Canaan Christ Public School Reviews, Bangalore 2025-26

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Our Honest Review

Established in 2001, Canaan Christ Public School is one of the best schools in BTM Layout, Bangalore, and is frequently recognized as one of the best schools in South Bangalore. The school is affiliated with the State Board. It emphasizes a holistic development approach, where students excel in academics and curricular, co-curricular, and sports activities, ensuring their overall growth.

Canaan Christ Public School has been dedicated to nurturing students and achieving remarkable academic success. The institution is known for consistently excelling in graduating students who excel in their SSLC examinations.

Founded with just eleven students, the school has grown significantly, now accommodating nearly a thousand students and a dedicated team of qualified staff. The founders’ vision was to create a unique learning environment that fosters moral values, talents, and skills, which has become a reality today. This dedication has helped the school become one of the best schools in the region. Let’s now check out the Canaan Christ Public School Reviews blog.

About the School

Canaan Christ Public School Reviews, Bangalore 2025-26
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We are classifying Canaan Christ Public School into our Mainstream School Category. You might be wondering why we’ve classified this school as mainstream. 

Let’s explore that a bit further.

What is a Mainstream School?

You usually see mainstream schools around your neighborhood, where kids of all kinds go to learn. They have regular maths, science, English, and social studies classes.

 But it’s not just about studying—they also offer fun activities like sports, clubs, and arts programs to make school more enjoyable. These schools welcome everyone, no matter who you are or what you like. They aim to give you a complete education and help you figure out what you’re into! The cool thing is that mainstream schools often have extra help available for kids who need it so everyone can learn together.

Why is Canaan Christ Public School a Mainstream School?

  • Canaan Christ Public School is open to students from different backgrounds and communities, making it easy for kids from all kinds of families to attend.
  • The school helps students with different learning needs by providing extra help and adjustments so that everyone can do well.
  • Students at Canaan Christ Public School learn the same things as other schools, so they’re prepared for college or jobs later on. The teachers, buildings, and supplies are all really good, meeting all the rules and guidelines set by education officials.
  • Canaan Christ Public School is part of the local community, getting involved in events and projects. This makes everyone feel like they belong. Plus, it’s officially approved and recognized by education authorities, so it’s trusted by everyone.

Why this school?

We’ve done all the hard work when considering why you should pick this school. We’ve spoken to the school leaders, checked out every part of the campus, and looked closely at what it offers. And from all that, we’ve found three big reasons why this school is exceptional:

USP#1: Canaan Christ Public School stands out by fostering holistic development in students. They excel in academics, arts, sports, and other activities, nurturing excellence, creativity, sportsmanship, and curiosity. Through modern and traditional teaching methods and numerous events throughout the year, they lay a strong foundation for success in all aspects of life.

USP#2: Canaan Christ Public School has great amenities. They have the latest gadgets and tools for learning, like computers and smart boards. Their classrooms are super comfy and colorful, and they even have a big playground with swings and slides where you can play and have fun with your friends during breaks.

USP#3: Canaan Christ Public School isn’t just a place to learn, it’s also like a big family with everyone in the neighbourhood and offers community involvement. They organise fun events like sports days and cultural festivals where everyone gets together for a good time. They also do things like clean-up drives and charity fundraisers to help make their community a better place.

Basic Stats

  • Evelyn Shylaja Stephen, the school Principal, is an innovative leader and gives a lot of emphasis on Education.
  • The student-teacher ratio is 12:1.
  • This is a day school and is affiliated with the State Board.
  • They welcome kids from Nursery – Class X.
  • The school is located at No.6, 1st Crs,9th Mn Rd,1st Stage,BTM Layout, BTM 1st Stage, Bengaluru, Karnataka.
Canaan Christ Public School Reviews, Bangalore 2025-26
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Fees Structure

Canaan Christ Public School Reviews, Bangalore 2025-26
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We are classifying Canaan Christ Public School into our Standard School Category when it comes to fees. The reason is that Canaan Christ Public School offers a fundamental level of education and facilities at an affordable price.

What is the Standard School Category?

Standard schools typically refer to educational institutions that offer a fundamental level of education and facilities at an affordable price. These schools may not provide the same level of amenities or specialized programs as premium schools or high-value schools, but they aim to provide essential learning opportunities within a reasonable fee structure. 

In short, they offer a foundational education without the added luxuries or high costs associated with premium or high-value schools.

Why is Canaan Christ Public School a Standard school?

At Canaan Christ Public School, the annual fee is around Rs 50,000 which covers tuition fees and other fees. However, this amount may change depending on the grade your child is in.

