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Our Honest Review

Established in 2019, Hegemony Global School is a Co-Ed school affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Located in K. Narayanapura, Bangalore, renowned for its vibrant educational environment, this school is considered one of the best schools in North Bangalore

Spread over four acres of green grounds, this top-rated CBSE school offers a high-quality learning experience with modern, child-friendly facilities and expert teachers. The school emphasizes developing life skills from an early age, a distinctive feature worth highlighting. 

In this blog, we will explore a detailed review of Hegemony Global School Reviews that gives prospective students a complete look at every part of the school.

About the School

Hegemony Global School Reviews
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In this Hegemony Global School Reviews, We are classifying this school into our Mainstream School Category.

Now, why do we still consider this school mainstream? It’s because, despite its involvement in social events and community efforts, it still sticks to the basics of education. It balances embracing modern advancements and sticking to traditional teaching methods. So, it’s like a regular school with a collective approach!

What is a Mainstream School?

Mainstream schools are the ones you usually see around. They have regular math, science, English, and social studies classes. But it’s not just about studying—they also offer fun activities like sports, clubs, and arts programs to make school more enjoyable. These schools welcome everyone and aim to give you a complete education while helping you figure out what you’re into! Additionally, they often provide extra help for kids who need it so everyone can learn together.

Why is Hegemony Global School a Mainstream School?

  • Hegemony Global School is classified as a mainstream school due to its resemblance to a typical educational institution, boasting modern facilities like smart classrooms and sports amenities. Moreover, it provides all the necessary components for a top-notch education.
  • The school offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities to accommodate diverse interests.
  • It prides itself on being inclusive, welcoming students from all backgrounds and ensuring that everyone receives the necessary support to excel, including those with special needs.
  • With four computer labs and fully-equipped science laboratories, students gain hands-on experience and develop the technological skills essential for success in a digital age.

Why this school?

We’ve done our homework to understand why you should consider this school. After talking with school staff and checking out the campus, we’ve found three standout reasons(USP) to choose it. Let’s take a closer look at them:

USP #1: Inspiring Creativity and Community Impact – At Hegemony Global School, students shine during Coffee Mornings, where they showcase talents and promote social causes through arts and crafts, fostering community engagement and awareness. The school’s impactful Community Initiatives involve students, parents, and faculty in addressing crucial social, economic, and environmental issues, collectively shaping a progressive society. Focusing on nurturing creative and empathetic minds, the school integrates cultural awareness and social responsibility into diverse learning experiences, inspiring students to think critically and globally.

USP #2: Great Amenities—The school offers children-friendly facilities like modern classrooms, a well-stocked library, well-equipped laboratories, safe and secure transportation, and spacious playgrounds. These facilities help students learn comfortably and succeed, creating a positive learning environment.

USP #3: Extracurricular Activities—The school provides various extracurricular activities, such as football, basketball, skating, swimming, volleyball, throwball, athletics, indoor badminton, and arts and crafts. These help the students stay physically and mentally active beyond the classroom.

Basic Stats

  • Mrs. Sangeeta Upadhyay, the school Principal, is a dedicated professional committed to leadership.
  • The student-teacher ratio is 20:1
  • They welcome kids from Nursery – Class X.
  • This is a day school and follows the CBSE curriculum.
  • The school is at 12/3, K. Narayanapura to Nagenahalli Main Road, Nagareshwara Nagenahalli Main Road, Narayanapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Hegemony Global School Reviews

Fees Structure

Hegemony Global School Reviews
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We are classifying Hegemony Global School into our Standard School Category when it comes to fees. 

The reason is that Hegemony Global School provides basic education and facilities at a fair price that aligns with their quality. Let’s explore this further.

What is the Standard School Category?

Standard schools typically refer to educational institutions that offer a fundamental level of education and facilities at an affordable price. These schools may not provide the same level of amenities or specialized programs as premium schools or high-value schools, but they aim to provide essential learning opportunities within a reasonable fee structure. In short, they offer a foundational education without the added luxuries or high costs associated with premium or high-value schools.

Why is Hegemony Global School a Standard School?

At Hegemony Global School, the annual fee is around Rs. 1,00,000, depending on the grade of the child. This school is considered a standard school in terms of its fees because it offers education and facilities at a price that is typical or expected for schools of its type and quality. 

This means that the fees charged by Hegemony Global School are in line with what is generally seen as reasonable and appropriate for the educational services and resources provided. This approach ensures that the school remains accessible while also maintaining the necessary resources to support effective teaching and learning which helps families avoid financial strain, as they offer a balance between quality education and reasonable fees, making education more financially manageable.

