Navigating LKG School Fees in Bangalore | 2024-2025

Written By Pragya | Edited By Varsha & Adi | Updated on 23rd Jan, 2024

Understanding the financial aspects of your child’s education is important and in the initial years of pre-primary, it can be confusing with different types of schools and complex fee structure for small kids. But, don’t worry! In this blog, we’ll explore the types of LKG schools, break down the fee structures, highlight the most affordable and expensive options, and provide insights into factors influencing the cost of primary education in Bangalore. 

Let’s dive into the specifics of LKG school fees to help you plan for your child’s educational journey smoothly!

Quick Summary

Navigating LKG School Fees in Bangalore | 2024-2025

  1. Types of LKG Schools in Bangalore 
  2. Breakdown of Fee Structure 
  3. Cheapest LKG Schools
  4. Most expensive LKG Schools
  5. Factors to consider while choosing a Primary School

1.  Types of LKG Schools in Bangalore

The school fees for your small one can highly depend on what type of Primary School you choose. 

In the diverse city of Bangalore, they have got CBSE, ICSE, State Board and even International Schools! So, choose the one which aligns with you and your child’s needs. Here’s a brief about every one of them.

CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education)

Picture this – your little one diving into a national curriculum that’s all about building a strong foundation. That’s CBSE! It follows a curriculum which is followed throughout the nation and is very well structured and organised. Getting your kid in a CBSE School from the start will prepare them for the competitions in future.

Fees for CBSE School is quite reasonable for what they provide. Although not the cheapest, it is less expensive than ICSE and International Schools.

ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education)

ICSE schools make sure your kid gets in-depth understanding, practical knowledge, and makes your child a holistic genius. They engage students in a variety of subjects, including regional and arts. They make sure to provide balanced education and not just bookish knowledge.

Fees for ICSE schools can be similar to CBSE schools or a bit higher depending upon the school and facilities.

International Schools

International schools in Bangalore follow curriculums like the International Baccalaureate or Cambridge curriculum. They’re all about critical thinking, creativity, and making your child a worldly superstar. These schools provide a global perspective and often have a diverse student body.

They have the highest fees among all but given the amount of quality and facilities, it’s worth considering if you want your child to have an international atmosphere.

State Board Schools

State Board schools in Bangalore follow the curriculum prescribed by the Karnataka State Education Board. The focus is often on regional languages and a curriculum that is aligned with state-specific educational goals.They provide a connection to the local environment and cater to the local culture and language.

Fees for State Board schools is the cheapest among all as they are mostly  government schools.

2. Breakdown of Fees Structure

Welcome to the part that often feels like decoding a secret language – the fee structure. To make it simple for you, let’s break it into small pieces and understand it better.

Tuition Fees

Think of tuition fees as the backbone of the fee structure. This is the amount you pay for the core educational services your child receives. It covers the cost of classroom instruction, educational resources, and, in some cases, extracurricular activities. Understanding the tuition fees is crucial because it’s the primary investment in your child’s education.

Admission Fees

Once-off and often paid at the beginning of the academic journey, admission fees are the gateway to the school. These fees contribute to administrative processes, maintaining student records, and getting everything set up for your child to start their educational adventure. Knowing the admission fees upfront helps you plan for the initial financial commitment.

Hidden Costs

Ah, slippery hidden costs – the tricks in the fee structure. These can include expenses you might not immediately think of, like uniforms, textbooks, stationery, or even field trips. Schools don’t always intentionally hide these costs, but they can catch you off guard if you’re not aware. By identifying potential hidden costs, you’ll be well-prepared and won’t find any surprises hiding in the shadows later on.

Miscellaneous Fees

Beyond the basics, there are often miscellaneous fees that contribute to specific aspects of your child’s education. This could include charges for library access, technology use, bus or van fees or other facilities and services provided by the school. Understanding these fees ensures you’re aware of the full range of resources available to your child.

