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Our Honest Review

Established in 1978, Sishu Griha School in Bangalore has been a passionate and purposeful educational institution dedicated to the holistic development of its students through integrated education. The school emphasizes teaching Indian traditions and values, equipping students with the skills and knowledge they need for the future.

Sishu Griha School operates two campuses: Sishu Griha Junior School, which caters to students from nursery to class V, and Sishu Griha Senior School, serving students from class VI to XII. Both campuses are nearby and share a commitment to fostering the overall development of their students. The Junior and Senior schools employ innovative teaching methods, making learning interactive and engaging.

Recognized as the best ICSE school in Bangalore, Sishu Griha School provides world-class facilities and infrastructure to ensure a comfortable and conducive learning environment. The school offers a variety of programs designed to help students develop essential life skills. Many of these programs are in partnership with renowned academies and organizations, providing students with enhanced opportunities for growth and development.

About the School

sishu griha school reviews
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Sishu Griha School is a renowned educational institution known for its unwavering commitment to fostering academic excellence and holistic development among its students. Based on these qualities, the school can be classified into the Mainstream School and Legacy School categories.

What is Mainstream School?

A mainstream school follows the standard curriculum, offering a broad range of academic and extracurricular programs for all students. It includes everyone, even those with special needs, ensuring equal learning opportunities. 

Why is Sishu Griha School a Mainstream School?

  • The school follows a standard curriculum prescribed by the ICSE Board, New Delhi. From the primary classes, the school teaches regular subjects such as languages, mathematics, science, social studies, and computer science, helping students prepare for middle and high school.
  • The school caters for students from diverse backgrounds and has developed an inclusive environment.

What is Legacy School?

A legacy school is an educational institution with a long history and an established reputation for excellence. These schools often have traditions and values passed down through generations. Legacy schools foster a strong sense of community and heritage.

Why is Sishu Griha School a Legacy School?

  • Sishu Griha Junior School is a distinguished legacy of academic excellence and active community engagement. Throughout its history, the school has been committed to fostering comprehensive student development.
  • The school boasts a highly qualified teaching staff dedicated to educating students and equipping them to compete globally. The school teachers are committed to nurturing each student’s potential.

Why this School

Many parents ask themselves whether the school provides everything they want or meets their checklist. It is sometimes difficult to figure out which school to choose as they often appear similar. However, there are unique features that make a school stand out. Let us also explore the unique selling points (USPs) of Sishu Griha School, Bangalore.

USP #1: The school provides students with a platform called Q-SHALA that fosters curiosity among students. This program offers unique learning experiences like quizzes, storytelling, and critical thinking exercises.

It is designed for students from classes 1 to 9 and aims to cultivate a deep love for learning while preparing students for the future.

USP #2: The school has launched a program making music accessible to every student. This initiative is conducted by the Subramaniam Academy of Performing Arts (SAPA) every week. It includes seminars and workshops led by various world-renowned artists.

USP #3: The school organizes Anveshan, a platform for students to present their inventions in subjects they are interested in. These programs help students articulate their projects and boost their confidence.

Basic Stats

  • The school principal, Ms Sujatha Mohandas, says the school motto “ Thamosoma Jyothir Gamaya” signifies the journey from darkness to light and ignorance to knowledge.
  • The student-teacher ratio is 1:30.
  • The school is affiliated to ICSE Board, New Delhi.
  • The school caters for students from nursery to class 12th.
  • The Senior school address is No.3, HAL 3rd Stage, New Thippasandra Post, Bangalore – 560075 and for the Junior school, it is 143/1, 5th Main Road, 6th Cross, Malleshpalya, New Thippasandra Post, Bangalore – 560075.
sishu griha school reviews
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Sishu Griha School boasts a modern campus surrounded by greenery. The school provides a safe environment for students and ensures they have access to all necessary facilities. It stands out as one of the few best schools in Bangalore that has redefined infrastructure standards. With a focus on holistic development, the school strives to create an enriching and nurturing atmosphere for all its students.


