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Ryan International School (RIS), Bannerghatta, is a top-tier co-ed school offering CBSE education from Montessori to XII, it is considered among the best CBSE schools in Bangalore. Established in 2014, RIS has quickly become one of the best CBSE schools in the area. The school aims to develop global citizens through a curriculum that emphasises literacy, inquiry, creativity, and critical thinking.

At the heart of RIS is a robust curriculum delivered by experienced teachers who focus on the holistic development of students. The student-centric infrastructure ensures that each child has access to the resources they need to succeed academically and personally.

The school places a strong emphasis on sports, offering specialized equipment, professional trainers, and opportunities to participate in tournaments and sports exchange programs.

RIS also encourages students to explore their hobbies and interests through a variety of extracurricular activities. 

Ryan International School is recognized as one of the top-ranking schools in the region, earning numerous awards, including top ranks in the Times School Survey multiple years in a row since its inception. The school stands out as a premier educational institution dedicated to fostering the growth and success of its students.

About the School

ryan international school reviews
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Ryan International School is both a mainstream and a niche school. Read more to explore why.


What is a Mainstream School?

A mainstream school is a regular school that most kids attend. It’s not focused on special subjects like sports or arts. Instead, it teaches the basics like maths, science, and history.

Why is Ryan International School a Mainstream School?

  •  It caters to a diverse student population, including students with disabilities or special educational needs, making it a school of choice for most students in the area.
  • The school provides various extracurricular activities to cater to different interests, such as sports, arts, music, and clubs, ensuring students have opportunities to explore and develop their passions.
  • The school has multiple branches across India and offers the following curriculums – CBSE, ICSE, IB & IGCSE, SSC
  • They offer four main streams in Senior Secondary Classes – Humanities, Commerce, and Science (Medical and Non-medical).

Now, the second one.

What is a New Age School?

A New Age School blends contemporary educational methods with holistic approaches, emphasising innovation, creativity, technology integration, and personalised learning experiences, alongside traditional and alternative practices.

Why is Ryan International School a New Age School?

  • They extend learning through new initiatives and activities such as the Astronaut Training Programme at NASA – USA, Global Young Leader Conference – New York, World Children’s Festival, and Thames Valley Summer School, London – where students across countries participate and learn diverse cultures.
  • They conduct leadership programs such as the INMUN is a student run simulation of the United Nations initiated by the Ryan Group of Institutions that started in 2001. INMUN is also India’s longest-running Model United Nations Conference.
  • They have developed special programs for learning such as in-class programs and have dedicated centers for Entrepreneurship, Global Citizenship and Social impact. New initiatives such as new initiatives and activities such as the Astronaut Training Programme at NASA – USA, Global Young Leader Conference – New York, World Children’s Festival, Thames Valley Summer School, London.
  • For sports, the school has Cricket, Swimming Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Athletics, Rugby, Karate, Judo, and Taekwondo.

Why this school?

When it comes to figuring out why you should choose this school, we have put in the legwork. From our discussions with the school authorities, we explored every nook and corner of the campus and evaluated its facilities. As a result, we have come up with three key Unique Selling Points (USPs) of the school. Let’s take a look at it:

USP #1: Ryan holds the most looked forward to extracurriculars such as the teen fest and the ICFPA (The International Children’s Festival of Performing Arts). It is a teen fest filled with great fun and camaraderie and of creating life-long memories. Over 15,000 senior students from Ryan Schools across India come in batches, to showcase their talents in creative arts – music, dance, photography, painting, drama, learn life skills and develop their communication and overall personality.

USP #2: At Ryan, they go beyond integrating physical education into the curriculum: They encourage their students to participate in a variety of sports for the development of strong, healthy, and supple bodies and minds. They collaborate with the best in the country like TENVIC- Cricket Coaching with Anil Kumble, Mahesh Bhupathi Tennis Academy, Junior NBA, La Liga, etc., and organize various sports camps and tournaments at the local and national levels. Ryanites have represented the state and country in multiple sports.

USP #3: Social Responsibility and Nurturing Changemakers – At Ryan, they teach students to understand and empathize with social issues. They undertake projects based on Compassion, Environment, Health Care, Economic Empowerment, and Local Leadership Development at each of their schools

Basic Stats

  • The Principal Mrs. B T Usha Manjunath, has multiple years of experience in education. She has an extensive background in education, including an M.A, B.Ed, BCT, and PGDCT.
  • The teacher-student ratio is 1:40 (or less), whereas for Montessori classes we have a 1:25 ratio (approx.)
  • Ryan International School, Bannerghatta is affiliated to the CBSE board.
  • They offer classes from Nursery to Class 12.
  • They are located at SSurvey No.13, Gallahalli Opp. Confident Cascade, Bannerghatta Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560083.
ryan international school reviews
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Fees Structure

ryan international school reviews
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We are classifying Ryan International School into our Value For Money School Category when it comes to fees. 

The reason is that Ryan International School offers numerous opportunities and exceptional facilities that truly justify the fees paid. Okay, let’s delve deeper into this.

