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Our Honest Review

Chairman Dr. T. Venugopal started New Baldwin Residential School in 1990. Over the past 25 years, the school has grown a lot, opening branches in Banaswadi, TC Palya, and main branch in Mandur. The school is known for three major unique selling points (USPs). First, it offers different curricula: IGCSE, CBSE, and ICSE, so students can choose the one that fits them best. 

Second, the school has four well-equipped boarding houses, providing a comfortable place for students to live. Third, New Baldwin Residential School focuses on sustainable development education, teaching students about environmental awareness and practices to help them become responsible global citizens. In the following New Baldwin International Residential School reviews blog, we will tell you in detail all that the school has to offer!

About the School

new baldwin international residential school reviews
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What is a New-Age School?

A new-age school is an educational institution that uses modern and innovative ways to teach and learn. These schools often include the latest technology, new teaching ideas, and focus on the overall development of students.

Why is New Baldwin International Residential School a New-Age School?

New Baldwin International Residential School qualifies as a New-age School for several reasons:

  • It incorporates the latest technology like smart boards in classrooms for enhanced learning experiences.
  • It offers IGCSE, CBSE, and ICSE options to cater to varied educational preferences.
  • The school focuses on all-round growth through sports like yoga, taekwondo, swimming, football, basketball, cricket, tennis, and badminton, arts, and social-work activities.

The school encourages environmental awareness and responsibility among students.

Why this school?

We’ve conducted thorough research to help you understand why New Baldwin International Residential School might be the right choice for you. By extensively exploring the campus and evaluating its facilities through detailed discussions with school authorities, we’ve identified three unique selling points (USP) that set this school apart. Let’s explore them.

USP1: Availability of Three Curriculums:

New Baldwin International Residential School offers students a choice between three distinct curriculums: IGCSE, ICSE, and CBSE. This diversity allows students and parents to select the curriculum that best suits their educational goals, learning styles, and future aspirations. Whether opting for the global perspective of IGCSE, the well-rounded approach of ICSE, or the national standards of CBSE, the school ensures each student receives an education tailored to their needs. This flexibility not only expands academic horizons but also prepares students effectively for a wide range of higher education opportunities and career paths.

USP2: Well-Built Hostels with Holistic Activities:

The school’s well-equipped hostels provide a safe, supportive environment for students, designed as a home away from home to support their academic and personal growth. Modern amenities ensure comfort and well-being, complemented by daily activities like yoga, meditation, and aerobics. These promote physical health, mental well-being, and overall personal development, helping students manage stress, enhance concentration, and maintain a balanced lifestyle.

USP3: Sustainable Development Education Program:

New Baldwin International Residential School is dedicated to preparing students as responsible global citizens through its Sustainable Development Education program. This initiative aims to integrate knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes needed for a sustainable future into every student’s education. The curriculum includes activities like diya decorating and cloth painting, teaching environment management while fostering creativity and cultural awareness. By emphasizing sustainability, the school ensures students understand the importance of environmental protection and are empowered to make positive impacts in their communities and beyond.

Basic Stats

  • The principal of Siddaganga Public School is Anurupa Anil, who holds degrees of MSc, B.Ed, and MBA.
  • The school offers classes from Nursery to Class 12.
  • The available curriculums at the school include CBSE, ICSE, and IGCSE.
  • The student-teacher ratio at Siddaganga Public School is 14:1.
  • The school is located at Budigere Cross-Mandur Road, Old Madras Road, Bangalore.
new baldwin international residential school reviews
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Fees Structure

new baldwin international residential school reviews
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What is the Value for Money School Category?

The Value for Money school category typically refers to educational institutions that offer a high-quality education at a reasonable cost. These schools are known for providing excellent academic programs, supportive learning environments, and a range of extracurricular activities, all while keeping tuition fees affordable for families. They offer a good return on investment in terms of the quality of education received relative to the cost.

Why is New Baldwin International Residential School a Value for Money School?

  • The school is placed in this category due to its competitive fee structure that strikes a balance between affordability and quality education.
  • Admission fees are Rs. 8,100.
  • Tuition fees amount to Rs. 36,000 per quarter.
  • A development fee of Rs. 8,100 is also charged.
  • These fees accurately reflect the school’s commitment to providing sufficient facilities and educational standards for its students.
new baldwin international residential school reviews
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New Baldwin International Residential School has a large and modern infrastructure that enhances students’ learning experience. The school’s campus covers 6 acres, providing plenty of space for studies, sports, and activities. Safety is ensured with CCTV cameras, and a GPS bus tracking app makes student transportation efficient and secure. Inside, high-tech classrooms make learning interactive and interesting, while the library is well-stocked for both study and personal reading. Students can stay fit with extensive grounds for sports and a swimming pool. Specialized science and technology labs support practical learning. This infrastructure shows New Baldwin International Residential School’s dedication to creating a supportive environment where students can excel in academics, sports, and personal growth.