Canaan Christ Public School can be considered a standard school for several reasons:

  • Canaan Christ Public School provides good education at a reasonable cost, making it accessible to many students and has necessary facilities like smart classrooms, well-equipped labs, a library, and playgrounds.
  • Canaan Christ Public School has trained teachers and follows the required curriculum, ensuring it meets educational standards and offers extracurricular activities like sports, dance, music, yoga, and art to help students develop in all areas.

Canaan Christ Public School aims to give a good education without being too expensive. It provides the basics needed for learning and charges a fair price. This makes it similar to other standard schools, focusing on giving students a balanced education without extra fancy stuff that might cost more.

Canaan Christ Public School Reviews, Bangalore 2025-26
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Having good school buildings and facilities is really important for students. It means they have a nice place to learn with comfy classrooms, and great amenities like computers and playgrounds to play in. When students have a good environment to study in, it helps them focus better and enjoy learning more. Additionally, having safe and modern facilities can make students feel happy and proud of their school, which can motivate them to do their best in their studies. Overall, a good school infrastructure makes learning more fun and helps students succeed!

Let’s take a look at the facilities available:


Canaan Christ Public School offers top-notch facilities to help students grow. With high-tech classrooms, kid-friendly spaces, and advanced labs, learning becomes more exciting. Students get to try lots of fun activities, like sports and cultural events, which make their time at school even better. 


All the classrooms at Canaan Christ Public School are Smart Classrooms with Smart TVs for audio and visual learning, helping students understand better. The rooms are spacious, well-ventilated, creating a pleasant and positive environment for learning.

2. Laboratories

At Canaan Christ Public School, science and computer labs are well-equipped to help students learn better. The science lab has all the tools for fun experiments and the computer lab has modern computers for learning coding and other tech skills. These labs make learning hands-on and exciting.

3. Library

Their library is well equipped and has many books on different subjects, comfortable seating, and quiet study areas. It’s a good place for students to read and learn new things.

4. Multi-purpose Rooms

At Canaan Christ Public School, there are dedicated areas for activities like dance, music, drama, art and craft, yoga, speech therapy centre, clay modelling, scouts and guide.

5. Transport

Canaan Christ Public School provides safe and dependable transportation for students. The school buses are well-maintained and driven by experienced drivers. Each bus has an attendant to ensure students’ safety and well-being throughout the journey.

6. Playground

The school boasts huge playgrounds, providing students with exceptional sports facilities, including:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Cricket
  • Volleyball
  • Karate

The school offers dedicated areas for Indoor games like carrom, table tennis and chess.

Google Review

The school has an incredible rating of 4.3/5 based on 95 Google reviews.

Canaan Christ Public School gets both good and not-so-good feedback. Some people like how friendly and helpful the teachers are, and how the school teaches important values. They enjoy events and sports here. But others say some teachers don’t teach well and the management isn’t great. Parents have appreciated the school’s focus on culture-based learning, nurturing both soft skills and academic knowledge. It’s also supportive of students with special needs. Parents say what makes this school stand out is its affordable fees and top-notch facilities.

Overall, it’s seen as a place where kids learn and have fun, but some things could be better.

Our Verdict

In our opinion, Canaan Christ Public School provides a balanced education where students do well in studies, arts, and sports. They encourage creativity, teamwork, and a love for learning through different activities. By using new and old teaching methods, the school prepares students for success in life, giving them a strong start for whatever they choose to do next. 

Canaan Christ Public School is affordable yet offers great education and facilities for a low fee. With experienced teachers and good facilities, it’s a top choice for a complete education in BTM Layout at a low cost. If you’re searching for a school admission with affordable fees and holistic development of your child, this is the place to be.

We have informative blogs covering various school categories like mainstream, legacy, new-age, and niche schools. These resources can help you make an informed decision about your child’s education.

We hope our Canaan Christ Public School  Reviews blog has been beneficial. If you still have any doubts or questions,  you can check out our blog on why choose a school in South Bangalore? Remember we are always here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

FAQs Related to Canaan Christ Public School Reviews

How does Canaan Christ Public School support students with special needs or learning differences? 

Canaan Christ Public School has dedicated resources such as special education teachers, counselors, and accommodations to support students with diverse learning needs. They typically work closely with parents to create individualized education plans (IEPs).

What is the admission process at Canaan Christ Public School?

The admission process at Canaan Christ Public School starts with parents filling out an application form for their child. For Nursery to Std I, parents need to provide a photocopy of the child’s birth certificate (in color), 2 passport-size and 2 stamp-size photos of the child, 1 family photo, and photocopies of Aadhar Cards for both the student and parents. For Std II to Std X, an original Transfer Certificate from the previous school is required along with the same photo and Aadhar Card copies. Once admission is confirmed, parents submit these documents and follow any additional instructions from the school, such as fee payments or orientation sessions. For exact details, parents should contact the school directly.

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