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After a tiring day at school, kids deserve some fun and relaxation, just like adults after work. That’s where after-school activities come in! They’re enjoyable ways for kids to learn and explore new things.

If you’re searching for after-school activities in KR Puram, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog, we’ll guide you on choosing the best activity for your child and share some fantastic options available in KR Puram. Ready to dive in? Let’s go!

Quick Summary

After School Activities in KR Puram

1. Importance of After-School Activities

2. How to Search for the Perfect Activity

3. Categories of After-School Activities

4. After school activities in KR Puram

  • National Sports and Cultural Trust
  • SP Robotics Maker Lab
  • Natyalaya
  • The Cooking Studio

5. Conclusions

6.  FAQs

1.  Why are after-school activities important?

After a long day of classes and homework, kids deserve something enjoyable to do. After-school activities provide just that! They offer a chance for kids to engage in activities they love, whether it’s sports, art, or something else entirely. These activities not only bring joy but also build confidence, teamwork spirit, and essential life skills. In essence, after-school activities play a crucial role in shaping well-rounded individuals beyond the limits of the classroom.

2. How to Search for the Perfect Activity

When looking for the ideal after-school activity for your child, it’s essential to take into account their interests, age, and personality. Additionally, consider practical aspects such as location, cost, and scheduling. Here’s a helpful guide to assist you in finding the perfect activity for your child.

  1. Know What Your Child Likes for Fun: Take note of what your child enjoys doing, whether it’s drawing, playing music, participating in sports, or exploring new things. Recognize their strengths and interests to guide your choice of after-school activity.
  2. Explore Nearby Activities: Check with the school, visit community centers, or browse online to find available options nearby.
  3. Involve Your Child: Get your child’s input by asking about their interests and preferences. It’s important to choose an activity they’re excited about trying.
  4. Verify the Quality: Make sure the activity is led by experienced individuals in a safe and well-organized setting.
  5. Trial Period: Let your child participate in the activity for a trial period to see if they genuinely enjoy it before making a long-term commitment.
  6. Stay Engaged: Keep track of your child’s progress in the activity and provide encouragement. Showing interest and support can boost their confidence and motivation.

3. Types of After-School Activities

  1. Sports: Kids can participate in team sports like soccer, basketball, swimming, or martial arts. Engaging in sports promotes physical activity and builds friendships.
  1. Arts and Crafts: Inspire your child’s creativity with activities like painting, drawing, pottery, or jewelry making. These endeavors offer chances for self-expression through art.
  1. Music and Dance: Let your child explore music or dance with lessons in piano, guitar, ballet, or hip-hop. It’s a fun way for them to learn new skills and enjoy themselves.
  1. Academic Enrichment: Boost your child’s academic journey with programs focusing on math, science, languages, or coding. These courses offer extra learning to support their education.
  1. Drama and Theater: Drama clubs and acting classes are ideal for children interested in acting or performing. These platforms help build confidence and self-expression on stage.
  1. Technology and STEM: For children interested in science, technology, engineering, or math, robotics clubs, coding classes, or science workshops are excellent options. These hands-on activities make learning these subjects engaging and enjoyable.
  1. Yoga and Mindfulness: Enhance your child’s mental and physical well-being through yoga and mindfulness classes, offering techniques to manage stress and foster relaxation.
  1. Cooking and Culinary Arts: Allow your child to explore the delights of cooking through classes or workshops dedicated to culinary skills and baking. These activities promote creativity in the kitchen and the discovery of new recipes.

4.Afterschool Activities in KR Puram

1.National Sports and Cultural Trust

Timings: Closes 8 pm

Contact: +91 98450 87679  For more information check out their official Website

Address: Gayathri Layout, 23 Rd cross, Basavanapura Main Rd, near Hanuman temple, Krishnarajapura


The Center offers a wide range of regular classes covering various sports disciplines such as martial arts, boxing, karate, judo, and weapons training. Additionally, they provide opportunities for dance enthusiasts with classes in both Western and classical dance styles. For those interested in music, the school offers specialized training in Carnatic music, ensuring a well-rounded curriculum that provides to various interests and talents.

2. SP Robotics Maker Lab

Timings: 10AM- 8PM

Contact: +91 93531 00428 For more information check out their official Website.

Address: 1st floor, 18th Cross Rd, above New Delicacy, Kaggadasapura.


They offer many different programs for kids of all ages and skills. These include things like building robots, working with electronics, and learning about technology. They have short workshops, longer programs, and even special events where kids can learn and have fun. So, no matter what your child is interested in, there’s something for them to try and enjoy after school.

3. Natyalaya

Timings: 11AM- 7PM

Contact:  +91 95911 78678 For more information check out their official Website.

Address:  Above Allahabad Bank, Swathantra Nagar, Ayyappa Nagar, Krishnarajapura


At this dance school, your child can explore a wide range of dance styles, from Western to Bollywood, Salsa to Hip Hop, and more. With skilled teachers, they’ll learn new moves and techniques, possibly even performing on big stages. Whether it’s for a wedding or private lessons, they cater to individual needs. Plus, dancing not only keeps them fit but also brings joy. 

They also have many instruments and vocal training options, including keyboard, classical vocal, tabla, drums, violin, flute, piano, and saxophone. With these options available, kids can discover their musical passion and upgrade their skills under expert guidance.

4. The Cooking Studio

Timings: 11AM- 5PM

Contact: +91 73495 25913 For more information check out their official Facebook.

Address: 16-25, Pattalamma Temple Rd, 2nd Block, Jayanagar.


 The Cooking Studio offers guided demos and immersive workshops covering diverse cuisines and essential culinary skills. With classes for all skill levels and age groups, it’s perfect for anyone looking to learn new techniques or enhance their cooking repertoire. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned chef, there’s something for everyone at The Cooking Studio to help you refine your culinary prowess.


After-school activities in KR Puram offer a plethora of options to enrich your child’s development. This blog highlights innovative facilities across various classes, including art, sports, and dance, aimed at enhancing physical fitness and boosting self-esteem. Encourage your children to express themselves emotionally, make new friends, and enjoy their time after school. Assist them in choosing activities they’re passionate about, considering class timings and fees. Let’s make after-school hours the highlight of their day, fostering growth and enjoyment!


Q1. How can I help my child do more fun activities after school?

You can help your child by showing interest in what they like, driving them to activities, and talking about why trying new things and making friends is cool.

Q2. Is it better for my child to do one thing or many after-school activities?

It depends on what your child likes and can handle with their time. Some kids like one thing, while others like to try lots of stuff. Find what works best for them.

Q3. Can after-school activities help my child learn important stuff for life?

Yep! After-school stuff can teach kids teamwork, how to manage time, lead others, and not give up when things get tough. These skills can help them do better in school and later in life.

Q4.  How can I help my child plan their time with after-school activities?

You can help them make a plan, decide what’s most important, and ask for help when they need it. Encourage them to talk to their teachers or coaches if they’re feeling too busy.

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