New Indus Valley Residential School Reviews 2025-26

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Our Honest Review

New Indus Valley Residential School (NIVRS), located in the Peaceful surroundings of Bangalore, is renowned as one of the Best educational institutions in Bangalore. Established 2006, NIVRS aims to provide a holistic education that supports both academic learning and personal growth. The school emphasizes experiential learning to develop critical thinking and leadership skills, preparing students for a changing global landscape.

With a rigorous curriculum and modern facilities, NIVRS has a dedicated team of qualified teachers who inspire a love for learning. The school focuses on nurturing well-rounded, responsible, and compassionate individuals, ensuring they are well-prepared for future challenges. These qualities make New Indus Valley Residential School a preferred choice for families in Bangalore seeking quality education.

About the School

New Indus Valley Residential School Reviews 2025-26
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New Indus Valley Residential School (NIVRS) is Categorized into our Mainstream School category. The School’s comprehensive curriculum, state-of-the-art facilities, and emphasis on extracurricular activities make it a standout choice for parents and students alike. But what truly distinguishes this institution? Let’s delve into the details.

What is a Mainstream School?

A mainstream school is your typical everyday school that most kids attend. It’s not specialized in any particular way like some schools are for sports or arts. It’s just your regular school where you go to learn the basics like math, science, and history.

Why is New Indus Valley Residential School a Mainstream School?

  • Comprehensive Education: NIVRS serves the majority of students in the area, offering a well-rounded education that covers all essential subjects.
  • Inclusive Learning Environment: NIVRS accepts students from various backgrounds and abilities, ensuring a welcoming and inclusive learning atmosphere for everyone.
  • Diverse Student Population: With a diverse student body, NIVRS fosters an environment of cultural exchange and mutual respect, enriching the learning experience for all students.
  • Broad Range of Extracurricular Activities: The school offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities, catering to different interests and needs. These activities include sports, arts, music, dance, and technology programs, helping students to discover and develop their talents.
  • Personal Growth and Development: Through its inclusive approach and diverse programs, NIVRS supports the personal growth and development of each student, preparing them for success in higher studies and beyond.

Why Choose New Indus Valley Residential School (NIVRS)?

When it comes to choosing the right school for your child, New Indus Valley Residential School (NIVRS) stands out for several reasons. We’ve conducted thorough research, interacted with school authorities, and evaluated the facilities. Here are the key Unique Selling Points (USPs) of New Indus Valley Residential School:

USP 1: Student-Centered Learning Approach

  • Personalized Attention: NIVRS focuses on a student-centric system of education, ensuring that each child’s unique talents and learning pace are recognized and nurtured. Teachers provide individualized support and guidance to cater to different learning needs.
  • Interactive Teaching Methods: The school employs interactive and engaging teaching methods, such as project-based learning and collaborative group work, to enhance student understanding and involvement.
  • Regular Assessments: Regular assessments and feedback help track each student’s progress, allowing for timely interventions and personalized learning plans.

USP 2: Comprehensive Infrastructure

  • Digitally Enabled Classrooms: The school boasts state-of-the-art classrooms equipped with digital learning tools, such as smart boards and projectors, which facilitate interactive and multimedia-based teaching.
  • Well-Equipped Laboratories: NIVRS provides well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computer Science, allowing students to conduct experiments and gain hands-on experience.
  • Extensive Libraries: The school’s libraries are stocked with a diverse range of books, references, and resources, encouraging a culture of reading and research among students.
  • Modern Sports Facilities: The school offers comprehensive sports facilities, including fields, courts, and equipment for various sports, promoting physical fitness and team spirit.
  • Wi-Fi-Enabled Campus: The entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled, supporting innovative teaching methods and providing students with access to online learning resources and research materials.

USP 3: Holistic Development Programs

  • Compulsory Sports: NIVRS emphasizes the importance of physical education by making sports a compulsory part of the curriculum. Students participate in various sports activities, fostering teamwork and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Extracurricular Activities: The school offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, including art, music, dance, yoga, and technology programs. These activities help students develop well-rounded skills and explore their interests.
  • Creative and Sporting Spirit: Through various programs and competitions, the school encourages a strong creative and sporting spirit, ensuring students excel in both academics and extracurricular pursuits.
  • Community Engagement: NIVRS also organizes community service and outreach programs, instilling values of empathy, social responsibility, and leadership in students.

Basic Stats

  • The principal of New Indus Valley Residential School is Jessy Paul. With over 30 years of experience in the education field, she has been leading the school for the past 12 years. Her leadership is marked by a commitment to holistic education and student-centric learning.
  • The student-teacher ratio at the school is 1:30.
  • The school follows both the State and ICSE syllabus.
  • The school offers classes from early years up to Standard X.
  • New Indus Valley Residential School is located at Garden City College Road, Virgo Nagar (P), K. R. Puram, Bangalore – 560049.

