MS Dhoni Global School: Authentic Parent Feedback 2024-2025

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In less than three years, MS Dhoni Global School has become very popular. It’s not just because it’s connected to MS Dhoni, but mainly because it offers great opportunities and a good learning environment. The school aims to teach important leadership skills to all students by using modern technology and creative teaching methods.

To achieve this vision, the school has partnerships with industry leaders such as Microsoft for advanced tech education, NBA for basketball training, and Savio Dance Academy, among others. These collaborations provide students with unparalleled opportunities to learn directly from experienced professionals in various fields.

But we know all this will not be enough as a parent to send your kids to this school. The most important thing that will keep your heart and mind at peace is what other parents think about this school, and what parents of current students believe. If you’re curious to find out, join us on this journey of exploration together.

Quick Summary

MS Dhoni Global School Through Parent Feedback

  • Basic Stats About MS Dhoni Global School
  • Parent Reviews: Why MS Dhoni Global School Earns Positive Feedback
  • Areas of improvement suggested by parents at MS Dhoni Global School
  • FAQs 
  • Conclusion   

Before we dive into parental feedback, let’s take a closer look at what MS Dhoni Global School has to offer. Understanding their offerings will provide a better understanding of the school.

1.   Basic Stats About MS Dhoni Global School

  • Mrs. Laxmi Prakash is the principal of MS Dhoni Global School. She brings over a decade of experience in the field of education. She has been with MS Dhoni Global School since its inception in 2021, demonstrating her commitment from the beginning.
  • The school has an average class size of 26. The student-teacher ratio is 26:2 for Nursery to Grade 1 and approximately 25:1 for Grade 2 to Grade 9.
  • The school follows the CBSE curriculum with English as the medium of instruction.
  • MS Dhoni Global School provides classes from Kindergarten until Grade 9, with a minimum age of admission being 3 years and a maximum age is 14 years for grade 9.
  • The location of MS Dhoni Global School is 47/1A, 1B, Kudlu Gate, HSR Extension South Bengaluru.

2.   Parent Reviews: Why MS Dhoni Global School Earns Positive Feedback

MS Dhoni Global School has an impressive star rating of 4.7 out of 375 reviews on Google.

Parents have praised the school for its innovative teaching methods and emphasis on practical learning, noting their child’s keen enthusiasm for classes and extracurricular activities. Other factors that have impressed parents and are gaining more attention include:

  • MS Dhoni Global School is one of the few schools in Bangalore to become a Microsoft Showcase School, ensuring that the students graduating from this institution will be future-ready.
  • Many parents just want to choose this school because this school has partnered with LEGO, USA, to develop robotic models. In the Robotics Lab, kids have exciting hands-on sessions on making robots again as part of their curriculum, offering an exciting and innovative learning environment.
  • A parent said that since their son started attending this school, he can communicate better with everyone. This is because the school has students from different backgrounds and provides various extracurricular activities to suit different interests.
  • Many parents have praised the school’s infrastructure, which covers 3.5 acres of land. One parent commented that the campus isn’t very large, but it’s perfectly sized to accommodate all the essential facilities for students to learn and grow, including playgrounds spanning 1.5 acres.

3.   Areas of improvement suggested by parents at MS Dhoni Global School

The last negative comment on Google review was about a year ago, indicating how seriously MS Dhoni Global School takes feedback. They are committed to continuous improvement and actively work on addressing concerns raised by reviews.

Some concerns were raised regarding the balance between academics and extracurriculars. Yet, upon discussing this concern directly with the school, they assured us that steps have been taken to address it. 

For instance, the school has shifted its annual Day to December, alleviating worries about academic disruption during final exams in March.

4.  FAQs

Q1. Who is the owner of MS Dhoni Global School?

Mr. R. Chandrasekar serves as the founder and chairman of MS Dhoni Global School, with Mr. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the renowned cricketer, as the mentor and face of the institution.

Q2. Who is the owner of MS Dhoni Global School?

The unique selling points of MS Dhoni Global School are its high-tech campus, partnerships with industry leaders, and focus on building leadership skills in students.

Q3. What facilities does MS Dhoni Global School offer?

MS Dhoni Global School offers classrooms, labs, a library with 10,000+ books, multi-purpose rooms, and transport with safety features. Its 1.5-acre playground and hygienic campus enrich student life. Additionally, students have access to a wide array of extracurricular activities, including music, sports, dance, speech and drama, theater language, visual arts, and special programs.

Q4. What are the fees of MS Dhoni Global School?

The basic fees of MS Dhoni Global School range from ₹1 Lakh to ₹1.75 Lakhs for classes Nursery to 9. The application fee is ₹1000, and transportation costs range from ₹36,000 to ₹54,000 per annum.

Q5. What are the fees of MS Dhoni Global School?

This school stands out for three key reasons. Firstly, it boasts collaborations with industry giants like Microsoft for technology, Chennai Super Kings for cricket, NBA for basketball, SAVIO Dance Academy, LEGO Education, Furtados School of Music, Gizmos, Live Life Education, MS Dhoni Sports Academy, and more. Secondly, it offers cutting-edge tech education through its Digi Edu Tech labs, where students engage with Artificial Intelligence and AR/VR devices, and even build robots using LEGO kits. Thirdly, it shapes students’ character and leadership skills from an early age through its “Leader in Me” programs, starting from kindergarten.

Q6. Does MS Dhoni Global School offer hostel facilities for students?

No, MS Dhoni Global School does not provide hostel facilities. It is a day school.


That was quick right?

So, we have addressed the most crucial question that will surely be on every parent’s mind: what do other parents think about MS Dhoni Global School? This is what will reassure you that your kids are in a safe school and that you have chosen the best for them. As a bonus, we also provided quick stats about MS Dhoni Global School and some frequently asked questions.

Be sure to visit the school, and we can guarantee you won’t regret it. This will also help you get a better understanding of what the school looks like and what they offer.

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