How many International Schools in India 

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Parents in India are increasingly leaning towards international schools due to the growing global connectivity. These schools provide a diverse curriculum, preparing students with essential skills for success in our interconnected world. Yet, navigating through the numerous options can be a bit tricky.

The answer to the question, “How many international schools in India are there?” Based on our research, there are about 1942 international schools in India. Choosing one out of all can be a difficult task for you as parents, we know.

In this blog, we’ve got internal information on the best international schools in India. We hope you will be able to find a suitable one as per your terms and conditions.

Quick Summary

How many International Schools in India

  1. Decoding an International School 
  2. Comprehensive International Standards 
  3. Number of International Schools in different states of India 
  4. International Schools in Tier 1 cities 
  • Delhi 
  • Mumbai 
  • Bengaluru 
  • Kolkata 
  • Chennai 
  1. International Schools in Tier 2 cities
  • Chandigarh 
  • Pune 
  • Jaipur 
  • Lucknow 
  • Gurugram



1. Decoding an International School 

Before moving on, let us first break down what an international school is. An international school doesn’t just stick to the rules of its home country. Rather, it is like a blend of different countries’ curriculums – a mix that creates global-ready superstars!

Now, get this: there are over 7,000 international schools worldwide, teaching more than 3.5 million students. Did you find this fascinating? It’s not just for kids of VIPs, over 2.5 million students are local, looking for that top-notch English-speaking education.

You may now wonder about the perks of an international school. Let us list them down:

1. Global Standards: The education here is top-notch, setting your kid up for a world of opportunities.

2. Cultural Diversity: They dive into different cultures, making the world feel smaller and more familiar.

3. Foreign Languages: They’re getting your kiddo global-ready by making them learn new languages from across the globe. 

4. World-Class Education: These schools aim high, pushing your child to be a top-notch human with mad skills.

2. Comprehensive International Standards  

Now what exactly are international schools made up of? We know you might wonder this, so here we have got you answered. An international school can be considered a world school which has the following: 

1. International Curriculum: Exciting and challenging – designed to make your kid a superstar outside the classroom.

2. Student Diversity: Your child meets buddies from different countries, making their school life a cultural adventure.

3. Teachers from All Around the Globe: The best teachers worldwide are their keys, bringing a fresh perspective to teaching.

4. Top-Notch Infrastructure: World-class facilities – from classrooms to sports arenas – they make learning super fun.

5. International Exposure: Regular workshops and seminars, making your child a pro at 21st-century skills. Whether an American school or a Japanese school, the exposure that your child gets in an Indian School would all be the same!

6. Personalized Education and Counseling: They care about each student, focusing on their mental health and holistic growth.

3. Number of International Schools in different states of India 

StateNumber of International Schools 
Maharashtra 438
Tamil Nadu225 
Gujarat 207
Uttar Pradesh 193 
Madhya Pradesh81
Delhi 69
Punjab 67
Andhra Pradesh 66
West Bengal 49
Bihar 38
Jharkhand 10
Jammu And Kashmir 9
Assam 7
Goa 7
Himachal Pradesh5
Odisha, Chandigarh 3 each 
Tripura, Nagaland, Manipur, Uttarakhand 1 each

Please note that the data presented is subject to variations of up to 10%.

4. International Schools in Tier 1 Cities


Delhi is incredibly our central capital. It’s not just growing but it’s on the fast track to the future. Alongside the colleges and universities, we’ve got some fantastic international schools in Delhi.  They’re all about building a solid foundation for education and life skills. 

Here, we have mentioned some of the best international schools whose education system is worth praising. 

The British School 

The British School is a remarkable destination in the world of top international schools in India 2024-25. Here, your child would become a part of a vibrant community with friends from over 60 countries, creating a truly global experience. They seamlessly integrate global perspectives with cherished Indian values, providing an opportunity to nurture oneself among the top 5 nationalities of the world- Indian, British, Korean, Japanese, and American. 

