Carmel Academy ICSE School Reviews, 2025-26

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Our Honest Review

Established in 1987 under the Carmel Jyothi Trust, managed by the Carmelite Fathers, Carmel Academy ICSE School has a rich history spanning over 800 years. The Carmelite Order, known worldwide for its dedication to prayer, community, and outreach, operates in 36 countries, with successful educational ventures in the US, UK, Germany, Ireland, and Italy.

Led by Rev. Dr. (Fr.) Rinson George O.Carm. and Rev. Fr. Regi Jacob Pullan O.Carm., Carmel Academy aims to nurture students into compassionate, confident individuals. Our motto, “Nil Satis Nisi Optimum,” meaning nothing but the best is good enough, drives us to challenge and transform students into intellectually competent, emotionally balanced, and spiritually mature individuals.

The school offers co-educational learning and is affiliated with the Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE). From early years through primary and secondary education, their regular assessments, extra support sessions, and personalised attention ensure each student reaches their full potential. They also offer extracurricular activities such as arts, crafts, music, dance, sports, and yoga, providing a well-rounded education. This commitment makes Carmel Academy one of the best ICSE schools in Bangalore

This blog will provide you with a deeper understanding of Carmel Academy and the exceptional educational opportunities it offers.

About the School

Carmel Academy ICSE School Reviews, 2025-26
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Carmel Academy ICSE School is recognized in our Legacy School category. What truly sets it apart is its emphasis on holistic development and value-based education. But why is it featured in the legacy category? Let’s explore further to understand why.

What is a Legacy School?

A legacy school is a traditional type of school that has been around for a long time. It’s like a school that’s been passed down from generation to generation, with families sending their children there for many years. These schools often have a strong reputation in the community and may have a rich history or special traditions that they’re known for.

Why is Carmel Academy ICSE School a Legacy School?

  • Carmel Academy is a legacy school because it was established in 1987, giving it a history of three decades.
  • During this time, it has maintained a reputation for delivering excellent education and holistic development.
  • Its long-standing tradition and consistent performance in providing integral education make it a respected and trusted institution.

Why this school?

When it comes to figuring out why you should choose this school, we have put in the legwork. In our discussions with the school authorities, we explored every nook and cranny of the campus and evaluated its facilities. As a result, we have come up with three key Unique Selling Points (USPs) of the school. Let’s take a look at it:

  • USP #1: Holistic Education and Value-Based Growth: Carmel Academy focuses on holistic education by blending academics with moral values and spiritual growth through activities such as meditation, yoga, and moral education classes. These activities help students concentrate better, expand their minds, organize their thoughts, and find inner peace, promoting their overall development.
  • USP #2: Rich Legacy: Since its establishment in 1987, Carmel Academy has built a strong reputation as a trusted institution known for delivering high-quality education and making enduring contributions to the community.
  • USP #3: Strong Co-curricular Programs: In addition to a comprehensive sports program featuring football, basketball, volleyball, throwball, and kho-kho, Carmel Academy offers diverse activities like literary and cultural events, workshops, and seminars, fostering holistic student development across various disciplines.

Basic Stats

  • The principal, Rev. Dr. Lawrence D’Souza, is a strong leader with vast experience in education and leadership.
  • The student-teacher ratio is 15:1.
  • The school is affiliated with the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) curriculum.
  • They offer classes from nursery to class 10.
  • They are located on Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore, Karnataka.
Carmel Academy ICSE School Reviews, 2025-26
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Fees Structure

Carmel Academy ICSE School Reviews, 2025-26
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We are classifying Carmel Academy ICSE School into our Value for Money School category when it comes to fees. The reason is that the school offers numerous opportunities and exceptional facilities that truly justify the fees paid.

What is the Value for Money School Category?

A school is considered a value-for-money school for fees when it provides exceptional education, facilities, and opportunities that make the cost of attending worthwhile. This could include features like top-notch teaching staff, advanced infrastructure and facilities, extensive extracurricular activities, and a strong track record of student success.

Why is Carmel Academy ICSE School a value-for-money school?

At Carmel Academy, the annual fee is approximately ₹85,000, covering registration, tuition, and admission fees. However, this amount may change depending on the grade your child is in.

  • The classrooms are equipped with modern technology for enhanced learning. Beyond classrooms, their campus includes a serene meditation hall, well-equipped science labs, computer labs, and a comprehensive library.
  • Additionally, they have a vast playground with a wide range of sports, arts, and cultural programs, ensuring holistic development. They also have a first-aid room, providing excellent medical facilities in case of emergency.

