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Our Honest Review

Sri Chaitanya School in Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore have established themselves as a premier chain of educational institutions in the region. Founded in 1986 by Dr. B.S. Rao and Dr. Jhansi Lakshmi Bai, Sri Chaitanya Schools have expanded significantly, providing quality education across various parts of India. Their vision was to create an institution that excelled in academics and prepared students for competitive exams, fostering overall development.

The first Sri Chaitanya school began in Vijayawada, focusing on intermediate education with special coaching for engineering and medical entrance exams. Following its success in Andhra Pradesh, the school expanded to other states, including Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. The network grew rapidly due to the high success rates of students in competitive exams focusing on STEM education with advanced laboratories, smart classrooms, and integrated coaching for IIT-JEE and NEET from a young age.

Sri Chaitanya continued to innovate in educational methodologies, introducing the concept of “techno schools,” which integrate technology into the curriculum, preparing students for the digital age. Sri Chaitanya Schools have established multiple branches in Bangalore. And among the best schools in Bangalore, Sri Chaitanya School stand out for their commitment to academic excellence, state-of-the-art facilities, and a comprehensive approach to education that ensures students are well-prepared for the future. Let’s take a deeper look in this blog.

About the School

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We’ve categorized Sri Chaitanya School as both a legacy school and a niche school. What stood out to us was their emphasis on competitive exam preparation. But why do they fit into both categories? Let’s dive in and find out. 


What is a Legacy School?

A legacy school is an educational institution that has been established for a long time and is often recognized for its enduring traditions, historical significance, and strong reputation within the community. These schools are known for being passed down through generations, with multiple family members attending over the years. They often have rich histories and special traditions that contribute to their esteemed status.

Why is Sri Chaitanya School a Legacy School?

  • Since its establishment in 1986, Sri Chaitanya has been a significant part of the educational landscape in India for decades.
  • Many families have a tradition of sending their children to Sri Chaitanya, reflecting trust and continuity.
  • The school has built a strong reputation for academic excellence and the successful preparation of students for competitive exams, contributing to its legacy.

Now, the second one.

What is a Niche School?

A niche school focuses on specialized areas of education, catering to the specific interests or talents of students. These schools tailor their curriculum to emphasize particular subjects or skills, such as sports, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics), performing arts, or other specialized fields. The goal is to develop expertise and passion in these areas, preparing students for related careers or higher education.

Why is Sri Chaitanya School a Niche school?

  • The school offers a curriculum that integrates regular academics with intensive coaching for competitive exams like IIT-JEE, NEET, and others. This focus sets it apart from general schools. The presence of experienced and specialized faculty who provide targeted coaching and mentorship further supports its niche positioning.
  • The schools specifically emphasize technology and engineering, aligning with STEAM education principles. The school’s strong emphasis on preparing students for competitive exams makes it a specialized institution catering to students aiming for careers in engineering, medicine, and other professional fields.
  • Their state-of-the-art facilities and resources designed to support specialized learning in areas like science, technology, and mathematics enhance their niche status. Despite their strong academic focus, Sri Chaitanya school also emphasize physical education. They offer facilities and training for various sports, promoting a balanced lifestyle for students.

Why this school?

When it comes to figuring out why you should choose this school, we have put in the legwork. In our discussions with the school authorities, we explored every nook and cranny of the campus and evaluated its facilities. As a result, we have come up with three key Unique Selling Points (USPs) of the school. Let’s take a look at it: 

  • USP #1: Integrated Coaching and Academics: Sri Chaitanya seamlessly integrates a rigorous academic curriculum with specialized coaching for competitive exams, offering students a distinctive dual focus that distinguishes them from other schools.
  • USP #2: Early Preparation: By starting preparation from an early age, Sri Chaitanya equips students with the necessary tools and strategies to excel in competitive exams, providing them with a significant advantage over their peers.
  • USP #3: Holistic Education: Sri Chaitanya places equal emphasis on academic excellence and extracurricular engagement, fostering well-rounded personalities in students. This balanced approach prepares them for a multitude of future opportunities and challenges. 

Basic Stats

  • As the principal, Mrs. Mallika Ranganath is a deeply committed leader, driven by a strong motivation to foster the continuous advancement of the school.
  • The average class size is 35, with a student-teacher ratio of 20:1.
  • Sri Chaitanya School follows CBSE curriculum, offering kindergarten to grade 12 classes.
  • The school offers both day schooling and boarding facilities to cater to the needs of students. 
  • Located at TC Palya Main Road, Ramamurthy Nagar, Bengaluru.
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Fees Structure

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We’re putting Sri Chaitanya School in our “Value for Money” category for fees. That’s because the school offers excellent opportunities and facilities that make the fees worth it. Let’s look into this more.

What is the Value for Money School Category?

A school is considered a value-for-money school for fees when it provides exceptional education, facilities, and opportunities that make the cost of attending worthwhile. This could include features like top-notch teaching staff, advanced infrastructure and facilities, extensive extracurricular activities, and a strong track record of student success.

Why is Sri Chaitanya School a Value for Money School?

Sri Chaitanya School falls under the value-for-money category due to the exceptional education and facilities provided at reasonable fees. The fee structure varies based on the grade and curriculum, with an average annual fee of around ₹80,000 to ₹1,00,000 covering tuition, registration, and admission fees.

