Seshadripuram Public School Reviews, Yelahanka, Bengaluru 2025-26

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Our Honest Review

Seshadripuram Public School (SPS) in North Bangalore, is a top ICSE school in Yelahanka, offering co-ed education from Montessori to Grade XII. Affiliated with CISCE, SPS provides a nurturing environment away from the city’s hustle. You can also read here why ICSE schools are better than CBSE schools.

SPS emphasises the importance of the primary school years, fostering a love for reading, numbers, and discovery. The school believes in exploration-based learning, where children engage with nature, maths, language, and music through practical activities. 

The school fosters an atmosphere of love, care, and concern, free from punishment and threats, ensuring each child feels secure and develops camaraderie and a positive attitude toward learning.

The curriculum at SPS aims to develop character, community spirit, and fair play. Students learn about the complexities of science, social institutions, and literature, enhancing their logical thinking and cultural appreciation. By encouraging goal-setting and teamwork, SPS instils the values of hard work and collaboration.

SPS creates an environment where natural curiosity drives learning, sparking imagination and allowing children to express their thoughts and feelings, reducing frustration and promoting a love for learning.

About the School

Seshadripuram Public School Reviews
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We have categorized Seshadripuram Public School into our Mainstream School Category. Let’s find out more about it:

What is a Mainstream School?

A mainstream school is the ultimate hub of learning where students dive into a world of endless possibilities. Its where young minds embark on a thrilling journey through subjects like math, science, and history, guided by a structured curriculum. These schools in India, welcome all children from the community, providing a robust education that prepares them for a future full of potential.

Why is Seshadripuram Public School a Mainstream School?

  • SPS is categorized as a mainstream educational institution, offering a well-rounded learning environment. It emphasizes academic excellence, evident in its recent 100% pass rate high scores in ICSE exams, and sports achievements, with students excelling in national competitions like skating and taekwondo.
  • Also, this school welcomes students from diverse backgrounds and abilities, striving to meet the educational needs of every individual, including those with disabilities or special educational requirements.

Why this school?

We’ve thoroughly evaluated this school to help you understand why it’s an excellent choice. Through detailed discussions with school authorities and an extensive exploration of the campus, we have identified two key Unique Selling Points (USPs) that set the school apart. Let’s take a look at them:

USP#1: Co-curriculars: SPS Yelahanka excels with a well-rounded curriculum that blends academics with vibrant co-curricular activities. Students explore interests in music, arts, sports, and clubs, building skills like leadership and teamwork. The house system fosters a sense of community and healthy competition. Recognized for innovation, students have won awards like the INSPIRE Awards. The school emphasises practical learning through SUPW, educational trips, MUN, and road safety programs. 

The annual SAME exhibition showcases science, art, and mathematics, engaging students in hands-on projects. Investiture ceremonies and events empower students, making SPS Yelahanka a place where confidence, creativity, and character development thrive.

USP#2: Holistic Development: Seshadripuram Public School distinguishes itself through its dedicated focus on nurturing students’ holistic development. This commitment is underscored by their exceptional academic achievements, as evidenced by continuously securing 100 % pass rate in the 2023–24 ICSE results, with the highest score reaching 98.4%. The school also excels in sports, with recent triumphs including a student winning gold at the National Skating Championship.  

Additionally, SPS has garnered multiple accolades in Taekwondo and various other sports, showcasing its robust sports program that complements its strong academic foundation. These successes reflect the school’s comprehensive approach to fostering well-rounded individuals poised for success in all endeavours.

Basic Stats

  • The principal, Parimala L. K. Srinivasan is exceptionally dedicated and consistently works towards the growth and development of the school. Her insights and commitment are pivotal to the school’s success.
  • The student-teacher ratio is good at 20:1, ensuring personalized attention.
  • The school offers co-education from Montessori to grade XII.
  • The school is affiliated with CISCE and the ICSE Board.
  • The school is located on Mother Dairy Road, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore.
Seshadripuram Public School Reviews
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Fees Structure

Seshadripuram Public School Reviews
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Seshadripuram Public School falls into our Standard School Category regarding fees, offering an exceptional value that ensures quality education is accessible to all. Okay, let’s delve deeper into this.