What is the Value for Money School Category?

A value-for-money school is one that offers outstanding education, facilities, and opportunities that justify the cost. This includes having excellent teachers, modern facilities, a wide range of extracurricular activities, and a history of student achievements.

Why is Ryan International School a Value for Money School?

The annual fee structure for Ryan International School ranges from Rs. 61,000 to Rs. 93,000, depending on the grade level. This fee is justified by the extensive offerings and facilities provided by the school.

  • Smart Classrooms: Equipped with Digital Boards and LCD screens, these classrooms create an interactive and engaging learning environment.
  • Technology Integration: The school incorporates the latest technology to enhance the educational experience.
  • Comprehensive Sports Program: The school offers a variety of sports equipment and facilities, professional trainers, and opportunities to participate in tournaments.
  • National and International Associations: Students benefit from associations and sports exchange programs at both national and international levels.
  • Student Exchange Programs: The school offers numerous student exchange programs, providing students with global exposure and diverse learning experiences.

Ryan International School stands out as a value-for-money institution, providing a high-quality education with exceptional facilities and opportunities that justify the cost. 

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The student-centric infrastructure ensures that each child has access to the resources they need to succeed academically and personally.


Ryan International School offers a wide range of facilities to support students’ academic, extracurricular, and personal development needs.


RIS stays at the forefront of technology with state-of-the-art classrooms and labs, including an Atal Tinkering Lab. This innovation lab encourages students to engage with the latest technology, fostering a spirit of inquiry and creativity. 

2. Laboratories

Ryan International School prides itself on its specialized laboratories and teaching facilities, which adhere to both national and international standards.

3. Library

The school’s campuses feature state-of-the-art libraries and digital libraries stocked with a variety of books offering a wealth of knowledge.

4. Multi-purpose rooms and auditorium

Ryan International School boasts an auditorium equipped with all the high-tech facilities and activity rooms are available where students can engage in Theater, Dance, Music, Drama, Arts & Crafts, fostering creativity and expression.

5. Playgrounds

They train their students in Cricket, Swimming, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Athletics, Rugby, Martial Arts – Karate, Judo, Taekwondo

6. Extracurricular activities

Visual and performing arts are mandated as part of the curriculum through events like the International Children’s Festival of Performing Arts, Ryan Teen Camp etc.

They develop the leaders of tomorrow through various national and global events – Indian Model United Nations, World Scholar’s Cup, International Theatre Festival, Presidential Classrooms, etc.

The school features music rooms, craft rooms, and vermicomposting pits, among other facilities, to nurture creativity and practical skills. These activities help students discover and develop their individual passions in a supportive environment.

7. Special programs

RIS launched Ryan TV with the aim of equipping the students with skills to explore and realize their multiple talents in media and video production. Ryan TV carries out various media courses for students in Content creation for video production, post-production work in short films, Advertising, and TV News Journalism.

Google Review

Google Reviews for Ryan International School average at 3.5/5 from 137 reviews.

According to one reviewer, Ryan International School offers exceptional facilities and fosters a supportive environment for students. The reviewer’s child has flourished under the guidance of dedicated teachers and an engaging curriculum. Another reviewer commended the school’s focus on extracurricular activities and sports, noting that their child has explored new talents and interests through the diverse programs offered. However, a parent expressed disappointment with the school’s administration, citing a lack of communication on important matters as an area needing improvement.

Our Verdict

Ryan International School shines as a fantastic choice for students seeking a well-rounded education. With caring teachers and cool facilities, like high-tech labs and awesome libraries, it’s a place where kids can truly thrive. Plus, there’s something for everyone here, from sports to arts and everything in between. They’re all about making learning fun and giving each student the support they need to reach their full potential. If you’re looking for a school that’s got it all, Ryan International is definitely worth checking out!

Before you jump into reading reviews about Ryan International School, take a moment to reflect on what you’re seeking in a school. Are you leaning towards a more traditional approach or something with a modern twist? Consider your child’s unique needs and your budget carefully.

We’ve got you covered with some insightful blogs covering various school categories, from Mainstream and Legacy schools to New Age and Niche schools. These blogs are filled with valuable information that can help you navigate through the options and find the perfect fit for your child’s educational journey.

We hope our Ryan International School reviews blog has provided some useful insights. If you still have questions or need more information, don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime. We’re here to support you further!

FAQs related to Ryan International School

  1. What are the fees at Ryan International School Bangalore?

The annual fee structure for Ryan International School ranges from Rs. 61,000 to Rs. 93,000, depending on the grade level. 

  1. Is Ryan International School CBSE or ICSE?

The school offers CBSE, ICSE, IB, IGCSE and SSC. 

  1. Who is the owner of Ryan School?

Augustine F Pinto is credited with the vision of the Ryan Group of schools. Mrs. Grace Pinto has put in great effort to transform this vision into reality.

  1. What is the rank of Ryan International School in India?

Ryan International School, Bardoli was ranked 4th by Education World India for the 4th consecutive year.

  1. Is Ryan a private school?

Yes, it is a private school. 

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