  • Richmondd Global School

Richmondd Global School (RGS) is the most Prestigious and Fastest growing Contemporary Global School in India. RGS is a recognized K-12 Co-educational School duly recognised by the Directorate of Education, Govt. NCT, Delhi, and is also Affiliated with CBSE up to Senior Secondary Level in all Streams.

Richmondd Global School has ‘State of the Art’ Centrally Air Conditioned Infrastructure with a Lush Green Garden. The School Campus is Equipped with Ultra Modern Amenities and Sports Facilities.

  • Kasturi Ram International School

For over 15 years, Kasturi Ram International School (KRIS) has been a leading CBSE school in Narela, New Delhi, providing comprehensive intellectual support for your child’s overall growth. With outstanding academic results, personal achievements, and various ongoing activities, along with support from in-campus facilities, KRIS stands out as one of the top public schools in Delhi.

  • Global Pratibha International School

Global Pratibha International School (GPIS) in Dwarka, Sector 8, New Delhi, is a fantastic co-ed school offering both day and boarding options. They are aiming to be a top-notch CBSE school for Secondary Level. Their founders are super impressive – they’re educators, IITians, and ex-IAS officers!

GPIS is all about integrated learning. Imagine school and coaching combined in a tech-savvy environment. Their state-of-the-art infrastructure ensures holistic development for their students. 

2.  Mumbai 

  1. Dhirubai Ambani International School

Dhirubai Ambani International School is among the top 20 IB schools globally. As per Education World India Rankings, it has ranked the number 1 international school in India for 10 consecutive years from 2015 to 2022. The curricular structure is designed separately for primary, middle, and higher grades. IGCSE is followed for grades 9 and 10, while grades 11 and 12 follow the IB diploma program. The fee structure for these grades is designed to cover the costs of quality education, state-of-the-art facilities, and a wide range of extracurricular activities. 

  • Oberoi International School

Oberoi International School, situated in Goregaon, has two campuses and promotes a global perspective through core values like knowledge, social responsibility, respect, creativity, and celebration. The school encourages students to appreciate a world where everyone, regardless of nationality, religion, lifestyle, or culture, is valued equally as an individual.

  • Bombay International School

Established in 1962 by forward-thinking parents, Bombay International School is a distinctive co-educational institution. Emphasising experiential and inquiry-based learning, BIS provides a one-of-a-kind academic journey, featuring personalised and innovative learning experiences. Engagement of your child in the Model United Nations (MUN) Program allows them to grasp worldwide issues, express themselves confidently on international topics, and hone their skills in solving problems and conflicts through discussions and debates.

  3. Bengaluru

  • Oakridge International School

Oakridge International School in Bangalore stands out as the top IB school, providing CBSE, IB, and IGCSE curriculum along with all necessary facilities. They provide a Global Campus platform where students can collaborate, create, and learn with young minds from over 30 different countries and cultures. 

  • Jain International Residential School

Jain International Residential School in Bengaluru holds the top position among boarding schools in India, according to a 2022-23 survey by Education Today. With more than 750 students following CBSE, IBDP, and Cambridge International curricula, this co-educational residential school is driven by a transformative mission, supporting a diverse student community.

  • Stonehill International School

Nestled in Bangalore, India, Stonehill stands out as a premier IB day and one of the best boarding international schools. What makes it truly unique is its diverse community, comprising students and faculty from over 35 countries. The school takes pride in fostering a global perspective within its students. Stonehill maintains small class sizes, ensuring an intimate learning environment. With a commendable student-teacher ratio of 8:1, the school is dedicated to providing personalised and enriching educational experiences for its students.

4. Kolkata 

  • The Heritage School

Founded in 2001, The Heritage School is a distinctive initiative by the Kalyan Bharti Trust, aiming to revive the traditional Gurukul system of India and is thus one of the finest international schools. The school provides diverse curricula, including the national ICSE and ISC, as well as the international IGCSE and IBDP, to offer comprehensive education opportunities.

