Exploring Top IB Schools in Sivakasi: A Comprehensive Guide | 2024-25

Written By Sangeeta | Edited By Varsha & Adi | Updated on 27th Mar, 2024

Do you know how back in the day, we only had CBSE, ICSE, and National boards for schools? Well, IB schools are super trendy right now! They’re so popular because they offer a globally recognised curriculum and help students to explore a wide range of subjects and develop a well-rounded skill set. And guess what? Even in places like Sivakasi, known for its firecracker and match industry, IB education is becoming a reality.

Among all the international schools here in Sivakasi, Sivakasi Lions International School is the one everyone’s talking about. They offer both the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) and CBSE for the older kids.

So, let’s check out this blog to learn more about what the school offers, read some reviews, and see what facilities it has. Ready? Let’s dive in!

Quick Summary

List of Best IB Schools in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu-

1.The Sivakasi Lions International Institutions: Best for IB PYP Curriculum.


1.The Sivakasi Lions International Institutions

1. The Sivakasi Lions International Institutions

What’s Special?

Sivakasi Lions International Institute proudly stands as Shivakasi’s first International school offering the IB-PYP program. With modern infrastructure, smart classrooms, AI labs, and excellent sports facilities including a skating rink, cricket pitches, basketball/volleyball courts, and more, the school promises a holistic educational experience.

But what truly sets it apart is the Edupreneurship program. Here, students explore educational technology startups, participate in language and culture exchange programs, and engage in community service. 

Quick Stats

  • The school’s principal, Mrs. Latha Ravichandran, is known for her exceptional leadership and understanding of students’ needs.
  • They are a day school and offer classes from 1st to 7th. 
  • The school offers an integrated curriculum – the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) for Grades I to V and the CBSE curriculum for Grade VI and beyond. 
  • They are located on Virudhunagar Road, Sivakasi. 

What Do You Get?

  • The school campus is Green School-certified.
  • The school has smart classrooms and a WiFi-enabled campus.
  • For tech learning the school provides Tech studios and a 3D printing Lab where robotics and AI workshops are held.
  • For sports, the school offers Volleyball and Basketball Courts, a Cricket pitch, a Skating rink, a Soccer field, a Running track, and Archery.
  • They also offer indoor sports like Carrom, Chess, Board Games and Table Tennis.
  • For extracurricular activities, the school offers Theater/Drama, Painting, Sculpturing, Printmaking, Photography, and Digital Art.


To know the detailed fee structure and admission details, kindly contact the school premises at +75500 72020. You can also enquire through email at info@sivakasilionsintl.com.

Social Media  

They are not yet fully active on social media, but you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram. You can check their details on their official website

Varsha & Adi’s Take

In our view, Sivakasi Lions are trendsetters in global education with their IB-PYP program, providing exceptional infrastructure meeting international standards, complete sports facilities, extracurricular activities, and a commendable community service program, setting a high benchmark for IB standards. 

Their standout edupreneurship program teaches students the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, making it truly remarkable. If you seek a school with international standards, Sivakasi Lions is the perfect choice for you.


Let’s wrap it up! 

The Sivakasi Lions International Institutions is a Value for Money school as it is the first and only school in Sivakasi that offers the IB PYP Curriculum. They have top-notch infrastructure and programs like Edupreneurship, ensuring you never feel like you are overpaying for anything. Sivakasi Lions International Institutions is also a New Age school as it offers the latest curriculum like IB PYP, which meets modern educational requirements. This school has excellent facilities and doesn’t stick to traditional teaching methods- instead, they explore new and exciting ways to prepare your child for the future.

So, what’s next?

We suggest asking yourselves, What do you want for your kid? ” Make a list – the “must-haves” and the “nice-to-haves”. Also, don’t be shy – talk to everyone! Friends, neighbors, they may have some thoughts. Check online too, but remember, reviews are like opinions, everyone’s got one!

Oh, school visits! Take a tour, meet the teachers, ask questions, and see if it clicks.

Open houses are super helpful too – you’ll learn about what they teach and meet other parents. And don’t forget the money talk- school fees are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s uniforms, field trips, and the occasional surprise costs.

Stay on top of the applications, it may be followed by an interview. When it comes to interviews, just being yourself is the key, even for the kid. 

But really, you can’t go wrong with any of these schools as they are the best in Bangalore. Let us know which one you wind up enrolling your kid into!

Varsha & Adi

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