DPS North Bangalore: An In-depth Review 

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DPS North Bangalore is a co-educational, K-12 inclusive school that offers various curricula such as CBSE, IB, Cambridge, and NIOS. It is a member of the prestigious DPS family of schools of international repute. If you’re considering enrolling your child in DPS North Bangalore and have thoughts about its differences from other DPS schools, what they offer, fees, and more, you’ve come to the right place. This blog will address all your inquiries and provide insights from other parents too, helping you better understand. Let’s dive in!

Quick Summary

DPS North Bangalore: An In-depth Review  
  1. History of DPS North
  2. Why to Choose DPS North?
  3. Quick Stats of School
  4. What’s Offered Inside DPS North?
  5. DPS North vs. DPS South 
  6. Parents Review on DPS North
  7. FAQs 
  8. Conclusion


1.  History of DPS North

1.  History of DPS North

Location: Survey No 35/1A, Sathnur Village, Bagalur Post, Off Bellary Road, Jalla Hobli, Bangalore.

Curriculum: NIOS, Cambridge, IB, and CBSE

Facilities: Day School, from Nursery to 12th Grade

Fees: Annual fees is ₹60,650, with a one-time registration fee of ₹45,000.

Student: Teacher Ratio: 25:1

Year of Establishment: 2002

DPS North Bangalore, established in 2002, is part of the esteemed DPS family with over 200 branches globally. They are recognized for promoting German language and culture and hold accreditations from IDS and  NABET (NABET, or the National Accreditation Board for Education and Training, is a part of the Education Quality Council of India. It accredits schools, training providers, and auditors who meet its standards). 

Their inclusive approach to education has earned a National Award, and their dedicated team ensures every child reaches their potential.

2.  Why to Choose DPS North?

DPS North is one of the best schools in North Bangalore, offering a truly inclusive education. This means that the school welcomes students of all abilities, regardless of their physical, intellectual, emotional, social, linguistic, or other conditions. The school has a strong commitment to providing all students with the support and resources they need to succeed.

3. Quick Stats of School

  • We must share that Manju Balasubramanyam, the principal, is an experienced educator and biology teacher, passionate about inclusive education. She’s a National Teacher Awardee, recognized for her dedication and excellence in teaching. With expertise in soft skills, e-learning, and instructional design, she ensures that DPS North’s educational approach remains innovative and student-focused.
  • They have a student-teacher ratio of 25:1, ensuring each student receives personalized attention.
  • DPS North is affiliated with NIOS, Cambridge, IB, and CBSE Curriculum.
  • They offer classes from Nursery to Class 12 and operate as a day school.
  • You can visit the school at Off Bellary Road, Jalla Hobli, Bangalore.

4.What’s Offered Inside DPS North

  • Delhi Public School, Bangalore – North has top-notch facilities across the expansive 40-acre campus. From the moment you step onto the grounds, you’ll be greeted by open lawns and lush greenery, providing a perfect setting for your child’s growth.
  • Their administrative block is like the school’s command center, where all the behind-the-scenes magic happens smoothly. For the youngest learners, the ECCE block is a colorful wonderland filled with fun activities and playful learning. As your child progresses through their schooling, they’ll enjoy spacious classrooms equipped with modern technology in the Primary and Senior Wings.
  • The campus also features an impressive amphitheater, perfect for performances and extracurricular activities. 
  • Students from DPS North have made their mark in various national and international sports competitions. Notably, Supritha S R, a ninth grader, clinched a bronze medal in skating at the Asian Games held in Badai, China, in October 2023. Another student and a budding cricketer Talha Sheriff of Grade 10 has clinched a spot in the Under-16 Karnataka State Cricket Team!
  • The school offers various outdoor games such as athletics, basketball, cricket, football, golf, kho-kho, kabaddi, swimming, tennis, throwball, and volleyball. Additionally, the school has a mini-golf course and a spacious tennis court for its students. The school provides specialized coaching in different games and sports to help the students improve their skills and performance.
  • In the classrooms, your kid will have access to cool labs, like computer labs with latest softwares and well-equipped science labs. 
  • Their well stocked library is packed with awesome books to get them excited about reading and learning.
  • Don’t worry about your kid’s health – their infirmary has experienced doctors who are ready to help if they need it. And when it’s time to eat, their cafeteria serves up tasty meals to keep them energized for learning.
  • The school also has many other extracurricular clubs that cater to the interests and talents of the students, such as Student Exchange Programs, CSR Activities, Green Initiatives, and Literary Activities.
  • And with buses to get them here and top-notch security, you can relax knowing your kid is safe and having a great time at Delhi Public School, Bangalore – North.

