Why Choose a School In Bangalore East?

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Every parent goes through this stage of choosing the right school for his child. Starting the journey of choosing the right school for your child is an essential decision. We understand that it requires a combination of both academic growth and overall well-being. You might be looking at schools or thinking about moving to lively Bangalore East. The question that arises in your mind in this situation can be: “Which is the best school in Bangalore East?” 

East Bangalore is not just a place but a whole landscape where your child’s educational experience extends beyond textbooks, fostering not just knowledge but also holistic development. All of this contributes to preparing them for a promising future. This blog aims to uncover the unique services, academic excellence, facilities, and overall advantages that schools in Bangalore East bring to the forefront.

Quick Summary

Why choose East Bangalore for Education? 

  • Location 
  • Lifestyle 
  • Connectivity 
  • Education Quality 
  • Rich Biodiversity 

School Options – Based on Curriculum 

  • Best CBSE schools 
  • Best ICSE schools 
  • Best IB schools 

Alternative Options 

  • After-School Activities 
  • Environmental Education 

Tips for Parents


1. Why Choose East Bangalore for Education?

1. Location

If you have chosen this location then you must be wondering about its specialities or might be aware of this place, right? You must be aware of the areas under Bangalore East. If not, let us derive some facts! 

The location of East Bangalore comprises areas like Whitefield, Hoodi, Outer Ring Road, Mahadevapura, Bellandur, Sarjapur, Marathahalli, Indiranagar, etc. It holds a distinct attraction for parents considering their child’s education. It has renowned colleges like Ramaiah Medical College and BR Ambedkar College, hospitals like Jayadeva Hospital, Manipal Hospital, Santosh Hospital, and many more. 

And not just this, the city is a vibrant cityscape, marked by a harmonious blend of modernity and a serene environment. On top of that, East Bangalore ensures its travellers an exposure to real-world experience with its technological and business hubs that align with the demands of an evolving global landscape. 

2. Lifestyle

Once you move to the location, you will experience that living in East Bangalore offers a dynamic and vibrant lifestyle. You may wake up to the hustle and bustle of the city, yet there’s a serene touch to the surroundings. The neighbourhood is a mix of modern vibes and green spaces, offering a perfect balance. There are modern shopping complexes like Orion Avenue, Phoenix, Elements Mall, etc. that people often live up to. Morning strolls in the nearby parks or grabbing a quick bite at the local breakfast joints become part of your daily routine. 

Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Bannerghatta National Park, Ulsoor Lake, Bangalore Palace, and more are a real treat to the eyes. You may explore the local markets, try out diverse cuisines, or take a short drive to nearby tech hubs on the weekends. The city’s energy is influential and the lifestyle brings you a unique experience that keeps you engaged. 

3. Connectivity 

You are going to love navigating East Bangalore because the place is a breeze with its well-connected routes. This place has various routes like roads, public transport, Metro, Airport, etc. While buses and cabs are readily available, metro and airport facilities ensure a stress-free and efficient way to explore the location. 

In East Bangalore, connectivity isn’t just about reaching a destination. It’s about the smooth journey that adds to the overall ease and comfort of daily life. It’s so promising that you will never forget the vibes this place is going to provide you.

4. Education Quality 

Now that we have talked a bit about the place, let’s come to our main focus- Education quality in East Bangalore. The education system here shines with a commitment to excellence. Schools in this region prioritise holistic development, offering a mix of modern teaching methods and a nurturing environment. Teachers are dedicated and hence make learning engaging and tailored to individual needs.

The emphasis here goes beyond textbooks while schools encourage extracurricular activities that foster creativity and critical thinking. Organisation of various events, daily activities, and exploration around the city- is all about these schools. 

5. Rich Biodiversity 

Besides just education, the rich biodiversity in East Bangalore offers a unique and valuable educational experience for students. Children can engage themselves in environmental education, analyse the flora and fauna, have nature walks on weekends, and do many more activities as per their interests. 

By incorporating rich biodiversity into the education framework, students not only gain academic knowledge but also develop a profound appreciation for nature and a sense of environmental stewardship. 

2. School Options – Based on Curriculum 

While considering the top schools in Bangalore, you must explore the best CBSE, ICSE, and IB schools in East Bangalore, offering a balanced education that fosters rational thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills. The curriculum covers diverse subjects, laying the foundation for students to succeed and contribute meaningfully to society. 

