Decoding DPS South Bangalore: A Simple Guide 2025-26 

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Delhi Public School, South is located in Southern Bangalore which is one of the oldest areas of the city, surrounded by everything you might need – from shopping malls and schools to hospitals and places to hang out. It’s a quiet place that’s great for students.

Thinking about sending your child to DPS, the renowned school in South Bangalore? Curious about what sets it apart, its history, what it offers, or maybe what it costs? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

This blog will address all your inquiries and provide insights from other parents to help you understand better. So, shall we begin?

Quick Summary

Decoding DPS South Bangalore: A Simple Guide  
  1. History of DPS South
  2. Why to Choose DPS South?
  3. Quick Stats of School
  4. What’s Offered Inside DPS South?
  5. DPS South vs. DPS North
  6. Parents Review on DPS South
  7. FAQs 
  8. Conclusion


1.  History of DPS South

1. History of DPS South

Location: Kanakapura Road, Konanakunte, Bengaluru

Curriculum: NIOS, IB, and CBSE

Facilities: Day School, from Nursery to 12th Grade

Fees: ₹1,00,000, with a one-time registration fee of ₹600

Student: Teacher Ratio: 19:1

Year of Establishment: 2001

DPS Bangalore South started in 2001 with support from The DPS Society, New Delhi, and K K Educational and Charitable Trust led by Shri. K Rahman Khan, a former Union Minister. Initially it was a pure CBSE Institute in the South Bangalore area, but now they are affiliated with NIOS and International curriculum like IB.

2.  Why to Choose DPS South?

DPS South is situated within the oldest parts of Bangalore. With its peaceful surroundings and accessible amenities, it creates a perfect environment for students. This area is home to the majority of tech parks such as Manyata Tech Park, Eco Space, RMZ Ecoworld, Bagmane Tech Park, and many more, making it a top choice for working parents.

The most notable part of Delhi Public School, South is that it offers a variety of educational choices, including CBSE, Cambridge, NIOS, and IB programs. Their strong academic foundation has helped many students succeed in competitive exams like NEET, IIT, CLAT, CA, CAT, and NIFT, showcasing their excellence.

3. Quick Stats of School

  • In our meeting with Principal Mrs. Anitha Bijesh, we found her to be a simple, down-to-earth, and forward-thinking individual. She was honored for her teaching excellence in 2013 by former Governor H. Bharadwaj. She received the “Power of Women Award” from the Lead India Foundation in 2021. Our kids are in excellent hands under her leadership.
  • The school’s student-to-teacher ratio is 19:1.
  • They offer classes from Nursery to Class 12, and are a day school.
  • They are affiliated with CBSE, NIOS and IB curriculum.
  • You can visit the school near Bikasipura Main Road Kanakapura, Konanakunte, Bengaluru.

4.What’s Offered Inside DPS South? 

  • They have a beautiful 6-acre campus with lots of greenery, providing a fresh and natural environment for the children.
  • The school has e-libraries, coding clubs, smart classrooms with audio-visual support, and a spacious in-house auditorium.
  • The school offers NSS and NCC Clubs as co-curricular activities, promoting discipline and a sense of service.
  • Special coaching is provided in cricket, basketball, football, badminton, swimming, athletics, kabaddi, karate, and skating.
  • Their Science, Maths, and Computer labs are spacious and dedicated to Primary and Senior school students. They’re equipped with the latest STEM advancements, ensuring students stay updated. 
  • The Atal Tinkering Lab is a hub of innovation where they nurture creativity and skills to bring out the best in their students.
  • DPS Bangalore South offers various hobby clubs like the Debtor’s Club, Nimble Fingers – Writer’s Club, Cooking Without Fire, Math – O – Magic, DIY Projects, Heritage Club, Tinkering Club, Theatre Club, Needle Work, Quizzer’s Delight, Art & Craft, Paper Recycling, Campus Campaigns, Interact Club, Coding, Science Mania, TED Club, and Reader’s Club. These clubs ensure that students are excited to come to school.
  • Every year, the school arranges exciting trips within the country and abroad to help students learn about our rich heritage and experience diverse cultures beyond borders.
  • The school cafeteria is the favorite spot for students. They make sure it stays clean and hygienic, offering a range of tasty and nutritious meals and snacks. The school also has vending machines with beverages and health drinks, emphasizing the importance of healthy eating habits.
  • They have a large outdoor auditorium and a uniquely designed indoor one, perfect for students involved in various visual and performing arts. The indoor auditorium’s sound setup and modern sound systems ensure excellent sound quality, leaving a lasting impression of performances.

