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Our Honest Review

Founded in 1993 in the Koramangala area of Bangalore, Carmel Garden Public School has evolved into a prestigious global educational institution dedicated to providing outstanding education and fostering comprehensive student development. The school takes pride in its highly qualified board members, each boasting over 30 years of experience in education.

Carmel Garden Public School maintains an exceptional 100% pass rate in board examinations, making it the best ICSE school in Bangalore. The medium of instruction is English, and the school employs a child-centric curriculum designed to facilitate easy comprehension and interactive learning experiences.

The school focuses on students’ health and fitness by encouraging them to participate in sports activities and drills. Sports and games are integral to the school curriculum and play a role in character building.

The school actively organizes cultural events, including annual day celebrations, sports days, and festivities honouring various Indian festivals. Teachers at Carmel Garden Public School encourage student participation in these events, nurturing their talents and promoting holistic development. Through this blog we hope to give you the best Carmel Garden Public School Reviews, which is concise and honest. So let’s start!

About the School

Carmel Garden Public School Reviews, Bangalore
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With nearly 30 years in the education industry, Carmel Garden Public School has served a diverse student body, which has led us to classify our institution into two distinct categories: Legacy School and Mainstream School. Let us learn more about these categories.

What is Legacy School?

A Legacy School is essentially an educational institution with a rich history spanning many years. These schools are known for their deep-rooted traditions, strong community connections, and a proven track record of nurturing successful students. They blend traditional values with modern educational approaches and aim to provide a well-rounded learning experience.  

Why is Carmel Garden Public School a Legacy School?

  • The school was founded in 1993 and has a history of providing quality education for several decades. The school maintains a tradition of academic excellence, consistently achieving high standards in education and producing successful students who excel in various fields.
  • The school boasts an exceptional teaching and management staff dedicated to student learning. Their commitment to giving high-quality education has elevated Carmel Garden Public School to a top-tier convent school in Bangalore.

What is Mainstream School?

A mainstream school is like your regular school where kids learn the basics such as maths, science, and history. It’s not focused on one thing like sports or arts schools. Instead, it gives a broad education to help students learn and grow in different areas.

Why is Carmel Garden Public School a Mainstream School?

  • The school follows a state board curriculum, which is comprehensive and developed to help students excel academically. The school also offers stay back classes and one on one personalised classes in maths, science, and english for students who need it.
  • Carmel Garden Public School fosters inclusivity and diversity by providing education to students from diverse backgrounds, thereby playing a crucial role in shaping their comprehensive growth and development.

Why this school?

For the overall development of children, it is essential that the school provides the best care and meets their safety and educational needs. Nowadays, every parent desires a school that not only focuses on academics but also emphasizes other disciplines. Keeping this in mind, here are the unique selling points (USPs) of Carmel Garden Public School in Bangalore:

USP #1: The school prioritizes extracurricular activities, offering opportunities for students to learn new skills and nurture their talents. These activities include arts & crafts, judo, dance, music, and more. Carmel Garden Public School organizes inter-house and inter-class competitions in these areas to encourage healthy competition and showcase students’ achievements.

USP #2: The school prioritizes sports and provides outstanding facilities for badminton, taekwondo, throwball, football, basketball, kho-kho, chess, and carrom. Every Wednesday, students participate in mass drills conducted by Physical Education (PE) teachers. These drills include self-defence training and exercises designed to tone and strengthen muscles for all students.

USP #3: The school hosts a science exhibition annually, providing a platform for students to showcase their talents. These exhibitions boost their confidence and teach them valuable skills in presenting and showcasing their projects. The school Encourages students to participate in this exhibition so that it can help students understand the topics of physics, chemistry and biology in depth. 

Basic Stats

  • The principal of the school is Ms. Jessey Sheela, who leads the school’s administrative faculty. 
  • The student-teacher ratio is 1:20.       
  • The school is affiliated with the ICSE Board, New Delhi and State Board.
  • The school caters for nursery to class X.
  •  It is located on 4th Avenue, Teachers Colony, Koramangala, Bangalore-34.

Carmel Garden Public School Reviews, Bangalore
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Fees Structure

Carmel Garden Public School Reviews, Bangalore
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We are classifying Carmel Garden Public School  into our Standard School Category when it comes to fees. 

The reason is that CGPS offers a fundamental level of education and facilities at an affordable price. 

What is the Standard School Category?

Standard schools typically refer to educational institutions that offer a fundamental level of education and facilities at an affordable price. These schools may not provide the same level of amenities or specialised programs as premium schools or high-value schools, but they aim to provide essential learning opportunities within a reasonable fee structure. 

In short, they offer a foundational education without the added luxuries or high costs associated with premium or high-value schools.

Why is Carmel Garden Public School a Standard school?

At CGPS, the annual fee is around ₹60,000 which covers tuition fees and development fees. However, this amount may change depending on the grade your child is in. Transport, registration and uniform fees could cost you extra depending on which grade your child’s in. 