Considering the outstanding facilities available, Carmel Academy stands out as a top choice in the value-for-money school category.

Carmel Academy ICSE School Reviews, 2025-26
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The school’s infrastructure is outstanding, featuring a purpose-built campus spread across 3.5 acres with modern and safe facilities tailored for the well-being of students. Let’s take a closer look:


At Carmel Academy, students benefit from abundant facilities that support their holistic and integral development. Every aspect, from classrooms and laboratories to sports and spirituality, is thoughtfully designed and well-planned. Let’s explore this further.


  • The school has two main buildings: the primary building and the secondary building.
  • Both buildings’ classrooms are spacious, safe, child-friendly, and well-ventilated, with desks, chairs, smart boards, and CCTV.

2. Laboratories

  • Separate labs for physics, chemistry, biology, and electronics are available, along with computer laboratories for primary and high school students.

3. Library

  • The school has a library housing 7,000 books across fiction, non-fiction, and more genres. 
  • It’s a quiet, colorful space on Level Four of the primary building, loved by children for reading and research purposes.

4. Multi-purpose rooms and auditorium

  • Two auditoriums, St. Mary’s Hall and Hall of Harmony, host various literary and cultural activities.
  • The Chapel Room displays exhibits related to Indian festivals, culture, and history.
  • The school’s basement offers a spacious area for activities like morning assemblies, skating on Thursdays, and various recreational pursuits amidst green surroundings.

5. Transport

  • Carmel Academy ensures safe transportation with 21 buses equipped with trained drivers, female personnel, cameras, and first-aid kits, overseen by a dedicated transport head.

6. Playgrounds

  • The playground features courts for basketball, volleyball, throwball, kho-kho, and badminton, with indoor games like carrom, chess, and table tennis also available.
  • Younger children enjoy sandpits, a Jungle Gym, and play corners amidst greenery.
  • Students participate in sports such as table tennis, chess, swimming, and skating, often excelling at national and international levels.

7. Extracurricular activities

  • Extracurricular activities include literary events, cultural seminars, debates, poetry recitations, and arts and crafts competitions.
  • The school also offers a diverse range of activities, including abacus, arts and crafts, drawing, painting, dance (Bharata Natyam), French, music (Carnatic music, drums, guitar, keyboard), karate, robotics, skating, theater, yoga, and swimming.

8. Special Programs

  • Students can engage in nature camps, gardening sessions, and health club activities and find moments for quiet reflection in the Meditation Hall.
  • They also provide a book fair promoting reading habits, study tours enriching experiential learning, and ongoing counseling support throughout the week for student well-being.

Google Review

Carmel Academy maintains a strong Google rating of 4.3 out of 5, reflecting satisfaction from many reviewers. 

Praises highlight supportive staff, comprehensive education, and an emphasis on holistic development. Another parent praises it for its clean and well-maintained campus with ample open space for students to play and interact, however, some concerns are noted about communication and administrative processes.

Our Verdict

In our view, Carmel Academy is an exceptional institution that excels at integrating academic excellence with character-building and holistic development. With its top-notch facilities, dedicated staff, and comprehensive programs, the school is committed to nurturing every child’s potential and preparing them for a bright and successful future.

Before you decide on a school, it is important to consider what you are looking for. Are you after a traditional or modern approach? Take a moment to consider your child’s needs and your budget.

We also offer insightful blogs covering diverse school categories, from mainstream and legacy schools to new-age and niche schools. Packed with valuable information, these blogs aim to assist you in finding the ideal educational path for your child.

If our Carmel Academy ICSE School reviews blog has helped you decide, or if you have lingering doubts, explore our guide on avoiding international school admission scams. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

FAQs related to Carmel Academy ICSE School Reviews

What is the age requirement for entry into the nursery at Carmel Academy?

  • Montessori 1: Admission starts at age 3.
  • Grade 1: Admission starts at age 6.

Are there opportunities for parent involvement at Carmel Academy? 

Yes, Carmel Academy encourages parent involvement through regular parent-teacher meetings, workshops, and volunteering opportunities to foster collaboration between home and school.

How do I apply for admission to Carmel Academy?

To apply for admission, you can visit the school’s official website or contact the admission office directly. Application forms are usually available online or at the school campus during specified hours.

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