Sherwood High School Reviews 2025-26

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Sherwood High was started in 2010 by the Emmar Charitable Trust (Regd.) with a simple goal of creating a school that felt like a community rooted in Indian values. Today, it is known as one of the best schools in South Bangalore, offering the ICSE curriculum. Sherwood High believes that a child’s academic life is more than just about studying. 

The school also focuses on extracurricular activities like sports, arts, and student councils to provide a balanced education. Parents and students really appreciate the supportive environment and the dedication of the teachers. Now, let’s explore all about the school and what people have to say about their experiences at Sherwood High!

About the School

Sherwood High School Reviews 2025-26
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What is a Mainstream School?

A mainstream school is your typical everyday school that most kids attend. It’s not specialized in any particular way like some schools are for sports or arts. It’s just your regular school where you go to learn the basics like maths, science, and history. They are designed for all students, and aim to provide equal learning opportunities for everyone.

Why is Sherwood High School a Mainstream School?

  • The school follows the ICSE curriculum, which is a standard curriculum set by educational authorities.
  • Sherwood High emphasizes extracurricular activities like sports, arts, and student councils.
  • These facilities are basic and commonly offered by mainstream schools, ensuring a well-rounded yet standard educational experience without any additional frills.

Why this school?

We’ve conducted thorough research to help you understand why Sherwood High School might be the right choice for you. By extensively exploring the campus and evaluating its facilities through detailed discussions with school authorities, we’ve identified two unique selling points (USPs) that set this school apart. Let’s explore them.

USP 1 – ICSE Curriculum: Sherwood School stands out for its ICSE curriculum, which is known for its thorough approach to education. The ICSE curriculum emphasizes a deep understanding of subjects, encouraging students to develop critical thinking and analytical skills. This method prepares students exceptionally well for future academic and professional challenges by focusing on practical skills and real-world applications. 

USP 2 – Focus on extra-curricular activities: Another distinctive feature of Sherwood High School is its strong emphasis on extracurricular activities. The school offers a wide range of opportunities in sports, arts, and student councils. This focus helps in the all-around development of students, allowing them to discover and nurture their talents beyond academics. Participation in sports promotes physical fitness, teamwork, and discipline, while engagement in the arts fosters creativity and self-expression. Involvement in student councils develops leadership skills, responsibility, and a sense of community.

Basic Stats

  • Principal Ms. Manisha M. Pereira, with over a decade of experience in education and research, is a university gold medalist in M.Sc. and B.Ed., CENTA® Certified Teacher (Level 3), and serves on the Board of Studies at Christ-Deemed to be University, Bangalore.
  • The school follows the ICSE curriculum.
  • Sherwood High School school offers classes from Pre-KG to Class 12.
  • The school maintains a student-teacher ratio of 20:1.
  • The school is located in No. 1, Basavanapura, Near NICE Road Junction, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore.
Sherwood High School Reviews 2025-26
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Fee Structure

Sherwood High School does not disclose its fee structure publicly. To know their fee structure, contact the school at +91-9886711111.


Sherwood High School spans across a 6-acre campus with specialised facilities like English, Math, and EVS labs, along with a puppet room. Each classroom includes multimedia and AVS tools, with designated areas for group activities.

The school also features Biology, Chemistry, and Physics labs, a well-stocked library, and a turf ground. The swimming pool measures 25 metres in length, 10 metres in width, and maintains a uniform depth of 4.5 feet. CCTV cameras monitor common areas and the pool for safety. The school operates buses on 47 routes within a 15-kilometer radius, equipped with advanced safety features, CCTV, and GPS tracking. Younger students can wait comfortably in the care center, designed for play, homework, or relaxation while their older siblings attend classes.


1.Swimming Pools

The school has two swimming pools, specifically designed for different age groups: one pool is tailored for nursery students, providing a safe and appropriate environment for younger children to learn and enjoy swimming, while the other pool caters to older children who may have more advanced swimming skills.

2. Outdoor Play Area

The outdoor play area at Sherwood High School is landscaped with natural plants, creating a pleasant and eco-friendly environment. It features a variety of play equipment, including slides, monkey bars, stairs, and see-saws, offering children numerous options for physical activity and play.

3. Indoor Play Area

For indoor activities, the school provides a playroom that can accommodate up to 15 children. This playroom is also versatile enough to be used as a classroom. The room is designed with child-proof windows that allow plenty of natural light to flood in, creating a bright and safe space for children to learn and play.

4. Sports

Sports enthusiasts at Sherwood High School have access to extensive facilities, including courts for football, basketball, tennis, cricket, and badminton. These facilities ensure that students can engage in a wide range of sports, promoting physical fitness and encouraging teamwork and sportsmanship.

5. Library

The school’s library is a valuable resource for academic enrichment, housing a collection of 6000 books. All the books are digitally catalogued, making it easy for students to find and access the materials they need for their studies and personal reading.

6. Art, Music, Dance

In addition to its academic and physical facilities, Sherwood High School places a strong emphasis on the arts. The school offers structured classes in art, dance, and music, allowing students to explore their creativity and develop their talents in a supportive environment. These classes are designed to nurture students’ artistic abilities and provide them with opportunities to express themselves creatively.

Google Review

Based on the Google reviews, Sherwood High School has garnered a solid reputation with a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars from 220 reviews. 

Parents have highlighted the school’s strong academic programs and extensive extracurricular activities as major positives. Many appreciate the positive atmosphere and the opportunities provided for students to excel in sports and music. However, a few concerns have been raised regarding school management, indicating areas where some parents feel improvements could be made. Overall, the majority of reviews reflect a positive experience with Sherwood High School, emphasizing its balanced approach to academics and extracurriculars.

Our Verdict

In conclusion, Sherwood High School stands out as an excellent choice because it prioritizes the holistic development of students. With a strong focus on both academics and extracurricular activities, the school provides a nurturing environment where students can thrive. The school’s diverse range of extracurricular programs, including sports, arts, and cultural activities, promotes physical fitness, creativity, and essential life skills like teamwork and leadership. 

Sherwood High School’s supportive atmosphere and dedicated teachers ensure that each student receives personalized attention and opportunities to excel academically and personally. Overall, Sherwood High School offers a well-rounded education that prepares students effectively for their future, making it a top choice for families seeking an enriching educational experience.

We also offer a range of insightful blogs that explain the differences between mainstream, legacy, and niche schools. These resources can help you make an informed decision about the best educational environment for your child. We hope you found our review of Sherwood High School helpful. If you have any further questions or need additional information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

FAQs of Sherwood High School Reviews

What curriculum does Sherwood High School follow? 

Sherwood High School follows the ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) curriculum.

What are the extracurricular activities offered at Sherwood High School? 

Sherwood High School offers a wide range of extracurricular activities including sports (football, basketball, tennis, cricket, badminton), arts (music, dance, drama), and cultural programs. Students have opportunities to participate in inter-school competitions, clubs, and student councils, fostering their talents and leadership skills.

How are the facilities and infrastructure at Sherwood High School? 

Sherwood High School boasts a modern and well-equipped campus spread over 6 acres. Facilities include specialized labs for subjects like Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, two swimming pools, indoor and outdoor play areas, and a well-stocked library. The school also prioritizes safety with CCTV surveillance and GPS-equipped buses.

 What support services does Sherwood High School provide for students? 

Sherwood High School provides comprehensive support services to ensure the well-being and development of its students. This includes academic support through personalized teaching approaches, counseling services for emotional and social development, and extracurricular guidance to help students explore their interests and talents.

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