Hegemony Global School Reviews


At Hegemony Global School, they have a team of 50 teachers who are dedicated to helping students succeed in their academic subjects. These teachers play important roles in teaching and guiding students through their lessons and coursework.


Known for its great infrastructure, the school has a beautiful campus with lots of greenery. It’s big enough to fit everything students need to learn and grow.

Carefully designed, the campus has plenty of natural light, making it a welcoming place to be. Now, let’s look at what’s available:


Hegemony Global School offers required facilities to meet the diverse needs and interests of its students. We’ve thoroughly reviewed each of these facilities to give you a clear understanding. Let’s take a closer look.


The school offers spacious, well-ventilated and modern classrooms that provide a supportive and positive learning environment.

2. Laboratories

The school provides well equipped science and computer labs offering students with valuable hands-on experience and opportunities for research.

3. Library

The school offers a well stocked library which is not just books, it’s a place where students learn, think critically, and develop a love for knowledge.

4. Multi-purpose rooms and Auditorium

The school has dedicated areas for activities like art and craft, indoor sports like indoor badminton and table tennis.

5. Playgrounds

 Here are the sports offered at Hegemony Global School:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Throwball
  • Volleyball
  • Skating
  • Swimming
  • Athletics

6. Transport

At Hegemony Global School, they prioritize student-centered care with their comprehensive transport service. Their buses are equipped with GPS and cameras for safety, and we have dedicated staff ensuring quality and efficiency. Each bus has trained drivers and attendants to meet students’ needs, ensuring a safe and pleasant journey with carefully planned routes.

7. Extracurricular Activities

Alongside academics, the school is equally focused on extracurricular activities like art and craft, swimming, skating, indoor badminton, basketball, football, volleyball, throwball and athletics for the physical and mental development of the children.

Google Review

The Hegemony Global School Reviews has an incredible rating of 4.3/5 based on 164 reviews.

Parents have appreciated the school’s student-centric approach, well-equipped facilities, and dedicated teachers. The school has been appreciated for its nurturing environment, and strong focus on student welfare. Positive reviews frequently mention the comprehensive extracurricular activities that enrich students’ learning experience.

One parent mentioned some concerns about communication with the school, to which Hegemony Global School promptly responded, assuring them of improvements in their feedback system.Overall, the reviews highlight a supportive environment, effective transport services, and a commitment to addressing parents’ feedback constructively.

Our Verdict

What makes this school stand out is its dedication to providing a supportive and engaging learning environment. Hegemony Global School values both traditional education and modern advancements, striking a balance that prepares students for the future. With vibrant classrooms, enriching laboratories, spacious playground and a swimming pool, and community-focused initiatives like Coffee Mornings and social awareness projects, the school nurtures well-rounded individuals. 

Hegemony Global School truly stands out for its commitment to shaping responsible global citizens equipped with the skills and knowledge to thrive in the world ahead. For parents looking for a school that nurtures both personal growth and learning in a balanced environment, consider Hegemony Global School. If it’s conveniently located for you, it’s certainly worth considering for a comprehensive education.

However, before delving into our Hegemony Global School Reviews, it’s essential to clarify what you’re seeking in a school. Are you leaning towards a traditional approach or something more contemporary? Take a moment to assess which board is best for your child’s needs and your financial considerations. 

We offer insightful blogs covering various after school categories, from Mainstream and Legacy schools to New Age and Niche establishments. These resources are filled with valuable information that can help you pinpoint the ideal fit for your child’s educational journey.

We trust that our Hegemony Global School Reviews has provided valuable insights to aid your decision-making process. Yet, if you still have uncertainties or queries, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to assist you every step of the way.

FAQs related to Hegemony Global School Reviews

1. How does the school support students with special educational needs? 

    Hegemony Global School provides inclusive education with tailored support services and resources for students with special educational needs. The school works closely with parents and specialists to create individualized education plans (IEPs) as needed.

    2. How does Hegemony Global School ensure student safety on campus?

      The school maintains stringent safety measures including trained security personnel, CCTV surveillance, emergency response protocols, and regular safety drills to ensure a secure environment for all students and staff.

      3. How does the school communicate with parents regarding student progress and activities? 

        Hegemony Global School communicates regularly with parents through newsletters, parent-teacher meetings, online portals, and scheduled updates on student progress, ensuring transparency and collaboration in their child’s education journey.

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