Payment Plans and Options

Schools understand that not everyone can drop a lump sum at once. That’s where payment plans and options come in. Some institutions offer flexible payment schedules, allowing you to pay in instalments or choose deferred payment options. Knowing these alternatives can significantly ease the financial strain and make quality education more accessible.

3. Low fees LKG Schools

We get it – quality education is a priority, but so is staying within your budget. If you’re on the lookout for affordable LKG schools in Bangalore, we’ve done the homework for you. Here’s a list of some of the most budget-conscious options in the city that offer good facilities too:

1. Golden Bead Montessori School

About the School:

Golden Bead Montessori welcomes kids from 2.5 to 12 years, offering a cool learning space crafted by trained Montessori educators. They’re all about creating a comfy place for interactive learning. No fear, just confidence-building for your child.

It’s all about laying the groundwork – sensorial learning, basic skills, and a love for education. Kids learn together in mixed-age groups, making friends, and working at their own speed. It’s a friendly, supportive place where your child can shine.

It is located at 157,Rathna Avenue, Richmond Rd, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru.


The monthly fees at this school is around Rs. 2500.

2. Maple Bear Canadian Pre School

About the School:

Maple Bear’s Bear Care program believes babies are natural learners. They encourage play, discovery, and practice tailored to your little one’s abilities and interests.They understand the power of strong bonds. They make sure caregivers play a crucial role, creating a loving and supportive learning environment.

The learning environment is both safe and exciting. From crawlers to walkers, they’ve got developmentally suitable toys and setups. Plus, they value family, fostering daily communication for your child’s well-being. 

It is located at No. 256, 4th Cross, Duo Marvel Layout, Off. Doddaballapur Road, Bengaluru.


The monthly fee is around Rs. 2900 which is very reasonable for the amazing facilities they provide.

3. Little Elly Pre School

About the school:

Little Elly’s got the coolest programs for your little ones (ages 1-6). Imagine world-class curriculums, fun play methods, and caring teachers – it’s like magic for their learning journey!

It is a comfy extension of home where your little explorer gets all the right stimulations to kick start their journey. They lay the groundwork for skills like reading, writing, maths, and more in a way that makes sense for tiny learners.

With nurturing teachers, age-appropriate activities, and awesome facilities, they create a magical place where little minds work and play happily. 

It is located at 6th Cross Rd, Self Financed Society 407 Colony, Yelahanka New Town, Bengaluru.


The monthly fees at Little Elly is Rs. 3000.

4. Pearls and Petals Montessori 

About the school:

Pearls & Petals is like a second home for your kids. They use the cool Montessori method from 2.5 to 6 years, making learning a blast!

They believe your little one is as precious as a rare pearl and as gentle as a soft petal. Pearls & Petals focuses on all senses – seeing, touching, smelling, tasting, and hearing – to prepare them for the big world.

All the teachers at Pearls & Petals are Montessori certified, and they keep it personal with a 1:12 ratio. Your child gets all the attention they need. 

It is located at No 273/14, 6th Cross, Ashoka Pillar Rd, Jaya Nagar 1st Block, Bengaluru.


The monthly fees at Little Elly is Rs. 3300.

4. Most Expensive LKG Schools

If you’re aiming for the stars and price is no limit, these schools might just be the fit for your little one:

1. KLAY Prep School

About the school:

At this amazing school, they go way beyond your typical preschool! 

The Foundational Development Program is all about setting up your little one for success in life, not just school. With a mix of structured activities and free play, they cover everything from language and maths to emotional and physical development.

Safety is a top priority with strict health protocols, trained caregivers, and nutritious meals. The learning zones are a mix of fun activities like circle time, hands-on play, art, music, and even fireless cooking! From the littlest Explorers to the big Thinkers and Seekers, this school ensures that every child’s early years are filled with love, learning, and loads of playtime.

It is located near Service Rd, opposite Royal Concorde School, HRBR Layout 2nd Block, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru.


The monthly fees at this school is around Rs. 15,500.