Here, we have discussed a few schools based on the curriculum they offer and the quality of their holistic education. 

Best CBSE Schools in East Bangalore

1. Delhi Public School 

Location– Sulikunte Village in East Bangalore 

Under the leadership of Dr. Manila Carvalho, DPS East offers modern facilities under the surveillance of experienced teachers. 

The school follows the CBSE curriculum and they have a diverse range of extra-curricular activities including sports, arts, music, and more. Academic education is well supported by their tech-concerned education system.  

They have counselling sessions for the mental well-being of their students and also have a day-care centre with certified nurse facilities. 

2. Army Public School

Location – K Kamaraj Road, Sivanchetti Gardens 

Army Public School works under the leadership of Ms. Kavitha KK,  the school focuses on the school environment and tries its best to keep it a safe and happy place for its students. 

The school is affiliated to CBSE, offers numerous extracurricular facilities and puts a special focus on tech-based learning. 

Students are always engaged in various events on special occasions of the year and celebrate life together. 

Best ICSE schools in East Bangalore

1. New Horizon Public School 

Location Gokhale Road, RR Nagar. 

New Horizon Public School was founded in 1970 and is renowned for building a reputation for exceptional performance, enhancing skills, nurturing talent, fostering character development, and promoting holistic personality growth.

Under the leadership of Anupama Sethi, the school has the reputation of a top school and produces 100% board results every year. 

It is affiliated with ICSE and also follows an IB-based curriculum for academics. The school follows tech-derived learning practises.

2. Mallya Aditi International School 

Location – New Town Yelahanka

The school is one of the best international schools which stages plays, musicals, and concerts, and recently, Mallya Aditi has introduced talent shows organised by the 6th-grade class. 

Their students are engaged in the study of Indian languages such as Kannada and Hindi, while also having the opportunity to explore European and East Asian languages. It is also one of the best IGCSE schools in Bangalore. 

In grades 9 and 10, students can opt for either ICSE or IGCSE. In grades 11 and 12, the choice is between ISC and AICE, both conducted by the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).

Best IB schools in East Bangalore 

 1. Bangalore International School 

Location – Geddalahalli, Hennur Bagalur Road

Bangalore International School offers education from pre-primary to Grade 12 in English. It is one of the best IB schools in Bangalore. 

The well-maintained campus of over 3.75 acres of the school offers all essential facilities for holistic education, including school and guidance counselling. 

The school was founded in 1969 and holds the distinction of being the first international school that was set up in Karnataka.

3. Oakridge International School 

Location – Varthur Road, near Dommasandra

Under the leadership of Pallavi Mishra, the school is among the top international schools and has excelled in academics over the years. 

They provide a diverse range of extracurricular activities that promote overall development. Whether it’s music, drama, public speaking, languages, art, or robotics, there’s an option to cater to every interest. 

Other than IB, this school also offers an ICSE-based curriculum and teaches various languages like Hindi, English, Spanish, and Kannada. 

3. Alternative Options 

After-School Activities 

Now, one can’t just go on studying all day long. Everyone needs some sort of entertainment or something creative to rely upon when in stress or feeling demotivated. Joining after-school activities can surprisingly boost your mood up and ace up academic performance too. These activities teach important life skills like discipline, focus, and goal-setting. Essentially, they act as a hidden curriculum, providing a well-rounded development for children—addressing physical, social, emotional, and cognitive aspects of growth. 

You can involve your children in these activities, this will also help them explore themselves and find their other talents. Some children might be interested in arts while others like music, dance, etc. You can find suitable options for your children in East Bangalore while exploring more.  Here are some options we have found:  

  • Ovya Art Academy – offers painting, sculpting, drawing, and related activities 
  • Hip Hop Dance India Company – known for its excellent hip-hop style 
  • Crescendo – offers various artistic opportunities and conducts regular events 
  • Odin Music Academy – known for its amazing music and singing classes 
Environmental Education 

East Bangalore is now a popular place to live with lots of green centers across the city. It’s already a busy business centre in India. Even though it has many homes and businesses, it has yet not failed to keep its greenery intact. This is where we can explore and utilise the opportunity.

There are various schools in Bangalore that have a so-called EEPS program for this purpose. Environment Education Programme (EEPS) aims to create environmental awareness in the renowned higher primary schools in Bangalore. 

Here’s how someone can consider this aspect for the education part.

