

Contact Details: 70263 71283

Cadenza Dance & Music Academy in Kadugodi, Bangalore, is a full-service music and dance studio that offers online classes and a nurturing environment. 


  • Classical dance: Bharatnatyam, Kathak, and other classical dance styles
  • Fitness: Yoga, personal training, Zumba, gymnastics, and Bollywood
  • International dance: Ballroom, Latin, belly, hip-hop, and contemporary
  • Diploma courses: Carnatic vocal, violin, veena, flute, mridangam, Hindustani vocal, violin, and tabla

Social Media Status:

3.  Whitefield Cricket Academy

Google Rating: 4.2 on 138 reviews

Location: Sy no -122/3, Vijayanagar Main Rd, near Shivanakunte temple, next to PRESTIGE MAYBERRY, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Timings: 6 AM to 10 PM

Contact Details: 96868 10644

The academy has a gender-neutral restroom, wheelchair-accessible entrance, parking lot, restroom, and seating.


Whitefield Cricket Academy (WCA) has a large cricket ground, badminton courts, and football facilities. 

Some say the academy is well-maintained and has excellent training facilities. The academy also offers specialized training programs for fitness goals such as weight loss, muscle building, and endurance improvement. 

Social Media Status:

4.  Sporthood Badminton Academy

Google Rating: 4.6 on 42 reviews

Location: Channasandra Main Road, next to PRESTIGE MAYBERRY, Whitefield, Bengaluru.

Timings: 5 AM to 10:30 PM

Contact Details: 80882 53254

Sporthood Badminton Academy is a sports complex in Whitefield with eight badminton courts and a cricket ground.


  • Coaching: Trained coaches teach age-appropriate international curriculum to kids
  • Monthly tournaments: The academy hosts monthly tournaments
  • Training sessions: The academy offers training sessions for adults
  • Playing memberships: The academy offers playing memberships
  • Sports psychology: The academy provides sports psychology to its players
  • Nutritional guidance: The academy provides nutritional guidance to its players

Social Media Status:

5. Willow Sportz Cricket Academy

Google Rating: 4.1 on 819 reviews

Location: Magnolia phase 2, 110/1, Immadihalli Main Road, opposite to ND ventures, Whitefield, Bengaluru.

Timings: 5:30 AM to 11 PM

Contact Details: 82778 30011

Willow Sportz Cricket Academy is a cricket coaching academy that also offers football coaching and athletics and fitness classes.


  • Cricket: Some say the academy has seasoned coaching methods
  • Football: The academy offers basic football
  • Fitness: Some say the machine and sidearm bowling quality are excellent
  • Accessibility: The academy has a wheelchair-accessible entrance and parking lot. 

Social Media Status:


To sum it up, after-school activities in Kadugodi, Bangalore, are super important for kids. They’re not just about learning new stuff like sports or arts, but they also help kids make friends and become better at working with others. These activities give kids a safe place to hang out after school, away from any bad stuff, and help them feel like they belong in their community.

So, whether it’s playing sports, making art, or getting extra help with schoolwork, Kadugodi has tons of options to make sure every kid finds something they love and helps them grow as a person. It’s all about having fun, learning, and making great memories with friends!


Q1. How can I support my child’s participation in after-school activities?

To support your child’s after-school activities, encourage their interests, stay involved by attending events, provide necessary resources, help manage their time, and celebrate their achievements to boost their confidence.

Q2.How many after-school activities should my child participate in?

The number of after-school activities your child should participate in depends on various factors, including their interests, schedule, and ability to manage multiple commitments. It’s generally recommended to strike a balance that allows them to explore different interests without becoming overwhelmed. 

Starting with one or two activities can be a good way to assess their interest and manage their time effectively. It’s essential to consider your child’s energy levels, academic workload, and the potential impact on family time before deciding on the number of activities they should participate in. Ultimately, prioritize quality over quantity to ensure they can fully enjoy and benefit from their chosen activities.

Q3.   Can after-school activities help my child make friends and socialize?

Yes, after-school activities can help your child make friends and socialize by providing opportunities to interact with peers who share similar interests, learn important social skills, boost confidence, and form meaningful connections.

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