2. Valiant’s Academy

About the school:

Valiants Academy is all about more than just reading—it’s about helping your child grow in a way that truly understands who they are. They blend Montessori methods with the CBSE curriculum, ensuring a holistic education. In their Elementary Montessori Program, kids aged 6 to 12 get to explore everything from space to history! 

The school values collaboration and lets each child shine in their unique way. With cosy classrooms and a nod to nature, Valiants Academy creates an environment where your child can be independent and discover their inner potential. Sounds like a great fit, right? 

It is located at BM Kaval Village, Off, Kanakapura Rd, Kengeri Hobli, Bengaluru.


The monthly fees at this school is around Rs. 15,200.

3. Kara 4 Kids

About the school:

Kara4Kids’ programs focus on creating a stimulating environment where little ones can learn, play, and grow. With a belief in personalised learning, teachers use various methods to ensure your child learns at their own pace. 

They provide a safe space for exploration, helping kids develop crucial skills for life. They set the foundation for future success, blending academic subjects with critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It’s not just education, it’s a journey of discovery and confidence-building! 

It is located at 65 IAS Officer’s Colony, 15th Cross, 4th Sector, HSR Layout, Bengaluru.


The monthly fee at Kara4Kids is around Rs. 12,800.

4. Seven Senses Montessori House of Children

About the school:

Since 2011, Seven Senses House of Children has been a hero of Montessori education, expanding to Whitefield and Indiranagar. Starting with mats and lesson plans, students gradually transition to desks-and-chairs, fostering independence and self-motivation. 

Seven Senses students shine globally, competing in Olympiads and securing top ranks. Accredited by the Indian Montessori Centre and Karnataka State Board, they follow the International IGCSE curriculum for higher classes.

It is located at 940, 11th Main Rd, HAL 2nd Stage, Appareddipalya, Indiranagar, Bengaluru.


The monthly fee at Seven Senses is around Rs. 12,500.

Factors to Consider

As you start on the quest for the perfect LKG school, keep these factors in mind:

  • Location: Is the school conveniently located? Consider the commute and whether it aligns with your daily routine.
  • Curriculum: Pick a curriculum that resonates with your educational philosophy and future goals for your child.
  • Facilities: Peek into the facilities offered – from classrooms to playgrounds. A well-equipped school can enhance your child’s overall learning experience.
  • Extracurriculars: Does the school offer activities beyond textbooks? Extracurriculars are crucial for a holistic education.
  • Reviews and Reputation: What are parents saying? Check reviews, talk to current parents, and gauge the school’s reputation in the community.
  • Cost: Let’s not forget the elephant in the room – the cost. Ensure it aligns with your budget and financial plan.


Navigating fees for LKG school in Bangalore is no small feat. It requires a thoughtful evaluation of your priorities and resources. 

Whether you choose an affordable option that aligns with your budget or invest in a premium institution for a more comprehensive educational experience, the goal remains the same – to provide your child with a strong foundation for a successful educational journey. With our lists of the best schools with both lowest fees and highest fees, breakdown of fee structure and tips in the end, we hope this journey becomes smooth for you.

Choose wisely, considering your child’s unique needs and your long-term aspirations. 

What’s Next

We suggest asking yourselves, ‘What do you want for your kid in Bangalore?’ Make a list of the ‘must  haves’ and the ‘nice  to  haves.’

Also, don’t be shy, talk to everyone! Friends and neighbours in Bangalore may have some thoughts. Check online too, but remember, reviews are like opinions, everyone’s got one! Oh, school visits! Take a tour, meet the teachers, ask questions, and see if it clicks in Bangalore. Open houses are super helpful too, you’ll learn about what they teach and meet other parents.

And don’t forget the money talk school fees are just the tip of the iceberg in Bangalore. There are uniforms, field trips, and the occasional surprise costs. Stay on top of the applications, they may be followed by an interview. When it comes to interviews, just being yourself is the key, even for kids.

But really, you can’t go wrong with any of these Bangalore schools, as they are the best in Bangalore. Let us know which one you end up enrolling your kid in!

Varsha & Adi

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