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Our Honest Review

Annapurneshwari Nagar, a peaceful residential area in Bangalore, offers excellent connectivity, making it an ideal educational hub for students. Here, you will find Nirman International Public School (NIPS), one of the best CBSE schools in Bangalore. NIPS provides high-quality education, blending international and national standards to help students develop essential skills and knowledge for a globalized world. The school believes in recognizing the unique potential of each child and providing the right support to help them excel, fostering decision-making skills.

Nirman School features expert faculty dedicated to excellent training and student growth. It offers exceptional infrastructure, including healthcare facilities, personalized teacher attention, comprehensive bus services, and well-appointed auditoriums, creating an optimal learning environment for students to thrive.

NIPS is not just about academics; it also focuses on instilling morals and core values in students, preparing them to be responsible citizens of the future. The goal of the school is to provide an education that equips students with the knowledge and character to succeed.

About the School

Nirman International Public School Reviews
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Nirman International Public School review has been classified under our Mainstream School Category due to its outstanding features and facilities that cater comprehensively to the academic, extracurricular, and developmental needs of students. Let us find out more.

What is a Mainstream School?

A mainstream school embraces diversity by welcoming students from varied backgrounds. It provides a comprehensive curriculum that includes subjects like mathematics and science, appealing to families who value an inclusive environment where their children can learn alongside peers of diverse cultural and social backgrounds.

Why is Nirman International Public School a Mainstream School?

  • Comprehensive Approach to Education: Nirman International Public School offers continuous development programs for teachers, effective communication tools for parents, and active participation from industry experts, enhancing real-world learning and balancing academic excellence with moral values.
  • Well-Rounded Educational Environment: The school features well-equipped labs, a library, sports facilities, and transportation services, ensuring a holistic development and optimal learning environment for students.

Why this school?

We’ve worked hard to help you understand why this school is a great choice. We talked to school officials, checked out every part of the campus, and reviewed its facilities. From this, we identified four main unique features of the school. 

Let’s take a look at them:

USP #1: Personalized Learning Approach.

Nirman International Public School emphasizes personalized learning, providing individualized attention tailored to each student’s needs and learning styles. This approach fosters a supportive and engaging environment, helping students thrive academically and personally, maximizing their potential, and encouraging a love for lifelong learning.

USP #2: Comprehensive Development Programs.

The school is committed to the holistic development of its students, incorporating both academic and moral education into its curriculum. Continuous enrichment programs ensure teachers are well-equipped to provide high-quality instruction and support. Additionally, the school promotes the involvement of industry experts in the learning process, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. This comprehensive approach prepares students for future challenges and instills important life skills.

USP #3: State-of-the-Art Facilities.

Nirman International Public School offers state-of-the-art facilities, including well-equipped laboratories for various sciences, a comprehensive library, sports amenities, and transportation services. These modern resources support both academic and physical development, providing a well-rounded education for students.

Basic Stats

  • The principal, Mrs. Revathi, holds a T. MSc and B.Ed. degree, and she is dedicated to promoting and achieving educational excellence for all students.
  • The student-teacher ratio is 18:1.
  • The school follows the CBSE- Central Board of Secondary Education curriculum.
  • The school offers classes from nursery – class 10.
  • The school is at #89, 90, 94 & 95, 1st Main Rd, Mythri Nagar, 7th Block, Vishweshwaraiah Layout, Annapurneshwari Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560091.
Nirman International Public School Reviews

Fees Structure

Nirman International Public School Reviews
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Regarding fees, we are categorizing Nirman International Public School review under our Standard Schools Category. This school is one of the most affordable CBSE schools, providing numerous facilities to students while maintaining an affordable fee structure. Let us explore the reasons behind this classification.

What is a Standard School Category?

Standard schools provide fundamental education and essential facilities at an affordable price. While they may lack the extensive amenities of premium schools, they focus on delivering quality learning opportunities within a reasonable fee structure, making education accessible without added luxuries or high costs.

Why is Nirman International Public School a Standard School?

