After School Activities in Kumbalgodu: Discover 6 Unique Life Skills

Written By Anshima | Edited By Varsha & Adi | Updated on 23rd Jan, 2024

Explore exciting opportunities for your kids to learn new and practical skills after school! This blog is your go-to guide for discovering the perfect after school activities in Kumbalgodu. We’re here to help you understand the area, providing an overview of what it’s like to live there. We’ll also highlight nearby places and their distances from Kumbalgodu Gram Panchayat’s office, offering clarity to make informed decisions for your child’s engagement and skill development. Stay tuned for insights that make parenting decisions a breeze.

Quick Summary

After School Activities in Kumbalgodu

  1. Overview of Kumbalgodu
  2. The importance of after-school activities for children
  3. Popular activities for after-school engagement 
  4. Horse Riding
  5. Mallakhamb
  6. Chess
  7. Quick Math 
  8. Robotics and Coding
  9. Music and Performing Arts
  10. Conclusion

1.   Overview of Kumbalgodu

Kumbalgodu emerges as a promising residential area in western Bangalore, celebrated for its super connectivity and amenities. The Mysore Road corridor ensures excellent accessibility throughout the city, making it a preferred location for commuters. 

The area has well-established residential layouts, offering a variety of housing options, including single-family houses, apartments, and high-rise buildings. Residents benefit from the proximity to essential amenities such as hospitals, schools, colleges, and markets, making it an ideal location for families and young professionals.

Among the notable schools in Kumbalgodu are Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul International School, Tattva School, DPS, St. Benedict, Marigold, and Don Bosco. This educational landscape adds another layer of convenience for families, enhancing the overall appeal of Kumbalgodu as a well-connected, amenity-rich, and educationally vibrant residential area in Bangalore.

Overall, with its connectivity and abundant amenities, Kumbalgodu emerges as an ideal choice for those seeking a well-connected and enriching residential experience in Bangalore.

2.   The importance of after school activities for children

Back in our times, the common wisdom was about telling kids to cut down on playtime and focus more on hitting the books. But you know what? It turns out that the whole “study all the time” approach might not be the correct, we once thought. 

Doing activities like sports or dance after school isn’t just about having fun – it’s like giving your brain a super boost. The skills you learn from these activities, like being disciplined and focused, will help you concentrate better.

 Imagine a student who starts with art and then gives robotics a try. These programs are all about exploring different things to uncover hidden talents—it’s like playing in a field of possibilities before deciding on one thing.

Apart from being fun and helping you learn new skills, these activities also teach important life stuff like managing time and staying organized. Whether it’s juggling homework and after school fun or figuring out schedules for different activities, these experiences help you get really good at managing your time wisely.

3.   Popular sports for after school engagement 

1.  Horse Riding

Horse riding is one of the best after school activities in Kumbalgodu for kids. It’s not about just riding a horse, it’s like a real-life adventure. They get to move around, their body becomes strong, and they feel super confident as they learn this awesome skill. And guess what’s even cooler? They’re not just riding a horse, They’re making friends with their four-legged buddy! Isn’t that cool? Taking care of your horsey buddy teaches kids to be patient and responsible, it’s like having a big pet! 

Plus, they meet other kids who love horses too, and being outside in nature makes it all even more awesome. So, horse riding isn’t just a hobby, it’s like having a 4 legged friend and loads of fun all at once! 

There are several horse riding schools surrounding Kumbalgodu, and we’ve handpicked a few that are just a short 30-minute ride away.

  1. BGS Sprinter-Horse Riding
  2. Stallion’s Valley School of Lifestyle (Horse Riding Academy)

1. BGS Sprinters- Horse Riding

Location: BGS International Residential School Campus K Gollahalli, Nityananda Nagara.

Fees: 3000/- Per Month (weekly 5 Sessions) 

          2000/- Per Month (weekly 3 Sessions)                                  

          1000/- Per Session basic and 

          1500/- for advance

 Time: 06:00 AM to 10:00 AM

           02.30 PM to 06:00 PM

Travelling time: It takes 15- 20 minutes to reach BGS Sprinter Horse Riding School from Gram Panchayat Office Kumbalgodu. 

Admissions are open for individuals aged 8 to 65, offering four exciting levels of horse riding expertise: 

  • Basic Level  20-30 sessions of 45 minutes each.

This level focuses on foundational skills like bonding with the horse, getting comfortable with the saddle, applying pressure under the saddle, and mastering groundwork.