Safety Measures:

New Baldwin International Residential School prioritizes student safety with 60 digital CCTV cameras across the campus, ensuring comprehensive surveillance. Each school bus is equipped with fire extinguishers, first aid kits, GPS tracking, and seat belts for secure transportation. Classrooms are outfitted with smoke detectors and fire alarms to promptly alert in case of emergencies, ensuring a safe learning environment.

Counseling Services:

The school offers professional counseling services to support students’ emotional well-being and academic success. Trained counselors provide confidential guidance to help students navigate challenges and achieve personal growth, fostering a supportive and caring community.


New Baldwin International Residential School’s library houses over 15,000 books, digital resources, and subscriptions to national and international periodicals. It features a computerized database for easy access, 24/7 Wi-Fi, and membership to the British Library, providing students with extensive resources for research and enrichment.


Equipped with 12 beds and staffed by a certified nurse round the clock, the school’s infirmary ensures prompt medical assistance and care for students. It serves as a reliable health resource, addressing students’ medical needs and emergencies effectively.


Specialized labs for physics, chemistry, and biology offer hands-on learning experiences with modern equipment. These labs support practical application of scientific concepts, enhancing students’ understanding and skills in experimentation and analysis.

Sports Facilities:

The school promotes physical fitness and sportsmanship with facilities for yoga, taekwondo, swimming, football, basketball, cricket, tennis, and badminton. Students benefit from structured sports programs that foster teamwork, discipline, and overall well-being.

Google Review

New Baldwin International Residential School has garnered a strong reputation with a 4.5/5 Google rating from 1,018 reviews. 

Parents commend its high-quality education and teaching standards, particularly praising the IGCSE curriculum for fostering holistic child development. Teachers are well-regarded for their competence and supportive approach, utilizing effective teaching methods like regular short exams. The school is noted for its excellent infrastructure, cooperative staff, and reasonable fees compared to local alternatives. While most feedback is positive, some concerns have been raised about school management by a minority of parents.

Our Verdict

New Baldwin International Residential School really stands out for its modern approach to education. They’ve got everything—smart classrooms, a fantastic library, and top-notch science labs. Plus, they offer three different curriculums: IGCSE, CBSE, and ICSE, so students can pick what suits them best. They also focus on sustainable development education, which is great for teaching students about taking care of the planet. And let’s not forget their boarding facilities—they’re excellent. Overall, New Baldwin International Residential School is a top-notch institution. They’ve got everything covered for a well-rounded education and a supportive environment where students can really grow and thrive.

We also offer a range of insightful blogs that explain the differences between mainstream, legacy, and niche schools. These resources can help you make an informed decision about the best educational environment for your child. We hope you found our review of New Baldwin International Residential School helpful. If you have any further questions or need additional information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

FAQs related to New Baldwin International Residential School Reviews

  1. What curricula are offered at New Baldwin International Residential School?

New Baldwin International Residential School offers three main curricula: IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education), CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), and ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education). This variety allows parents and students to choose an educational path that best suits their academic goals and preferences.

  1. What are the boarding facilities like at New Baldwin International Residential School?

The school provides excellent boarding facilities with four houses, each equipped with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable and nurturing environment for students. These facilities include spacious dormitories, recreational areas, dining halls, and round-the-clock supervision by dedicated residential staff.

  1. How does New Baldwin International Residential School promote sustainable development education?

The school integrates sustainable development education into its curriculum and activities, aiming to educate students about environmental conservation, social responsibility, and sustainable practices. Programs like Diya decorating and cloth painting are conducted to raise awareness and engage students actively in environmental management.

  1. What extracurricular activities are available at New Baldwin International Residential School?

The school offers a diverse range of extracurricular activities to enrich students’ overall development. These include sports like yoga, taekwondo, football, basketball, cricket, tennis, and badminton, as well as cultural activities, clubs, and competitions. Students have opportunities to participate in inter-house competitions, debates, drama, music, and various community service initiatives. The school encourages students to explore their interests and talents beyond academics, encouraging a well-rounded educational experience.

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