Carmel Garden Public School can be considered a standard school for several reasons-

  • CGPS offers various extracurricular activities like sports, arts, and clubs, helping students develop additional skills and interests without incurring extra costs.
  • Standard schools typically have adequate facilities, including well-equipped classrooms, libraries, science labs, and computer labs, supporting a comprehensive learning experience.
  • The school is also located in a well developed locality of Koramangala with bus transportation provided. The school’s accessibility thus makes it convenient for students to commute.

Carmel Garden Public School aims to give a good education without being too expensive. It provides the basics needed for learning and charges a fair price. This makes it similar to other standard schools, focusing on giving students a balanced education without extra fancy stuff that might cost more.

Carmel Garden Public School Reviews, Bangalore
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Carmel Garden Public School features unique architecture with well-ventilated classrooms, a large playground, clean washrooms, and drinking water facilities. Surrounded by greenery, the school has also implemented a rainwater harvesting system. These elements contribute to a safe, secure, and environmentally friendly environment for all students.


If we take a loot at CGPS’s campus, it offers state-of-the-art facilities to enhance each child’s educational journey. From spacious, well-ventilated classrooms to safe and reliable transportation, the school provides every possible amenity to support students’ needs. The dedicated school staff prioritizes student welfare, creating a nurturing and secure environment that fosters academic and personal growth. Let’s check it out further:

  1. Classrooms

Carmel Garden Public School features spacious and well-ventilated classrooms with Smart Boards powered by EduComp. The school aims to provide students with interactive learning environments that encourage participation in discussions and class activities. With the introduction of EduComp Smart Classes, the school has seen students more engaged in classrooms and have become dynamic spaces for better learning.

  1. Laboratory

The school believes in the importance of practical skills alongside theoretical knowledge. To support this, the school has dedicated laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, where students can perform experiments and gain hands-on experience. Additionally, the school has well-equipped Science and Computer labs for practical classes. Each lab has assistants to help and guide students.

  1. Library

The school boasts a well-established library catering to primary and high school students. The library contains resources, including journals, fiction and non-fiction books, reference materials, articles, comics, and novels from different genres. A newspaper stand is there for students to stay updated with current events.

Notably, the school is one of the few in Bangalore to offer a dedicated library for pre-primary students, stocked with a wide range of children’s books to support early learning and development.

  1. Multi-purpose rooms and auditorium

The school has a large auditorium for cultural shows and school events. The auditorium features a spacious stage for graceful performances and has an outstanding light and sound system to enhance the events.

  1. Transportation

The school offers transportation facilities and takes every possible precaution to ensure student safety. Each bus has a GPS and a female support staff member to ensure safety. The bus drivers are chosen carefully by the school management.

6. Playground

The school features a spacious playground ideal for sports activities, like volleyball, basketball, cricket, and more. This area also serves as a venue for celebrating festivals and organizing events such as Sports Day.

The school provides a dedicated play area for pre-primary students, equipped with swings, slides, and other fun games to keep them engaged and active.

7. Extracurricular Activities

The school offers its students various extracurricular activities like yoga, self defence classes, music, dance, theatre and oration clubs to attain overall development of the child. 

8.    Special Programs

The school organizes and conducts culturally special programs, events and activities for students to grow. Annual day, sports day, Parents Day, Dussehra, Teacher’s Day,  Children’s Day, Christmas, Ganesh Festival, Eid Festival etc. are some programs celebrated with at Carmel Garden Public School.

Google Review

Carmel Garden Public School has a rating of 4.2/5 on Google. The school has received positive reviews from both parents and students. One parent mentioned that the school has well-qualified teachers and is run by approachable management staff. They also praised the school for encouraging overall child personality development and encouraging students to participate in different activities to help them discover their talents. Another parent wrote that both their children are studying at the school, and are happy with the academic standards. They also mentioned that the school offers diverse extracurricular activities and encourages students to participate.

Our Verdict

Our verdict of Carmel Garden Public School highlights its comprehensive approach to education, extending beyond academic excellence to foster holistic student development. The school consistently achieves high standards in academic performance, reflected in strong results in board examinations and a curriculum designed to promote critical thinking and learning.

Carmel Garden Public School actively engages students through various awareness campaigns and drives, enhancing their knowledge of diverse subjects. The school’s dedication to extracurricular activities such as sports, arts, and cultural events is exemplary. It ensures students have ample opportunities to explore their interests and talents beyond the classroom, aiming to cultivate well-rounded individuals capable of excelling in various fields.

Notably, Carmel Garden Public School distinguishes itself among schools in Koramangala with its school band. The band performs at special events and has participated in cluster-level competitions organized by the government of Karnataka, showcasing its commitment to nurturing students’ musical talents and promoting a vibrant school culture.

FAQs about Carmel Garden Public School Reviews

Q1. Does the school provide transportation facilities?

Yes, the school offers transportation facilities with safety measures including GPS tracking and female support staff on buses.

Q2. How does the school support student well-being and safety?

The school prioritizes student safety with CCTV surveillance, dedicated support staff, and comprehensive safety protocols.

Q3. What are the facilities available at Carmel Garden Public School?

The school boasts modern facilities such as well-equipped classrooms, laboratories for science and computer studies, a library, sports grounds, and a school band.

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