  • Moderate Level ( 30-40 sessions)

            In this level, participants delve into more dynamic activities like speed riding and     


  • Advanced Level and Competition Level

            As trainees progress to the Advanced and Competition levels, they get hands-on experience in thrilling equestrian sports such as jumping, eventing, tent pegging, and more. It’s not just horse riding; it’s a journey through four levels of skill mastery, from the basics to the exhilarating world of competitive equestrian sports.

2. Stallion’s Valley School of Lifestyle (Horse Riding Academy)

Location: 116/1, Bhumi Farms, Thathaguni, Kanakpura Road.

Contact Number: +91 9538568784

Travelling time: It takes 45 minutes to reach Stallion’s Valley School of Lifestyle from Gram Panchayat Office Kumbalgodu. 

They provide two courses:

  1. Basic Course: 10 classes spread over 2 months, with each class lasting 1 hour. Anyone between 6 to 18 years old can join. In the course, you’ll learn how to walk and trot with a horse.

           Time: Tuesday to Friday (Slot is allocated at the time of admission)

  1. Intermediate Course: 15 classes are spread over 3 months, with each class lasting 1 hour. In the course, you’ll learn how to canter and trot with a horse.

          Time: Tuesday to Friday (Slot is allocated at the time of admission)

  1. Mallakhamb

“Mallakhamb” comes from two words: “Malla,” which means wrestling, and “khamb,” which means pole. So, Mallakhamb means wrestling on a pole. This traditional sport not only involves strength and balance but also contributes to better breathing control. It’s like a mix of anti-gravity moves, and laws of motion. Mallakhamb involves performing acrobatic and aerial gymnastics on a pole or a rope. 

  • BGS Sprinters- Mallakhamb 

Location: BGS International Residential School Campus K Gollahalli, Nityananda Nagara.

Travelling time: It takes 15- 20 minutes to reach BGS Sprinter Horse Riding School from Gram Panchayat Office Kumbalgodu. 

Fees: ₹3000/- Per Month (weekly 5 Sessions) 

          ₹2000/- Per Month (weekly 3 Sessions)                                  

          ₹1000/- Per Session basic and 

          ₹1500/- for advance

          ₹500/- per session

Time: 06:00 AM to 10:00 AM

           02.30 PM to 06:00 PM + special Weekend classes

The primary goal of BGS Academy is to promote this traditional sport globally, making sure people everywhere understand and appreciate its advantages. 

  1. Chess

Playing chess is like giving your brain a superhero workout – it’s not just about moving pieces around, it’s about making your mind stronger and smarter. The first big reason to get into chess is that it sharpens your memory, focus, and problem-solving skills. The second reason is that it teaches you how to deal with ups and downs, just like in real life, and how to plan. These skills aren’t just handy on the chessboard, they’re like secret weapons for tackling everyday challenges.

Kumbalgodu boasts several convenient chess classes, each just a short 15 to 30-minute journey away. 

  • Chess Club by Sajjan Academy

Location: Confluence Club, GoodEarth Malhar, Kambipura, Kengeri.

Travelling time: It takes 15 minutes to reach BGS Sprinter Sajjan Academy from Gram Panchayat Office Kumbalgodu. 

Sajjan Academy is renowned in Bangalore and most loved by the students launched in 2018. They offer 3 courses Ultra beginner, Beginner, and Intermediate. 

  • For Ultra Beginner, the monthly program offers two classes per week, totaling 8-10 classes per month. Open to enthusiasts aged 6 years and above, this course spans a flexible duration of 1-3 months.
  • For beginners, the chess program gives you two classes/ week, making it 8-10 classes each month. The beginner course lasts for about 6-8 months.

In the intermediate chess lessons, you’ll have two classes/ week, adding up to 8-10 sessions each month. The whole course takes about 6 months to a year to finish.

  1. Math Class

After-school math classes are of great help because it gives extra time and attention to really understand math. This means you can go at your own speed, get better at the basics, and have someone there to help when you need it.

  • Cue Math

 Fees: For individual classes they charge- ₹945 per class. You will have to pay for 48 or       

               72 classes in one go.

                For 2 students in a class – ₹540 per class.

Cuemath Classroom, a dynamic math learning program, offers in-person classes twice a week, each lasting an hour. Under expert teachers, personalized tech-enabled curriculum, and small group settings, Cuemath Classroom addresses focus, attention, and quality screen time concerns for students.

