Best 2 Schools in Bangalore with Tamil as a Second Language : Unveiling Curiosity

Written By Eshita | Edited By Varsha & Adi | Updated on 16th Feb, 2024

Are you searching for something like bilingual education in Bangalore for your child? If yes, then we have got your back! You know, being fluent in more than one language is like having an extra superpower. And you are absolutely on the right track. There’s this growing buzz in the city for schools offering Tamil as a second language. It’s not just about picking up a new language, it’s about opening doors to a world of cultural richness and expanding our way of thinking.

So, in this blog, we’ll explore why being bilingual is cool and why everyone’s talking about learning Tamil in Bangalore schools. However, if you have any frequently asked questions regarding schools in Bangalore, feel free to address the query. We acknowledge that not all schools in Bangalore offer Tamil in their curriculums, however, many provide Kannada instead. But don’t worry, we have found something for you. So, we are here to provide you with clear information on this aspect and address everything you may require on this journey. 

Quick Summary

Top Schools in Bangalore with Tamil as a Second Language

Factors to consider during selection 

  • Tamil Language programs
  • Well-qualified teachers
  • Program Recognition
  • Cultural Exposure
  • Bilingual Environment

Top schools offering Tamil as a second language 

  1. Bishop Cotton Girls School 
  2. Devanayammal Tamil Higher Primary School 

Future scope 


What’s next? 

1.   Why is Tamil important in the curriculum? 

In Bangalore, Kannada is like the hometown hero when it comes to mandatory languages in schools. It’s the language of the land, after all. But yes, just like any good school accommodating its diverse student body, some places offer other language options on the side.

Now, let’s talk about Tamil. It’s not just another language on the list – it’s got its special place in the curriculum. You see, Tamil isn’t just a language, It’s one of those classical languages that have seen centuries of storytelling, poetry, and wisdom.

And you may already know that Bangalore is like this melting pot of cultures, right? There’s a whole bunch of Tamil-speaking folks here. So, by including Tamil in the curriculum, schools are not just teaching a language, they’re bridging communities, building understanding, and celebrating diversity.

Plus, let’s not forget the neighbourly bond with Tamil Nadu. Knowing Tamil isn’t just handy for chatting with your Tamil-speaking buddies, it also opens up doors for better connections with our neighbouring state.

Beyond our borders, Tamil has its fan club worldwide! It’s spoken by millions and has left its mark on literature, art, and culture globally. So, by learning Tamil, students aren’t just picking up a language, they’re expanding their horizons, making connections, and becoming global citizens, all while having a blast with a language rich in history and beauty. 

2.   Factors To Consider While Selection 

When it comes to selecting Tamil language programs for schools, there are several important factors to consider. Let’s break it down:

1. Well-Qualified Teacher

The backbone of any language program is its teachers. You must look for programs that boast well-qualified and experienced instructors proficient in Tamil language instruction. Teachers who are passionate about Tamil culture and language can make the learning experience engaging and effective for students.

2. Program Recognition 

Choosing programs recognized for their quality and effectiveness in teaching Tamil is essential. Look for accreditation or endorsements from educational authorities or reputable language organisations. This ensures that the program meets certain standards and provides students with a high-quality learning experience.

3. Cultural Exposure

Learning a language goes beyond just grammar and vocabulary, it’s about understanding its culture and heritage. Opt for programs that offer ample opportunities for cultural exposure, such as celebrating Tamil festivals, exploring traditional art forms, or learning about historical landmarks in Tamil Nadu. This immersive approach not only enhances language learning but also fosters a deeper appreciation for Tamil culture.

4. Bilingual Environment

A supportive language learning environment is crucial for students to practise and improve their Tamil language skills. Look for programs that promote a bilingual environment where Tamil is integrated into various aspects of school life, including classroom activities, signage, and communication. This helps create opportunities for students to use Tamil in real-life situations and enhances their language proficiency.

By considering these factors while selecting Tamil language programs, schools can ensure that students receive a comprehensive and enriching learning experience. You should know how to choose schools in Bangalore that not only equips them with language skills but also fosters cross-cultural understanding and appreciation. 