Qualified doctors and nurses are available daily for medical care. An ambulance is on standby for emergencies. Counselors support mental well-being, and special educators assist students. The Health and Wellness Department organizes yearly programs for holistic development.

5.DPS South vs. DPS North: A Comparison

DPS SouthDPS North
Location: Kanakapura Road, Konanakunte.Location: Off Bellary Road Jalla Hobli Bagalur.
Best known for Academics.Best known for inclusive education.
3.9 stars on Google Reviews out of 5.3.7 stars on Google Reviews out of 5.
Student-teacher ratio is 19:1.Student-teacher ratio is 25:1.
Offers classes from Nursery to 12th Class.Offers classes from Nursery to 12th Class.
Affiliated with NIOS, IB, and CBSE curriculum.Affiliated with NIOS, IB, Cambridge, and CBSE curriculum.
Campus size: 6 acres.Campus size: 13 acres.
Hall of Fame:
Ranked No.1 among all CBSE schools in Bangalore by The Times of India in the 2020 Times School Survey.
They are now a part of the elite club – ‘LEADING SCHOOLS OF INDIA’ 
They secured runner-up as India’s most talented school in the SUNFEAST YIPPE WIZKIDS 2020 inter-school competition by KRAYON WIZKIDS.
Hall of Fame:
Education Today School Ranking (2022-23): 2nd best school in Bangalore, 2nd in Karnataka, and 6th pan-India in the ‘High Happiness Quotient’ category.
Education World National Grand Jury Awards (2022-23): 19th best school pan-India

6.Parents Reviews on DPS South

They got a good score of 3.9 out of 5 stars from 424 reviews, which is great. Parents seem happy with the teachers and school facilities. Many liked that the school offers different types of learning. One parent said she likes how the school helps students become good people. The sports teachers are really good and teach the kids well.

But, as with everything, some parents aren’t happy. One said many kids bring phones to school, which they think is wrong. But, every parent has their own opinion. It’s good the school is working on a solution.

7.FAQs Related to DPS Bangalore South 

  • What is the age criteria for nursery at DPS Bangalore South (Delhi Public School)?

The age criterion for Nursery requires children to be 3 years old by June 1st, 2024.

  • Where can we find more information about DPS South?  

You can find more information about DPS South, Bangalore on their official Website and can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Do students have to stay back after school hours to participate in the activities of a sports club?

Yes. Sports club activities are held from Monday to Friday after school hours from 2.30 pm to 4.00 pm.


That’s a wrap for this blog! If you’re wondering why we’re focusing on schools in South Bangalore or which schools are located in this area, read on to find out more.

In conclusion, Delhi Public School, South Bangalore, stands out as one of the top schools in the area, renowned for its excellent academics and wide range of extracurricular activities. Its recognition in the Leading Schools of India group is well-deserved, highlighting its exceptional quality. Throughout this blog, we’ve explored DPS South’s rich history, unique offerings, and discussed fee structures. Additionally, we’ve compared DPS South with DPS North and shared insights from parents along with addressing common questions.

However, it’s important to remember to explore the school’s website and visit in person to get a firsthand experience. Lastly, South Bangalore proves to be an ideal location for families, offering a vibrant community and lots of opportunities.

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