What is the Standard School Category?

Standard schools provide fundamental education and facilities at an affordable price, aiming to make quality learning accessible to a broader student base. They prioritize essential academic skills and knowledge without unnecessary luxuries, ensuring a solid educational foundation. These schools offer a balance between quality education and reasonable fees, easing financial strain for families and promoting financial accessibility in education.

Why does Seshadripuram Public School fall under the Standard School Category?

  • SPS is classified under the Standard School Category due to its commitment to providing quality education at an affordable average annual fee of Rs. 70,000. The school excels in academics and emphasizes holistic development through sports achievements. 
  • It welcomes students from diverse backgrounds and abilities, ensuring inclusive education with facilities catering to all. It aligns with the ethos of fundamental learning and financial accessibility typical of standard schools. To get a better idea about the school fees in Bangalore, read this blog.
Seshadripuram Public School Reviews
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SPS Yelahanka provides state-of-the-art infrastructure, featuring well-equipped classrooms, advanced laboratories, and comprehensive libraries. Additionally, the school boasts excellent sports facilities, promoting active participation in various physical activities. This commitment to top-tier infrastructure and diverse extracurricular options supports the all-round development of its students, fostering both academic and physical growth.



The school’s digital classrooms have digital boards, LCD projectors, and traditional blackboards for interactive learning. Teachers receive training from Edurite to optimize digital board use. The school has partnered with Manipal K–12 Education to provide digital software for all subjects, enhancing educational delivery across classes.

2. Library

The school boasts a spacious and well-stocked library featuring a diverse collection of books, magazines, and journals. A dedicated period is scheduled for library sessions aimed at improving students’ reading, communication, and comprehension skills.

3. Laboratories

SPS features modern laboratory facilities tailored to enrich learning across physics, chemistry, biology, and computer science. These labs have state-of-the-art resources, fostering hands-on exploration and practical skill development essential for academic success and technical proficiency.

4. Multipurpose Rooms and Auditoriums

  • Seshadripuram Public School boasts versatile multipurpose rooms that cater to various needs. The Audio-Visual Room has advanced facilities, including LCD and OHP projectors, LCD TV, Sony systems with equalizer and amplifier, and user-friendly software for enhanced teaching through audio-video tools. 
  • Additionally, the school features an open-air auditorium accommodating up to 1000 people, hosting grand events like Annual Day and Independence Day celebrations. Another assembly room in the basement accommodates around 500 people. It serves as the venue for intra-school events, showcasing the school’s commitment to providing modern, spacious facilities for diverse activities and gatherings.

5. Security

  • SPS ensures round-the-clock security within the campus, particularly at the gates. Security guards monitor the movement of students and visitors, while faculty members oversee the corridors, classrooms, and play areas regularly. Additionally, CCTVs are installed in key locations to enhance the security setup.
  • A dynamic and multi-talented receptionist is always available at the front office to assist with any queries about the school, ongoing events, or admissions. The receptionist ensures that all visitors receive the information they need promptly and efficiently.

6. Sport facilities

  • The Sports Club offers a variety of indoor and outdoor games such as badminton, basketball, throw ball, athletics, chess, and carrom. It focuses on skill development and enjoyment of the game through structured training and interaction with peers.
  • Yoga is integrated into the curriculum to help students manage stress, improve concentration, and build self-confidence. Through breathing exercises and meditation, yoga fosters body awareness and resilience against distractions and peer pressures.
  • Taekwondo is a core component of the school’s curriculum, enhancing students’ self-esteem and discipline. It combines physical training with mental conditioning to promote goal-setting, self-control, and overall personal growth.