3.   Top schools offering Tamil as a second language 

1. Bishop Cotton Girls School

What’s Special? 

BCGS provides exceptional boarding and educational amenities, prioritising holistic development. It provides Tamil as a second language to junior school girls students. 

Google Reviews 

The institution has garnered an impressive rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars based on 369 reviews, with students themselves urging parents to enrol their children without hesitation. They commend the excellent facilities and quality of education provided. The school prioritises the holistic development of students and extends financial aid in the form of scholarships to those from underprivileged backgrounds.

Parents appreciate the conducive atmosphere for their children’s education. Nonetheless, a few observers have pointed out administrative deficiencies, citing instances of rudeness and irresponsibility among non-teaching staff.

Quick Stats 

  • Mrs. Lavanya Mitran, an esteemed educationist, serves as the Principal of this girls’ school and proudly holds a gold medal in M.Sc. With her wealth of experience, she is dedicated to elevating the academic journey of the school’s female students to unprecedented heights.
  • This institution caters to students from Kindergarten through to Class 12, ensuring a comprehensive educational journey. 
  • With a student-teacher ratio of 20:1, the school emphasises personalised attention within the classroom environment.
  • Following the ICSE curriculum up to Class 10 and ISC for Classes 11 and 12, the school provides a robust educational framework. 
  • Situated on St. Mark’s Road in Bangalore, it stands as a beacon of quality education and holistic development.

What They Have Got 

  • Extracurricular pursuits encompass a diverse array of activities such as sports, debating, creative writing, drama, public speaking, poetry recitation, and choral singing. 
  • The school provides language instruction in Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Nepali, French, and German. 
  • With an 800-seat auditorium, expansive library, well-equipped labs, and all essential amenities, the school ensures a conducive learning environment.
  • Additionally, students can participate in The Brass Band, led by the accomplished band major Ayesha Malak of ISC. 
  • The school’s modern boarding facilities offer a nurturing and supportive atmosphere akin to a home away from home, fostering academic, social, and personal growth among students.


The average annual school fee is Rs. 1.85 Lakhs. It can be subject to change as per the student’s grades. 

Know more about highest school fees in Bangalore in order to find the correct school for your child. 


The school has maintained its position as the top-ranked girls’ school in Karnataka and Bangalore according to the EducationWorld India School Rankings. In the EWIRS 2020-21, it secured the 13th spot in the girls’ day school category.

Social Media 

While they lack official social media accounts, their students actively provide updates on Facebook. For further information and a deeper understanding, you can refer to their official website.

Varsha & Adi’s Take

In our opinion, The Paradise School is an excellent choice for parents seeking a school that believes in each child’s potential. With a focus on individual attention and diverse activities, they create a positive and competitive environment. The commitment to overall development, along with top-notch facilities, sets them apart as one of the best schools in Electronic City. If you want your child to succeed and grow in a supportive atmosphere, consider this school.

2. Devanayammal Tamil Higher Primary School 

Location – 3rd Main Road HAL Township, Sudhama Nagar, Jeevan Bima Nagar

Timings – 9 AM to 3.30 PM. (Open till 12.30 PM on Saturday) 

Contact – 92428 81105

This government-aided Tamil School is working to provide quality education with a focus on the Tamil language and culture. The school offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes Tamil language instruction, literature, history, and cultural studies. They aim to preserve and promote the rich heritage of the Tamil language and tradition while equipping students with essential academic skills for their future endeavours. 

Quick Stats

  • This school is a government aided school.
  • The level of schooling is until Primary.
  • It is a Co- Ed school.

You may check their website for more information. 

Varsha & Adi’s Take

In our view, this school is an excellent choice for parents seeking to instill Tamil culture and language proficiency in their child. As a government-aided institution, the fees are minimal, making quality education accessible to all.

While we obtained the fee structure for your reference, we recommend reaching out to the school directly via the provided contact number for further details. Please note that the school offers education up to the primary level.