The school provides nearly everything its students need. Sishu Griha has a world-class infrastructure and the best facilities to ensure student comfort. Some of the facilities provided by the school include-


The school has spacious classrooms equipped with smart boards. The classrooms have comfortable furniture, and the junior classrooms feature bulletin boards for important notices.


The school has Physics, Chemistry, and Biology labs for senior students. These labs provide hands-on learning experiences, with staff always present to assist students in performing experiments and ensuring their safety.

Computer lab

The school has two fully functioning computer labs. From Class I onwards, students are exposed to computers and their applications. The labs present world-class furniture and facilities, and trained staff are always available to assist students.


The school has well-furnished libraries for both junior and senior students. They contain reference books, encyclopedias, age-appropriate books, novels, journals, magazines, and newsletters. Students can access and read books from the library.

Art & Craft Room

The school has a spacious and vibrant arts & crafts room designed to foster creativity. It provides students with the opportunity to explore their innovative and artistic abilities.

Music & Drama Studios

This studio helps students get trained in music and drama. It is equipped with various instruments and has a dedicated sitting area for students to rest. The spacious studio provides a safe space for students to enhance their talents.


The school prioritizes the fitness and health of its students. Each class is allotted a sports period and yoga sessions to help students manage stress.

The school also organizes inter-house leagues and tournaments to foster crucial values such as teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship in various sports activities like basketball, football and throwball.

Resource Centre

The school places great importance on supporting students who face learning difficulties. Special educators are available to teach these students, ensuring they understand concepts more easily and effectively.


The school has a counseling room where students receive care from school counselors. Students are taught how to cope with challenges and make effective career choices.

Medical Centre

The school has a well-maintained medical room with beds and basic medical facilities. A medical professional is available to look after students who need medical assistance.


The school has partnered with a transportation agency to provide school buses. The buses are hygienic and equipped with GPS and CCTV cameras. The school also offers an SMS service to provide details regarding student pick-up and drop-off.

Google Review

Sishu Griha School has a rating of 4.6 / 5 on Google. 

Parents and students have praised the school. One parent writes that it is a great school with excellent teachers and a wonderful ambience that helps instill values and provide quality education to the students. They also mention that the school provides ample opportunities for students to participate in various events.

Another parent writes that the school offers a wonderful Montessori education and provides students with a healthy educational approach. They also praise the school for its great teachers, play areas, and excellent programs.

Our Verdict

Our verdict on Sishu Griha School is that their innovative teaching methods aim to enhance the learning experience. These methods ensure that education is informative and also engaging and interactive, fostering critical thinking and creativity among students.

This holistic approach is complemented by world-class facilities and infrastructure, creating a comfortable and conducive environment where students can thrive academically and socially.

Moreover, the school is offering a comprehensive range of programs and extracurricular activities that enrich the educational experience. These programs, often partnered with prestigious academies and organizations, provide opportunities to explore their interests and talents beyond the classroom.

As a result, Sishu Griha School not only shapes young minds academically but also nurtures well-rounded individuals equipped to make meaningful contributions to society.

We hope our Shishu Griha School review blog helped you in making up your mind. However, if you still have doubts or questions you can check out our best schools in Bangalore East blog. Remember we are always here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

FAQs on Sishu Griha School Reviews

Q1. What facilities does Sishu Griha School offer?

Sishu Griha School provides world-class facilities and infrastructure, including well-equipped classrooms, science and computer labs, libraries, sports facilities, and spaces for arts and extracurricular activities. These facilities support both academic and personal development.

Q2. How are the campuses structured at Sishu Griha School? 

Sishu Griha School operates two campuses: Sishu Griha Junior School for nursery to class V, and Sishu Griha Senior School for classes VI to XII. Both campuses are located close to each other.

Q3. How are the campuses structured at Sishu Griha School? 

Sishu Griha School operates two campuses: Sishu Griha Junior School for nursery to class V, and Sishu Griha Senior School for classes VI to XII. Both campuses are located close to each other, facilitating a seamless educational journey for students.

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