5.DPS South vs. DPS North: A Comparison

DPS NorthDPS South
Location: Off Bellary Road Jalla Hobli Bagalur.Location: Kanakapura Road, Konanakunte.
Best known for inclusive education.Best known for Academics.
3.7 stars out of 5 on Google Review.3.9 stars on Google Review out of 5.
Student-teacher ratio is 25:1.Student-teacher ratio is 19:1.
Offers classes from Nursery to 12th Class.Offers classes from Nursery to 12th Class.
Affiliated with NIOS, IB, Cambridge, and CBSE curriculum.Affiliated with NIOS, IB, and CBSE curriculum.
Campus size: 40 acres.Campus size: 6 acres
Hall of Fame:In the Education Today School Ranking (2022-23), they proudly secured the 2nd position as the best school in Bangalore, 2nd in Karnataka, and 6th nationwide in the ‘High Happiness Quotient’ category.
Additionally, in the Education World National Grand Jury Awards (2022-23), they were honored with the 19th position as one of the best schools nationwide.
Hall of Fame:In the 2020 Times School Survey by The Times of India, they were ranked No.1 among all CBSE schools in Bangalore.
They are also proud to be a part of the elite club – ‘LEADING SCHOOLS OF INDIA’.

6.Parents Review on DPS North

The school’s been getting some pretty good shout-outs. One parent was all praises, saying, “The campus is huge and packed with everything you could ask for. It’s one of the biggest schools around, with awesome play areas, courts for basketball and tennis, swimming pools, you name it.” Plus, you get to pick between CBSE and international curriculums. They go all out for annual events, and they’ve got this handy bus service for the kids. Oh, and there’s a uniform and bookstore on-site, which is super convenient.

But every coin has two faces, there’s a bit of chatter about the school needing to up its game in communication and maybe tighten up discipline. Still, many parents praise the top-notch facilities and the overall vibe makes it a solid choice for you child.


Q1. What is DPS North Bangalore?

A: DPS North Bangalore is a co-educational, K-12 inclusive school with a 35-acre campus and a vision of DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion). It offers a value-based system, a happy and inclusive environment, and various activities and programs for students’ academic and personal development.

Q2. What are the curricula offered by DPS North Bangalore?

A: DPS North Bangalore offers four curricula: CBSE, IB, Cambridge, and NIOS. Each curriculum has its own admission process, eligibility criteria, and fee structure. You can find more details on the school website.

Q3. What are the co-curricular and extracurricular activities offered by DPS North Bangalore?

A: DPS North Bangalore offers a variety of co-curricular and extracurricular activities to enhance students’ skills and talents, including music, dance, drama, arts and crafts, yoga and meditation, clubs and societies, student exchange programs, Model United Nations, CSR activities, green initiatives, health and well-being programs, and literary activities.

Q4. How can I contact DPS North Bangalore for any queries or feedback?

A: You can contact DPS North Bangalore through the following modes:

Phone: 080-29724864 to 70 (7 lines), 8971965152, 7676474916 (CBSE), 7618724448 (Cambridge)

Email: principal@north.dpsbangalore.edu.in

Address: Survey No 35/1A, Sathnur Village, Bagalur Post, Off Bellary Road, Jalla Hobli, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.


So, we’ve pretty much covered everything about DPS North Bangalore – from its beginnings to what parents have to say about it. We’ve given you all the details you need, like the facilities they offer and some quick stats. DPS North is a school that values diversity, equity, and inclusion in education. It’s been recognized with a National Award for its outstanding work in inclusive education. The school provides a supportive environment for students with various needs, from disabilities to behavioral issues. These qualities have helped it become the second-best school in Bangalore, making it a top choice for many families

Now that you’ve got all this info, you’ve got a good idea of what DPS North is all about and why it’s special. Just take your time to figure out what your kid needs and likes, and don’t forget to swing by the school for a visit. Best of luck with your decision-making process and your child’s journey to success.

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