New Indus Valley Residential School Reviews 2025-26
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Fees Structure

New Indus Valley Residential School Reviews 2025-26
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We are classifying New Indus Valley Residential School (NIVRS) into our High-Value Schools Category When it comes to fees. The reason is that NIVRS offers a range of facilities and educational opportunities that justify the fees paid. Let’s explore this further.

What is the High-Value Schools Category?

High-value schools provide excellent education, facilities, and opportunities That make the cost worth it. They have top-notch teachers, advanced facilities, numerous extracurricular activities, and a track record of student success.

Why is New Indus Valley Residential School a High-Value School?

  • Annual fees at New Indus Valley Residential School (NIVRS) range from ₹1,11,000 to ₹1,80,000, depending on the grade level. Please note that fees may vary based on the grade of enrollment.
  • NIVRS provides excellent academic programs that prepare students for future success. The school offers a variety of extracurricular opportunities, including sports, clubs, and cultural activities, enhancing students’ overall development.
  • Despite offering top-notch education and extracurriculars, NIVRS maintains reasonable tuition fees, ensuring accessibility for families from diverse backgrounds.
New Indus Valley Residential School Reviews 2025-26
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The School’s infrastructure is Designed to support holistic development, featuring a purpose-built campus spread across 15 acres. Each facility is modern, safe, and tailored for the well-being of students.



Digital boards and Other modern teaching aids are present in every classroom, ensuring an engaging learning environment.

2. Laboratories

Specialized labs for science, computer studies, and languages meet international standards, fostering a hands-on learning experience.

3. Library

A well-stocked library with A wide range of books and resources supports academic and personal growth.

4. Multi-purpose rooms and auditorium

These spaces Are equipped with high-tech facilities for various educational and cultural activities.

5. Transport

The school provides a safe And efficient transport system with GPS-enabled buses and trained drivers.

6. Playgrounds

The sports facilities include football fields, basketball and volleyball courts, and tracks for field sports, promoting physical fitness and team spirit.

7. Extracurricular Activities

New Indus Valley Residential School offers a wide array of extracurricular activities, including:

Dance and Music

The School offers programs in Bharatanatyam, folk dance, Carnatic music, and various musical instruments.

Performing Arts

Opportunities in theater and drama.


The School provides comprehensive Sports training in swimming, karate, football, volleyball, and other sports.

Yoga and Meditation

The School conducts sessions in yoga, pranayama, meditation, and daily prayers to enhance mental well-being and spiritual growth.

NIVRS provides an environment where students can explore their interests, develop their skills, and achieve excellence in various fields.

Google Review

This School boasts an impressive 4.1 stars out of 5 on Google reviews. 

One parent expressed deep gratitude towards the teachers for their incredibly supportive and caring approach to students. Numerous parents have remarked on the profound positive changes they’ve witnessed in their children since enrolling here, which fills them with joy. Despite encountering occasional challenges, parents appreciated the School’s effective handling of these issues.

Our Verdict

Indus Valley Residential School is a top-notch institution that offers a balanced education, focusing on both academics and extracurricular activities. The school is dedicated to creating students who are not only academically strong but also aware of the world around them.

The school offers a variety of extracurricular activities, such as sports, arts, and music, allowing students to explore and develop their talents. The facilities are excellent, with modern classrooms, well-equipped labs, and great sports areas, providing students with everything they need for their education and growth.

Indus Valley Residential School also boasts a welcoming and inclusive environment. The supportive community helps students feel a sense of belonging, encouraging them to reach their full potential.

For parents looking for a holistic educational experience for their children, Indus Valley Residential School is an excellent choice. The school’s balanced approach to education, outstanding facilities, and friendly community make it a perfect place for students to thrive.

FAQs related to New Indus Valley Residential School Reviews 

What are parents saying about New Indus Valley Residential School?

Parents praise the school for its balanced education, strong focus on extracurricular activities, and nurturing environment.

How does the school support student development?

The school promotes holistic growth through diverse activities and programs Aimed at academic excellence and personal development.

What facilities does the school provide?

The school offers top-notch facilities for sports, arts, technology, and comfortable residential accommodations.

How does the school handle challenges and issues?

The school is known for its responsive approach to addressing parent concerns, ensuring a supportive environment.

Why choose New Indus Valley Residential School?

It’s Recommended for its commitment to nurturing global citizens, inclusive atmosphere, and comprehensive educational opportunities.

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