7. Transport

The school provides a bus facility exclusively for students, ensuring safe and convenient transportation. This service provides easy and secure travel for students to and from the school.

8. Academic excellence

In the academic year 2023-24 ICSE examination, SPS demonstrated remarkable academic success with a 100% passing rate. The highest overall score was an impressive 98.4%. In the Science stream, the top score reached 87.4%, while the Commerce stream saw its highest score at 81.8%. These outstanding results highlight the school’s commitment to academic excellence across all disciplines.

9. Awards

SPS has earned significant accolades for its exceptional initiatives and performance. It was ranked #1 for Exemplary Initiative towards Faculty Development and recognized by the India School Merit Awards as the #6 school in Bengaluru and #7 in Karnataka among India’s Top 20 best ICSE Schools for 2023-24. Additionally, in August 2023, the school’s excellence in sports was highlighted when both its Under 19 Boys and Girls teams were selected to attend the National Level KHO-KHO Tournament as winners.

10. Extracurricular activities

Recognizing the critical role of co-curricular activities in a student’s development, SPS Yelahanka offers numerous opportunities to explore their interests beyond the classroom. The school provides a diverse range of activities, including music, arts, and sports, along with various clubs and societies. These programs help students discover and nurture their passions, develop new skills, and foster a well-rounded educational experience.

Google Review

Seshadripuram Public School reviews boast an impressive star rating of 4 out of 5 based on 147 reviews.

Parents praise its excellent infrastructure, professional and supportive teachers, and outstanding academic performance. Another parent expressed high satisfaction with SPS, recommending it as the best school in Yelahanka. They suggest enrolling children from Mont 1 (nursery) due to the school’s excellent faculty and comprehensive academic curriculum. The parent shares their positive experience with their child, who joined at Mont 3 and completed the year. They specifically appreciate teachers for their exceptional care and dedication. While there have been some concerns about the management and administrative staff, the school has responded proactively, assuring that improvements are underway. This commitment to addressing feedback highlights the school’s dedication to providing a top-tier educational experience for all students.

Our Verdict

According to us, Seshadripuram Public School in Yelahanka is an exemplary institution dedicated to holistic education. The school’s backbone is its highly qualified and experienced faculty, committed to creating a nurturing and stimulating learning environment. Their innovative approach to education breaks traditional moulds, fostering tremendous growth in students from junior to senior levels. This progressive methodology, combined with a dedication to traditional values, ensures a well-rounded education.

We think this is the right school for your child because the modern facilities at SPS, including advanced laboratories, digital classrooms, a spacious library, and extensive sports amenities, provide students with the resources they need to excel. Including yoga and taekwondo in the curriculum further enhances students’ physical and mental well-being.

Situated in the serene and accessible suburb of Yelahanka, Bangalore, we think the school offers a peaceful environment conducive to learning. This location, combined with the school’s excellent infrastructure, makes it an ideal place for students to grow and thrive away from the city chaos.

In conclusion, we see SPS, Yelahanka, as a premier institution providing a balanced education through academic rigour, sports excellence, and modern facilities, all within a nurturing and progressive environment. When it comes to the overall development of the children, this school is similar to the International schools in North Bangalore, but at an affordable fee. This holistic approach makes it an outstanding choice for parents seeking comprehensive development for their children.

FAQs  Related to Seshadripuram Public School Reviews 

1. How are the faculties of Seshadripuram Public School? 

The school has a team of highly qualified and experienced teachers dedicated to creating a nurturing learning environment for students.

2. What is the school fee of SPS, Yelahanka?

The average annual school fee of SPS is Rs. 70,000.

3. What are the school hours

  • Class Timings: 8:25 AM to 3:30 PM
  • Visiting Hours: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

4. Is there an infirmary in the school?

A well-equipped infirmary with qualified staff is always available to ensure the well-being of every individual in need.

5. How can we contact the school?

You can email them at or call them at 080-22955376 for the 2024 admission process or any query.

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