List of Best ICSE Schools in Anekal 2024-25 

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Feeling the pressure of finding the right school for your little one? Well, we completely understand the importance of selecting the right school, especially when it comes to familiar names like CBSE and ICSE schools, where our own educational journeys began. As parents, we share your concerns and recognize the significance of finding the perfect fit for your child. 

In Anekal, the options for ICSE schools may seem limited, but we have done thorough research and present to you a curated list of the top ICSE Education Institutes in the area. We have covered special features, reviews, facilities, fees and many other features for each school. Let’s dive in!

Quick Summary

Best ICSE Schools in Anekal
  1. Spurthy Global School: Best for Academics.
  2. New Baldwin International Residential School: Best for Special Programmes.


1. Spurthy Global School

1. Spurthy Global School

What’s Special? 

This school is renowned for its academic excellence, consistently achieving a 100% passing rate in the 10th board exams. Additionally, they were ranked No. 1 for holistic education by Education Today. The school employs active learning strategies like participation in Olympiads for Math and Science, participation in KISA science talks, Wildlife Week celebrations, and the All India Yoga Championship. Moreover, the cricket team competes at the state level, bringing numerous laurels to the school and Karnataka.

Google Review

Spurthy Global School has a 4.7-star rating on Google reviews. 

One parent noted that the school’s environment is excellent for children, and the management is highly supportive. Numerous parents mentioned that their children genuinely enjoy attending school. Many comments highlighted the well-managed co-curricular activities alongside academics. Remarkably, there hasn’t been a single negative comment in the past year.

Quick Stats

  • Dr. Benny Kuriakose serves as the school’s principal and is also the president of the Karnataka ISCE Schools Association. He is a great leader who knows his students exceptionally well.
  • Their student-to-teacher ratio is 30:1.
  • They offer classes from Montessori to Grade 10th.
  • The school is affiliated with the ICSE curriculum.
  • The school is located near Anekal Main Road, Bengaluru.

What Have They Got?

  • They offer specialized classes for Life Skill Training, which include Community Programs and Individual Support Programs.
  • Their curriculum is planned in a way that promotes physical, social, emotional and cognitive development in each child. 
  • They offer a child-centric curriculum that values each child as a unique individual.
  • Spurthy Global School hosts an annual exhibition named ‘MELANGE,’ showcasing students’ work in Social Studies, Science, and Art in a unique way.
  • The school arranges field trips, audio-visual sessions, and experiential learning activities to develop students’ curiosity and interest.


  • They achieved a 100% passing result in the 10th board exams.


  • They were ranked No. 1 for holistic education by Education Today.
  • Their former Principal, Ms Archana Srivastava, an experienced educator, was honored as one of the top 50 effective Principals of 2020 by the renowned magazine ‘Education Today.’ 


The school’s annual fee for new admissions is Rs. 33,000. It may vary as per your kid’s grade.

Social Media

While this school may not be highly active on social media platforms, you can still find them on their Facebook page or by visiting their Website.

Varsha & Adi’s Take

Spurthy Global School is renowned for its outstanding academic facilities. If your primary goal is to find a school that can enhance your child’s academics, then this is the ideal choice. They consistently achieve 100% results in board exams, which is truly impressive.

2.New Baldwin International Residential School

2. New Baldwin International Residential School

What’s Special? 

NBIRS is renowned for its special programs that offer personalized attention and assist students in various areas. These include the Student Analysis Program, where teachers provide feedback to help students and parents understand strengths and weaknesses. 

The Assembly Initiative Program provides a platform for students to build stage courage, showcase talents, and develop personality, and the Center Of Maths is aimed at improving knowledge, particularly in mathematical and scientific concepts and vocabulary, among other such programs. 

Google Review

With an impressive rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 from 282 reviews, this school is recognized as one of the top ICSE and CBSE institutions in Anekal.

Many comments highlighted the school’s excellent infrastructure, well-maintained classrooms, and sports facilities. One parent mentioned that her two daughters are studying here and expressed satisfaction with their progress, citing the qualified teachers as a positive aspect. The only area of disappointment mentioned was the lack of communication, but the school has assured that they will work on improving it in the future.

Quick Stats

  • Their student-to-teacher ratio is 25:1.
  • The school caters to students from classes 1st to 12th.
  • They are a day school and provide residential facilities.
  • They are affiliated with the CBSE and ICSE curriculum.
  • The school is located near Anekal, Hompalaghatta, Karnataka.

What Have They Got?

  • They offer a Non-Scholastic Program where students can take part in memory games, debates, dance, music, talent shows, cookery, etc.
  • They conduct an Open House where students are engaged in different activities, watch videos on the given topic, and solve fun-filled worksheets during this program.
  • Sports facilities are provided for skating, cricket, football, hockey, basketball, athletics, chess, carom, and table tennis.
  • Outdoor trips are arranged to extend learning beyond the school environment.
  • Special Robotics classes are offered to students.


To inquire about the fee structure, you can reach out to them at  +91 – 8073851765, or email, as this information is not available on their official website.

Social Media

You can follow them on Facebook or can visit their official Website.

Varsha & Adi’s Take

NBIRS has excellent infrastructure, highly qualified teachers, and is especially renowned for its programs like the Assembly Initiative Program, offering students a platform to cultivate stage courage, showcase talents, and develop their personalities. We encourage you to visit the school for a firsthand understanding.


When it comes to ICSE schools in Anekal, the options may be limited, but the available schools offer high-quality education with well-qualified teachers.

Spurthy Global School stands out for its academic excellence, while New Baldwin International Residential School is renowned in Anekal for its specialized programs that help students develop skills in various areas.

Visiting these schools is essential to gain a better understanding and determine which school best suits your children’s needs.

So, What’s Next?

We suggest asking yourselves, what do you want for your kid? 

Make a list – the “must-haves” and the “nice-to-haves”. Also, don’t be shy – talk to everyone! Friends, and neighbors, may have some thoughts. Check online too, but remember, reviews are like opinions, everyone’s got one! 

Oh, school visits! Take a tour, meet the teachers, ask questions, and see if it clicks.

Open houses are super helpful too – you’ll learn about what they teach and meet other parents. And don’t forget the money talk- school fees are just the tip of the iceberg. There are uniforms, field trips, and the occasional surprise costs. 

Stay on top of the applications, it may be followed by an interview. When it comes to interviews, just being yourself is the key, even for the kid.  

But really, you can’t go wrong with any of these schools as they are the best in Bangalore. Let us know which one you wind up enrolling your kid into!

Varsha & Adi

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