A Guide to After-School Activities in Kanakapura Road 

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If you’re looking for fun and engaging activities for your child after school along Kanakapura Road in Bangalore, you’re in the right place! In this lively area, children can explore a variety of activities such as sports and dance, keeping them entertained and facilitating learning outside the classroom. In this guide, we’ll take you through the top after-school activities available in the Kanakapura Road neighborhood so you can find the perfect fit for your child. Let’s dive in and discover what’s on offer!

Quick Summary

After-School Activities in Kanakapura Road

Why extra-school activities?

Different Types of After-School Activities

Tips for Discovering Your Ideal After-School Activity

After-School Options on Sarjapur Road

  • Krida Jagathu Sports Academy
  • Adventure Athletic Academy
  • Radhika’s Academy of Performing Arts
  • Creative Tanima Academy



1. Why extra-school activities?

After-school activities aren’t just about keeping kids busy—they offer a ton of benefits! They help children develop new skills, discover passions, and build confidence. By exploring different interests, kids can find their unique talents and enjoy learning in a fun, relaxed environment. Plus, these activities provide a chance to make friends and build social skills. Whether it’s sports, music, or arts, your child can grow and thrive in ways the regular school day might not allow.

2. Different Types of After-School Activities

  • Sports and Fitness

Sports and fitness activities are great for keeping kids active and healthy! Whether it’s swimming, tennis, yoga, or dance, these physical options allow kids to burn off energy while learning teamwork and discipline. Plus, they get to enjoy themselves and make new friends along the way!

  • Creative Arts

Creative arts activities like painting, drawing, sculpting, and crafting offer kids a fantastic way to express themselves. They can tap into their imagination and hone their artistic skills. Plus, it’s a fun way for them to unwind and let their creativity shine through unique and colorful projects!

  • Performing Arts

Performing arts activities such as music lessons, theater, and dance classes let kids explore their creative side. These experiences boost their confidence and stage presence as they learn to perform in front of an audience. It’s a fun way for them to express themselves and shine!

3. Tips for Discovering Your Ideal After-School Activity

  • Observe Their Interests

Paying attention to your child’s interests is key. Notice what gets them excited—whether it’s drawing, running around, or building things. Their natural inclinations can point you in the right direction for after-school activities they’ll enjoy. Trust their instincts and see where their passions take them!

  • Explore Different Options

Expose your child to a mix of activities to help them find their favorites. Trying different options lets them discover what they enjoy and where they shine. From sports to arts and beyond, a little exploration can lead them to new passions and talents!

  • Consider Their Schedule

Keep your child’s schedule in mind when choosing activities. The right fit will match their daily routine without overwhelming them. Strike a balance between school, homework, and free time so they can enjoy their activities without feeling stretched too thin.

  • Think About Their Personality

Consider your child’s personality when picking activities. Some kids love being part of a group and thrive in team settings, while others prefer solo activities. Find options that match your child’s temperament to help them feel comfortable and enjoy their after-school experiences.

  • Check Out Reviews

Before choosing an activity, check out reviews and recommendations for programs and instructors. Doing your homework can give you peace of mind that your child will have a quality experience. Look for positive feedback and satisfied parents to guide you in making the best choice!

4.After-School Options on Kanakapura Road

1.  Krida Jagathu Sports Academy

Timings: Closes at 11:00 pm

Contact: (06361611312) for more information, check out their Instagram page.

Address: 41, JC INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, Kanakapura Rd, Bikasipura, Karnataka.


Krida Jagathu Sports Academy in Bangalore is the perfect spot for young athletes along Kanakapura Road. The academy offers a wide range of sports, including cricket, football, and badminton, providing top-notch coaching and facilities. Kids can hone their skills while learning teamwork and discipline. With dedicated instructors and a focus on holistic development, Krida Jagathu Sports Academy creates a nurturing environment where young sports enthusiasts can thrive and excel.

2. Adventure Athletic Academy

Timings: Closes at 7:00 pm

Contact: (09892398044) for more information, check out their Instagram page.

Address: MHS Rd, JC Extension, Kanakapura, Karnataka.


Adventure Athletic Academy in Bangalore is the go-to spot for thrill-seeking kids and teens along Kanakapura Road. This academy offers exciting adventure sports and activities, from rock climbing to obstacle courses, designed to boost confidence and resilience. Skilled instructors guide participants through various challenges, ensuring a safe and fun experience. Whether your child is looking to try something new or develop existing skills, Adventure Athletic Academy has a variety of programs to suit different interests.

3.  Radhika’s Academy of Performing Arts

Timings: Closes at 10:00 pm

Contact: (09480493464) for more information, check out their Instagram page.

Address: No 11, Balaji Complex, A Block Near Mantritranquil Apartment Road, Kanakapura Rd, Gubbalala, Bengaluru, Karnataka.


Radhika’s Academy of Performing Arts in Bangalore is a vibrant center for budding artists along Kanakapura Road. This academy offers a wide range of classes in music, dance, and theater, guided by experienced instructors who nurture each child’s creativity. Whether your child loves to sing, act, or dance, they can explore their talents and develop their skills in a supportive environment. Radhika’s Academy is the perfect place for young performers to shine and grow!

4.  Creative Tanima Academy

Timings: Closes at 8:00 pm

Contact: (9007062089) for more information, check out their Instagram page.

Address: Brigade Meadows, Kanakapura Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka


Creative Tanima Academy in Bangalore is the perfect spot for young artists to flourish along Kanakapura Road. The academy offers a wide range of creative activities, including painting, drawing, and crafting, tailored for different skill levels. Experienced instructors guide students in honing their artistic abilities while encouraging self-expression. At Creative Tanima Academy, your child can unleash their imagination and bring their ideas to life in a friendly and inspiring environment.


Finding the right after-school activities for your child along Kanakapura Road in Bangalore can be a fun and rewarding journey. With so many fantastic options, there’s something for every interest and personality. From sports and fitness to creative arts, STEM programs, and performing arts, your child can explore their passions and develop new skills. Don’t forget to get their input, consider your budget, and check reviews for quality experiences. By exploring different options and keeping your child’s needs in mind, you can help them find activities they’ll love and look forward to every day. So take the plunge and dive into the diverse world of after-school activities in Kanakapura Road—you and your child will be glad you did!


Q1. What types of after-school activities are available on Kanakapura Road?

Kanakapura Road offers a diverse range of after-school activities, including sports and fitness, creative arts, STEM programs, performing arts, language and communication classes, and hobbies like cooking and gardening. There’s something for every interest and age group!

Q2.How can I find a safe and reliable after-school program on Kanakapura Road?

Look for programs with experienced instructors and positive reviews from other parents. Visit the facilities to ensure they meet safety standards and provide a nurturing environment for children.

Q3.  How can I help my child choose the right after-school activity?

Observe your child’s interests and ask for their input. Let them try a few different activities to see what they enjoy most. Consider your schedule and budget to find a program that aligns with your family’s needs and your child’s preferences.

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