  • The school offers integrated coaching for competitive exams, giving students an edge in their preparation. This additional support is included in the fees, making it a worthwhile investment for students aiming for higher education or competitive careers.
  • Despite the fees, Sri Chaitanya School offers top-notch education. They have a proven track record of preparing students for competitive exams like IIT-JEE and NEET, ensuring that students receive high-quality teaching and resources.
  • The school provides state-of-the-art facilities, including well-equipped classrooms, laboratories, libraries, and sports facilities. Students have access to everything they need for a well-rounded education.
  • With dedicated and experienced faculty, Sri Chaitanya School provide quality learning. They focus not only on academics but also on extracurricular activities and personal development, preparing students comprehensively for success in all aspects of life.

Considering the outstanding facilities available, Sri Chaitanya School stands out as a top choice in the value-for-money school category.

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Sri Chaitanya School boasts exceptional infrastructure, situated within purpose-built campuses sprawling across acres of land. Every aspect of the infrastructure is contemporary, ensuring safety and comfort for students. Let’s delve deeper into the facilities:


Sri Chaitanya School provides an array of facilities designed to foster comprehensive student development. From state-of-the-art classrooms and child-centric infrastructure to advanced laboratories and a wide range of extracurricular activities, each component is meticulously planned and executed to enrich the educational experience. Now, let’s explore what the school has in store:


Each classroom is equipped with digital boards and interactive learning tools, facilitating a modern and engaging learning experience.

2. Laboratories

The schools boast specialized physics, chemistry, biology, and computer science laboratories. These labs are designed to meet national and international standards, providing students with the necessary tools to conduct experiments and enhance their practical knowledge.

3. Library

The library is stocked with a wide range of books, journals, and digital resources, supporting the academic and extracurricular interests of students.

4. Multi-purpose rooms and auditorium

The school features a modern auditorium equipped with high-tech facilities for events, presentations, and performances. There are also activity rooms for dance, music, drama, arts, and crafts.

5. Transport

The school provides safe and reliable transport services with GPS tracking and trained drivers. Each bus has a bus assistant to ensure student safety.

6. Playgrounds

The school offers facilities for various sports, including football, volleyball, basketball, cricket, and athletics, to encourage physical activity and teamwork among students.

7. Extracurricular activities

  • The school offers a range of extracurricular activities, including Bharatanatyam and folk dance, vocal and instrumental music lessons in Carnatic style covering a wide range of instruments such as drums, mridangam, tabla, sitar, veena, flute, guitar, piano, and keyboard.
  • The school also provides drama workshops and performances to ignite creativity, while arts and crafts activities, from drawing to sculpture, unleash students’ imaginations.
  • At Sri Chaitanya School, students not only participate in debating, quiz competitions, and cultural events but also actively conduct these activities, honing their leadership and organizational skills while fostering a vibrant school community.

8. Special programs

RIS launched Ryan TV with the aim of equipping the students with skills to explore and realize their multiple talents in media and video production. Ryan TV carries out various media courses for students in Content creation for video production, post-production work in short films, Advertising, and TV News Journalism.

Google Review

Sri Chaitanya School has received a commendable rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars on Google reviews. Parents express satisfaction with the quality of education, praising the interactive teaching style and the ability of teachers to explain concepts clearly and understandably. Another parent highlights the excellent infrastructure and facilities. However, there are concerns raised about the volume of homework assigned.

Our Verdict

Our verdict is that Sri Chaitanya School offer an exceptional educational experience with their outstanding infrastructure, comprehensive facilities, and dedication to student development. The purpose-built campuses provide a modern and safe environment for learning, while the abundant facilities cater to various aspects of student growth.

Furthermore, Sri Chaitanya School go the extra mile in preparing students for future challenges by integrating specialized coaching for competitive exams like IIT-JEE and NEET. This focused approach, coupled with experienced faculty and extracurricular opportunities, ensures that students receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for success in all aspects of life.

However, before delving into a review of Sri Chaitanya school, it’s crucial to determine what you’re seeking in a school. Are you inclined towards a traditional educational approach or perhaps something more modern? Take a moment to reflect on your child’s needs and, importantly, your budget.

We offer a wealth of insightful blogs covering various school categories, ranging from mainstream and legacy schools to new-age and niche schools. Packed with valuable information, these resources can provide clarity in identifying the perfect school for your child’s educational journey. Remember, we are always here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

FAQs related to Sri Chaitanya School Reviews

1. What are the school timings for students at Sri Chaitanya School?

  • School timings are typically from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

2. What would the fee structure be like?

  • Again, it depends on the orientation chosen by the student and the parent. The best action is to walk into the nearest branch of Sri Chaitanya to get comprehensive details.

3. What is the age requirement for admission into the nursery?

  • Children must be at least 3 years old as of June 1st for nursery admission.

4. What is the Techno Curriculum?

  • The main objective of the TECHNO SYLLABUS is to give the students a good foundation in the prestigious IITs, NIIT, AIIMS, JIPMER, AIPMD, deemed universities, other medical and engineering institutes, and other streams with ease and comfort. This is an integrated syllabus, which is a combination of state, CBSE, and ICSE.

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