  • Calcutta International School

Calcutta International School is located only 45 minutes from the Airport and Salt Lake and is a well-known co-ed international school. It provides A-level education from Nursery to 12th grade and is affiliated with CAIE (Cambridge Assessment and International Education). Additionally, it is among those schools in India that provide IB Diploma Program for Years 11 and 12. This is among the best schools in the IB world of Kolkata. 

  • The Cambridge School

The Cambridge School is one of the top international schools that provide the globally recognized Cambridge ‘IGCSE’ and ‘A’ level qualifications from Nursery to Class 12. As the oldest and largest Cambridge-affiliated international school in Kolkata, it serves as a gateway to a global learning community. It holds the distinction of being the first in Kolkata and the entire West Bengal to conduct board examinations on its premises. Recognized as one of the best international schools in Kolkata, it offers a comprehensive educational experience.

5. Chennai

  • Chennai Public School

Chennai Public School stands out as top international organisations in Chennai, with a forward-thinking international primary curriculum for the development of students. Boosting this journey are cutting-edge facilities like a 3D sci-fi theatre, robotics lab, language labs, and interactive digital learning tools. It’s not just a school; it’s a dynamic space where education meets innovation!

  • APL Global Schools

At APL, teachers guide students toward excellence in international education and brighten up a lasting passion for learning through Cambridge International’s programs. This is one of those popular international schools that not only set a clear path for academic success but also unfold new abilities, broaden horizons, and equip students with essential life skills. It’s about fostering informed curiosity and paving the way for a future filled with both knowledge and enthusiasm.

5. International Schools in Tier 2 Cities 

Many Indian schools follow an international curriculum to offer a global educational experience. Numerous international schools in India provide a broad perspective and a deep understanding of diverse cultures in Tier 2 cities as well. By following an international curriculum, these schools aim to prepare students for an interconnected world, fostering skills and knowledge that transcend geographical boundaries. 

1. Chandigarh

  • Chitkara International School            

Chitkara International School, a top independent co-educational institution, is a fantastic learning hub. Focused on children’s lives, it’s committed to nurturing students to develop their intelligence and personality. Their passion for life and learning helps students become well-rounded, skilled, caring, and confident individuals, ready for life’s adventures and opportunities.  

  • Saint Soldier International School

Saint Soldier International School is a co-ed institution teaching students with CBSE’s curriculum. All India Secondary and Senior School Certificate Exams in classes X and XII. We welcome all, regardless of caste, creed, or social status. Admission is open to everyone! This school places a strong emphasis on international curriculum and is one of the finest international schools in India. 

2. Pune 

  • Elpro International School

Elpro International School aims at the evolving landscape of education. This school in India has A1 facilities and focuses on student growth, not just grades, believing in pushing boundaries to offer the best. Offering CBSE and Cambridge Assessment International Education curricula, this reputed school provides quality education from Kindergarten to secondary school level. 

  • CP Goenka International School

Providing Education from preschool to Grade XII, this co-ed school empowers children to thrive in a globally standardised infrastructure. The CP Goenka International School has adopted a versatile teaching approach, combining CBSE and IGCSE programs, along with an IBCP program to match international qualifications for senior secondary levels.

3. Jaipur 

  • British International School

British International School, located in the lively city of Jaipur, takes great pride as a leading CBSE Co-Educational school. They are committed to moulding young minds from Pre-primary to Grade-VIII, emphasising holistic development alongside education. 

  • Vardhman International School

Vardhman International School, a top-rated institution in Jaipur, is leading the way in education and development. They stand out as one of the best CBSE schools in Jaipur, offering a genuinely international environment for students. With a suitable student-teacher ratio of 15:1, they ensure positive interactions. 

4. Lucknow 

  • Loyola International School

Loyola is a day school for Nursery to XII, offering education in Humanities, Science, and Commerce. Renowned for outstanding academic results and discipline, Loyola International School uses modern facilities to convey timeless principles shaping individuals of character. The school’s motto is ‘BE THE LIGHT,’ and it is affiliated with CBSE. 