1. Environmental Case Studies

Students can learn about local flora and fauna, ecological processes, and the importance of biodiversity through hands-on experiences. They can go on exploring the botanical and zoological gardens in the city. Two of such considerable places are the Lalbagh botanical garden and Bannerghatta National Park. 

2. Field Trips and Nature Walks

Educational institutions often organise field trips and nature walks to nearby parks and green spaces. These excursions provide practical lessons in biology, ecology, and environmental science, fostering a deeper understanding of the natural world.

Students can go on such trips themselves and can discover nature in the available forest areas such as Avalahalli Forest. This will also make them feel connected to nature and will provide peace. 

3. Wildlife Conservation Programs 

Integrating wildlife conservation programs into the curriculum can instil a sense of environmental responsibility. Students can actively participate in initiatives aimed at preserving the local biodiversity. 

They can try to be more explorative and create some preservation techniques for saving endangered species and hence contribute to nature. 

4. Botanical Studies

The presence of varied plant species creates an excellent opportunity for botanical studies. Students can engage in projects involving plant identification, classification, and understanding the ecological roles of different plants. One can engage themselves in research and never know- what they can discover! 

5. Bird-Watching Clubs

Given the diverse bird species in the region, schools can establish bird-watching clubs. This not only promotes interest in ornithology but also enhances observational and research skills.

6. Community Gardens

Schools can initiate community garden projects, teaching students about sustainable agriculture, the importance of native plants, and fostering a sense of responsibility towards the environment. This will help contribute to sustainability and environmental conservation- a thing highly required in coming generations. 

7. Partnerships with Environmental Organizations

Collaborating with local environmental organisations can expose students to conservation efforts, research projects, and community initiatives related to biodiversity. This will help them gain hands-on experience while practically experiencing nature. 


Alright, wrapping up the East Bangalore tale – it’s like a mix of city vibes and nature’s beauty, perfect for everyone – students, locals, and businesses alike. The hustle and bustle of business and education go hand in hand with loads of greenery, creating this awesome balance. Whether you’re exploring schools or searching for that perfect home for your child, East Bangalore is the spot – lively, dynamic, and holding onto nature’s charm. 

Now, when it comes to giving your child the best shot in Bangalore, it’s your turn, it needs to be parent-oriented. You should question the school premises. You know your child’s journey best, so let’s take that next step into the exciting opportunities this city has to offer.   


1. Why should I choose a school in Bangalore East for my child’s education?

 Bangalore East boasts top-notch schools that focus on holistic education, combining academic excellence with a focus on extracurricular activities and character development. Various institutions in Bangalore East with vibrant educational environments ensure a well-rounded learning experience.

2. Are there specific advantages to choosing a school in Bangalore East?

  Absolutely! Schools in Bangalore East often have state-of-the-art facilities, experienced faculty, and a diverse student community. The region’s cultural and economic vibrancy contributes to a dynamic educational setting, providing unique advantages for the overall development of children.

3. How does the greenery in Bangalore East impact the learning environment?

The greenery in Bangalore East creates a serene and conducive atmosphere for learning. Schools often utilise this natural setting to integrate outdoor activities, fostering a connection with nature and promoting overall well-being.

4. Are there specialised programs or extracurricular activities offered in schools in Bangalore East?

Yes, many schools in Bangalore East offer a variety of specialised programs, including arts, sports facilities, and technology. Additionally, extracurricular activities are a key focus, providing students with opportunities to explore and develop their interests beyond the classroom.

5. Is transportation convenient for students attending schools in Bangalore East?

Most schools in Bangalore East provide convenient transportation options, including bus services with GPS tracking. This ensures the safety and ease of commuting for students, giving parents peace of mind.

6. How does Bangalore East contribute to a global learning experience?

Bangalore East is home to international schools that follow globally recognized curricula, such as the International Baccalaureate (IB) or Cambridge International Examinations. This exposure prepares students for a global perspective, fostering a broad educational outlook.

7. Are there notable success stories or achievements from schools in Bangalore East?

Yes, many schools in Bangalore East have a track record of producing successful and accomplished individuals. From academic achievements to accolades in sports and the arts, these institutions have a history of nurturing talent and excellence.

8. How can I assess the suitability of a school in Bangalore East for my child?

Consider factors such as the school’s academic reputation, extracurricular offerings, faculty qualifications, and overall campus environment. It’s also beneficial to visit the school, attend informational sessions, and speak with current parents to gain insights into the school’s culture and values.

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