  • Affordable Fee Structure: Nirman International Public School offers quality education at a reasonable fee of Rs. 40,000, making it accessible to a broader community. Despite the low cost, the school provides numerous facilities, ensuring students receive a well-rounded education without financial strain on their families.
  • Comprehensive Facilities: The school has well-maintained laboratories, a library, sports facilities, and transportation services. These amenities support students’ academic and extracurricular activities, providing a conducive learning environment while maintaining affordability in their fees.
Nirman International Public School Reviews


The school’s infrastructure meets diverse needs, supporting educational, research, cultural, recreational, and informational activities. This setup ensures students benefit from dynamic and engaging learning experiences throughout their academic journey.


Nirman International Public School fosters holistic development through a balanced mix of academics and extracurriculars. With well-equipped classrooms, labs, a comprehensive library, a multipurpose room, reliable transport, and robust physical education, the school ensures a dynamic educational experience that prepares students academically and equips them with vital skills to become well-rounded individuals.

1. Classrooms

The classrooms at Nirman International Public School are well-designed and equipped to create an engaging learning environment. They provide all the necessary tools and resources to facilitate effective teaching and learning. Additionally, the layout and setup of the classrooms promote active participation and interaction among students, ensuring a dynamic and collaborative educational experience.

2. Laboratories

  • The school has well-equipped labs for Physics, Chemistry, Math, Biology, and Computer Science, emphasizing hands-on learning through experiments.
  • They also have a multimedia lab for accessing information in various formats like text, audio, still motion pictures, and animation.

3. Library

  • The library is full of books covering all subjects and age groups.
  • It includes textbooks, newspapers, educational magazines, novels, and motivational books.
  • The sitting arrangement in the library supports individual or group study, promoting reading habits and concentration.

4. Multi-purpose rooms and auditorium

The multipurpose room at Nirman International Public School provides a versatile space for various activities and events, equipped with multimedia tools to support other functions. Designed to accommodate both educational and extracurricular activities, it enhances the school’s ability to offer a dynamic and flexible learning environment for students.

5. Transport

School Vans are provided to cover a 6 km area, promoting student unity and ensuring uniformity in transportation across the school community.

6. Playgrounds

Sports and physical education are a fundamental part of Nirman International Public School’s curriculum. Students actively engage in sports such as cricket, football, and athletics, fostering not just physical fitness but also teamwork and sportsmanship.

7. Extracurricular activities

  • Wide range of activities including physical education, music, art, drama, dance, karate, and yoga.
  • Opportunities for school assembly presentations and intra- and inter-school competitions.

Google Review

Nirman International Public School reviews is rated at the top with a rating of 4.3 out of 5, reflecting satisfaction from 162 reviewers in the review section.

One parent said that they love the school. It’s in a peaceful area with amazing teachers who help kids understand their lessons and consistently score well. Plus, the school has great transportation and offers extra classes for students who need more help. They also celebrate lots of fun festivals and cultural activities. Another parent appreciates how supportive the school’s management and teachers are. They also have cool stuff like yoga and music classes. Regular meetings with teachers and extra help after school make it a supportive place for kids to learn and grow. However, a parent complained about the fees being so high.

Our Verdict

According to us, Nirman International Public School reviews provide a comprehensive educational experience emphasizing academic excellence and holistic development. With a strong commitment to quality education, they offer a structured curriculum supported by modern facilities and dedicated educators. Nirmaan Schools prioritize student-centric learning, fostering a nurturing environment that promotes intellectual curiosity and personal growth. 

Their approach integrates extracurricular activities, ensuring a well-rounded education that prepares students for future challenges. We think their emphasis on character building and moral values alongside academic rigor sets them apart, reflecting in their students’ achievements and overall development.

Nirmaan Schools also engage industry experts to enrich learning experiences, enhancing practical knowledge and skill development. Their track record of academic success and positive parent feedback underscores their commitment to providing a supportive and enriching educational journey.

You can rest assured that Nirman International Public School not only prioritizes academic rigor but also values holistic development, preparing students to excel in their academic pursuits and personal endeavors.

FAQs related to Nirman International Public School Reviews

1. What is the curriculum followed at Nirman International Public School? 

    The school is affiliated with the CBSE Boards Curriculum.

    2. Does Nirman International Public School for New Age offers boarding facilities?

      No, the school does not offer boarding facilities.

      3. How do I contact Nirman International Public School?

        You can call them at +91 9731220264, +91 8123030731, or email them at

        4. What are the school timings?

          • Monday- Friday: 9:30 AM- 3:00 PM
          • Saturday: 9:30 AM- 12:30 PM
          • Sunday: Closed

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