Recommend A School
For My Kid in Bangalore!

Confused which school to shortlist?
Candid Schools is here to Recommend!

Our school-experts have all the information you need to shortlist or even finalise a school or your kid.

Each child is unique, so we understand your in-depth requirements and suggest a school that is an ideal fit for your kid.

Landing your kid in a school which they hate to go to is the most unpleasant experience you definitely want to avoid.

We help you to pick the best possible school for your kid.


Phone Call

Have a direct one-on-one call with our expert where you can discuss your doubts, exact requirements, curriculum & everything that will help finalize the school. This is our most popular & highly recommended service as a two-way conversation is best suited to clear all doubts at once.

Video Call

Expect a google meets video call from our experts within 48 hours of booking this service. Highly recommended for those parents who wish to get a personalised one-on-one with Varsha/ Adarsh to discuss their school requirements.