 The program focuses on resolving issues related to writing practice and ensures structured learning through Cuemath Notebooks, fostering individualized progress tracking and peer learning.

Cuemath is right around the corner in Kumbalgodu! We’ve got plenty of offline centers, and you can also hop online for learning.  

  • SIP Abacus 

Fees: One time ₹1100 for a material fee and ₹1800/level for 3 months

Location: 1. Ullal Main Rd, Jnana Jyothi Nagar. (22 minutes away)

               2. 1st Main Rd, Stage I, Kengeri Satellite Town (12 mins away) 

  • SIP Abacus is tailored for kids aged 6 to 12, offering a unique math learning approach that turns math into a fun adventure. 
  • The program ensures your child stays engaged and enthusiastic about learning math.
  • As a proud member of Asia Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Research and Development Affiliation (AAMARDA), SIP Abacus ensures quality and excellence in its teaching methods.
  •  It consists of four learning modules
  1.   Junior
  2.   Foundation
  3.   Advance
  4.   Grand Master. 

Each part of the program is made to help kids move forward step by step, making sure they get really good at math while having fun and feeling proud of what they’re learning.

  1. Robotics and Coding class

Imagine robotic classes as the superhero training camp for kids after school. It’s like having mini-genius detectives who can solve any problem and understand tech like it’s their favorite video game. These classes are like the secret recipe for making future STEM superheroes – the ones who can build cool gadgets and robots that might even make pizza. Isn’t that interesting?

  • Iobrain Innovative Labz

Location: Banashankari 3rd Stage. (30 min away)

  • Online and Offline Classes are available
  • Iobrain, located in Bangalore, the IT capital of India, is a unique training institute dedicated to providing top-notch technical education to enthusiastic kids of all ages. 
  • They focus on essential futuristic technologies such as Robotics and Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Coding, Drones, IoT, Python, and the creation of Android Applications and Games, online and offline. 
  • They are committed to making technologies easy and enjoyable for every eager learner. Don’t miss this out. This institute is definitely worth a try!
  • Novatech Robo

Location:  Jayanagar (45 minutes away)

Fees: regular classroom Machine Learning, Image processing, and Drone learning programs for 20 hours cost ₹15000.

Working Hours: 10 AM to 6 PM

  • Novatechrobo opens doors for young minds aged 6 years and above, offering training for students at various levels, including higher students, graduates, engineers, and those curious about IoT. 
  • They focus on STEaM learning, covering Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Participants delve into the intricacies of robot building, mastering the assembly of mechanical parts. The curriculum extends to programming, encompassing GUI-based, C++, Arduino C, and Python. 
  • The practical aspect involves running robots to showcase their autonomous functions.
  1. Music and Performing Arts
  • Abstractics Creative Dance Academy

Location: BEML Layout 3rd Stage, Rajarajeshwari Nagar (30 min away)

  • They offer highly experienced dance instructors conducting classes in Contemporary, Bharatanatyam, Ballet, Kathak & Bollywood, offline and online.
  • Abstratics offers online sessions, via Zoom. 
  • They also host a yearly SUMMER DANCE CAMP for ages 6 to 12, covering Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Ballet, Bollywood, and Yoga. 
  • Private classes are available for Contemporary dance lovers.
  • Gaanasiddaganga Music School

Location: Kengeri Satellite Town Near Shirke Bus stop (20 mins away)

With a team of passionate and experienced music instructors, Gaanasiddhaganga offers complete training in many musical genres, ensuring a well-rounded musical education. 

  • From classical to contemporary, the academy embraces diversity and encourages students to explore their unique musical interests. No matter, if you’re just starting out or already know a bit, Gaanasiddhaganga Music Academy is here to make music even more enjoyable for you.
  • It’s like a cozy spot where you can nurture your love for music and kickstart your musical journey, no matter where you are in your learning.


In Kumbalgodu, after-school activities aren’t just about hitting the books. We’ve got a bunch of physical and mental activities like horse riding, mallakhamb, chess, math adventures, dance, music, and even robotics and coding. It’s like a playground of activities! Whether you’re into galloping with horses, making strategic moves in chess, trying out crazy poses in Mallakhamb, or diving into the world of numbers and tech, Kumbalgodu’s after-school scene has something for everyone. It’s not just about learning, it’s about learning some real-life skills.

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