  • Amity International School

Amity International School has the required international environment for your child. Equipped with various national and international programs, it conducts MUN programs as well. Located in Viraj Khand, Lucknow, the place is affiliated with CBSE and is exposed to various extracurricular activities on its campus.

5. Gurugram 

  • Heritage International Xperiential School 

Heritage International Xperiential School (HIXS) is a leading international school in Gurgaon that emphasises both Indian heritage and the diverse global backgrounds of its students. In the 2022 rankings from, HIXS is recognized as the best IB school in Gurgaon and among the top three in India. 

  • Orchids – The International School

Located in a historic city in India, ORCHIDS International School in Gurgaon shines as one of the best international schools that offers ICSE curriculum. As part of a network of 90+ schools in 25+ cities across India, ORCHIDS provides a well-rounded curriculum, focusing on hands-on learning to unlock students’ full potential with minimal parental involvement. 

This is one of the best international schools in Gurgaon that will ensure a world-class education for your child with an advanced-grade faculty. 

  • Gems International School

Step into Gems International School – one among a vibrant campus group of schools surrounded by greenery and equipped with modern facilities. Their curriculum has drawn inspiration from around the world, offering expertise in delivering over eight curricula like Indian, UK (IGCSE/Cambridge), EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stages), IB, American, Canadian, British, French, and Arabic.


The number of international schools in India is increasing, showcasing a rising interest in global education. An international school is a school that explores various cultures and delivers the best of all to its seekers. The collection of International schools in India is about 1942 in today’s date and exploring this topic encourages readers to learn more about these schools, discover different curricula, and discuss how international education is influencing India’s schools. 

Whether you’re a parent exploring options or an educator curious about global trends, this overview invites you to dive into the world of international businesses in terms of schools in India. We hope we have delivered your expectations in this blog and have given you an insight into “How many international schools are there in India?”


1. What sets Mumbai International Schools apart as the best in India?

International schools in Mumbai are recognised for their exceptional commitment to offering a comprehensive education. These schools stand out due to their adoption of diverse curricula, exposure to global perspectives, and an emphasis on holistic student development. The dynamic cultural environment of Mumbai further enhances the overall learning experience, making these schools some of the best in the country.

2. How does a pathway school differ from other international schools in India, and what advantages does it offer?

A pathway school, within the context of international education in India, differs by placing a strong emphasis on structured academic progression aligned with global standards. These schools are designed to provide students with a clear educational pathway, ensuring a seamless transition from one academic level to another. The advantage lies in the emphasis on a methodical and well-defined educational journey, fostering both academic excellence and holistic development.

3. Why are international schools considered the best choice for students seeking a global education in India?

International schools in India are widely regarded as the best choice for students seeking a global education due to their adherence to international curricula. These schools expose students to diverse cultures, encourage critical thinking, and equip them with skills essential for navigating a globally interconnected world, ensuring a comprehensive and globally competitive education.

4. How do schools following international curricula contribute to a student’s overall development?

Schools that follow international curricula contribute significantly to a student’s overall development. Beyond academic excellence, these schools provide a unique advantage by immersing students in a cosmopolitan environment, exposing them to a rich cultural tapestry, and fostering a global perspective from an early age. This multifaceted approach ensures students are well-prepared for the challenges of our interconnected world.

5. Can a pathway school offer a well-rounded education with extracurricular activities?

Absolutely! Pathway schools in India are designed to offer more than just academic excellence. These schools prioritise extracurricular activities and holistic development, recognizing the importance of a well-rounded education. Students in pathway schools not only excel academically but also have opportunities to explore their talents and interests through a variety of extracurricular pursuits.

6. In what ways do international schools in India contribute to a student’s future success in the global job market?

International schools in India play a pivotal role in shaping a student’s future success by instilling a global mindset, fostering language proficiency, and cultivating a comprehensive skill set. These schools go beyond academic knowledge, preparing students for the challenges of an increasingly globalised job market. Graduates of international schools are well-positioned to thrive in diverse professional environments, bringing a unique perspective and skill set to their careers.

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