4. Future Scope of Learning Tamil

Imagine this: You’re sitting in a classroom, but instead of just learning maths or science, you’re diving into the vibrant world of Tamil language and culture. Here’s why that’s not just exciting but also incredibly valuable for your future:

1. Unlocking Cultures 

Learning Tamil isn’t just about words and grammar, it’s like getting a backstage pass to a whole new world. From the colourful traditions of Tamil Nadu to the bustling streets of Chennai, you’ll explore a culture that’s as rich as it is diverse. Who knows? You might even find yourself dancing to the beats of traditional Tamil music or savouring the flavours of authentic Tamil cuisine!

2. Global Connections 

Tamil is not the only spoken language in one corner of the world, it’s a language that spans continents. By mastering Tamil, you’re not just learning a language, you’re opening doors to connect with millions of people in India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, and beyond. Whether you’re travelling, doing business, or simply making new friends, knowing Tamil can be your ticket to meaningful connections and unforgettable experiences.

3. Career Boost

Picture this: You walk into a job interview, and suddenly, your ability to speak Tamil sets you apart from the competition. With today’s globalised economy, companies are looking for candidates with diverse language skills. Whether you pursue a career in international business, diplomacy, or technology, knowing Tamil can give you a competitive edge and open up exciting opportunities.

4. Brain Power 

Learning Tamil isn’t just beneficial for your resume, it’s also a workout for your brain. Studies have shown that learning a second language can enhance cognitive functions like problem-solving, multitasking, and memory retention. So, by mastering Tamil, you’re not just expanding your linguistic repertoire; you’re also giving your brain a powerful boost!

5. Building Bridges

Language can be a powerful tool for building bridges and fostering understanding. By learning Tamil, you’re not just becoming fluent in a language, you’re becoming an ambassador for cross-cultural exchange and friendship. Who knows? Your journey with Tamil might inspire others to embark on their linguistic adventures!


To wrap it up, the schools offering Tamil language education in Bangalore play a crucial role in preserving the cultural identity and linguistic heritage of the Tamil community while also fostering a sense of inclusivity and diversity within the educational landscape of the city. By providing quality instruction in Tamil language, literature, and culture, the schools not only empower students with essential academic skills but also instil in them a deep appreciation for their cultural roots.

You must be very sure about one school when you are considering it for your child. Search online, visit the schools, and know your child’s interests. Know if it is good to change schools or not especially in Bangalore. That’s how you will make the correct decision! You may look for other alternatives as well.

These schools teaching Tamil in Bangalore are like special threads woven into the city’s educational fabric. They add vibrant colours to Bangalore’s diverse community, making it more inclusive and welcoming for everyone. By teaching Tamil language and culture, they help us understand and appreciate our rich heritage while also preparing us for the future. So, they’re not just schools—they’re important parts of our community, helping to make Bangalore a better place for generations ahead. 

So, what’s next?

We suggest asking yourselves, ‘What do you want for your kid in Bangalore? ‘ Make a list of the “must-haves and the nice-to-haves.’ Also, don’t be shy, talk to everyone! Friends and neighbours in Bangalore may have some thoughts. Check online too, but remember, reviews are like opinions, everyone’s got one! Oh, school visits!

Take a tour, meet the teachers, ask questions, and see if it clicks in Bangalore. Open houses are super helpful too, you’ll learn about what they teach and meet other parents. And don’t forget the money talk, school fees are just the tip of the iceberg in Bangalore. There are uniforms, field trips, and the occasional surprise costs.

Stay on top of the applications, they may be followed by an interview. When it comes to interviews, just being yourself is the key, even for kids. But really, you can’t go wrong with any of these Bangalore schools, as they are the best in Bangalore. Let us know which one you end up enrolling your kid in!

Varsha & Adi

Hi, we are Varsha and Adi, and we’re on a mission to help parents make the right choice for their kids’ education. Picking a school is like a 10-year commitment, and we realized parents needed clear, no-nonsense info. That’s why we created Candid Schools, where you can get the real deal on schools without the fancy jargon. Our goal is simple: to give parents the info they need to make the best choice for their little ones.

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