Sri Sri Academy Review, Yelahanka [Updated April 2024]

Written By Sangeeta | Edited By Varsha & Adi | Updated on 05th April, 2024

Our Honest Review

0:00 – Intro
0:25 – Stats
0:50 – Types of School
2:30 – Fees
3:58 – Goal
6:18 – USP
8:16 – Culture
9:32 – positives
11:00 – Negatives
14:32 – Competition
16:00 – Verdict

You know, Sri Sri Academy has quite the legacy of being a part of Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir under Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar guidance. The school in Bangalore north is so popular, that there’s always a long waiting list for admissions. To address the demand and accommodate more students, Sri Sri Academy Yelahanka was established, located just 11 kilometers away from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir. The new school is gearing up to start its journey by June 2024, and it’s all about maintaining the high standards of education that other 120 branches are known for. Isn’t that amazing!

When it comes to the location, this school is strategically located in Honnenahalli, Yelahanka Hobli, right up north of Bengaluru. It’s only 14 km from the heart of the city, offering the best residential options and handy commercial facilities. And let’s not forget the new Airport Road, which makes getting around a breeze! 

The vision of this school is not just pure academics, they are working to shape future leaders with a strong foundation in human values. Every single day, students dedicate 20 minutes to yoga and meditation. But what’s really amazing is their unique approach to learning. From every single class, they’re not just taking away textbook knowledge, they’re learning one valuable life lesson from each topic they study. It’s all about nurturing well-rounded individuals who aren’t just academically strong but also equipped with essential life skills for the real world.

Following our recent visit to the school, we’re excited to bring you an in-depth review covering all aspects of the curriculum, special features, facilities, parent reviews, fees, and much more. This blog is your ultimate guide to everything Sri Sri Academy has to offer. So, without further ado, let’s delve into all the aspects that make this school exceptional!

About the School

Meet The Founder

Sri Sri Academy was founded by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a globally revered spiritual and humanitarian leader. He advocates for a stress-free, violence-free society and believes in encouraging basic human values in classrooms. These values include compassion, cooperation, friendliness, smiles, laughter, lightness, a desire to help, a sense of belonging, and caring for one another.  Sri Sri emphasizes the importance of strengthening human values and seeing ourselves primarily as humans, beyond borders, religions, or genders.

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We are classifying Sri Sri Academy into our Mainstream School and Niche School Category.

What caught our attention is that Sri Sri Academy put a strong emphasis on cultural values and spirituality. They teach Yoga, Ayurveda, meditation and many other unique aspects to instill these values in their students.

But you may wonder why we have classified this school into Mainstream categories and Niche School. Ok, let’s get into this.


What is a Mainstream School?

A mainstream school is your typical everyday school that most kids attend. It’s not specialized in any particular way like some schools are for sports or arts. It’s just your regular school where you go to learn the basics like math, science, and history.

Why is Sri Sri Academy a Mainstream School?

  • Sri Sri Academy falls under our mainstream school category because it resembles a regular school with well-maintained classrooms and sports facilities. Moreover, it offers everything essential for a high-quality education.
  • They have a diverse student population and offer a range of extracurricular activities to cater to different interests.
  • This school accepts students from various backgrounds and abilities. They aim to cater to the needs of all students, including those with disabilities or special educational needs.

Now, the second one.

What is a Niche School?

Niche schools are like specialized clubs for kids who are really passionate about something like sports, art, or science. These schools tailor their classes to fit those interests perfectly. It’s like joining a team where everyone shares the same love for the game. These schools help kids explore their passions deeply and become experts in what they love.

Why is Sri Sri Academy a Niche School?

  • Sri Sri Academy incorporates elements of Indian culture and spirituality into its curriculum, aiming to cultivate students into exemplary individuals. While the school doesn’t solely concentrate on Indian culture and spirituality, it values these aspects equally alongside instilling fundamental human values in the classroom environment.
  • They incorporate Ayurveda, Sanskrit shloka chanting, yoga, meditation, pranayama and Surya Namaskar into their curriculum.
  • They organize Seva (service) activities and celebrate various festivals to help students learn about giving back to society, become good individuals, and gain knowledge about their culture.

Basic Information

  • The school typically has 30 students per class on average. The student-teacher ratio is 30:2 for Pre-Primary and 1:30 for Grades 1 to 5 during enrollment.
  • Sri Sri Academy provides classes from Pre-Primary to Grade 5, with a minimum age of admission being 3 years and a maximum age is 11 years for grade 5. 
  • The school will follow the CBSE curriculum, and English will be used as the medium of instruction.
  • The location of Sri Sri Academy is Honnenahalli, Singanayakanahalli, Yelahanka(hobli), Bangalore.
Types of School

Day School
Affiliation / Examination Board

Affiliation Status

Yet to be Affiliated

Pre-Primary-Grade 5
Min.age for admission

3 yrs
Max. age for admission

11 yrs (Grade 5)
Language of Instruction

Establishment Year


Avg. Class Strength

Number of students

Student to Teacher ratio

30:2 for (Pre Primary)
30:1 (Grade 1 to 5)

Candid Talk

Smt. Mamatha RaviPrakash
Mentor, Sri Sri Academy

Why this school

After extensive research and groundwork, we’re excited to share why choosing Sri Sri Academy is a decision you won’t regret. We’ve delved deep into conversations with school leaders, analyzed campus plans (even though they’re still in progress), gathered insights from other Sri Sri Schools, and thoroughly assessed the facilities. Through this process, we’ve pinpointed three compelling reasons that set this school apart. Let’s dive in and explore what makes Sri Sri Academy truly exceptional.

USP #1: Sri Sri Academy emphasizes the importance of Indian Culture and spirituality by introducing Yoga, Sanskrit, Ayurveda, and meditation at an early stage. These practices help children develop good character and cultivate the right attitude.

They practice “Sudarshan Kriya” every day for 20 minutes, a breathing exercise that enhances concentration and promotes clear thinking in children.

USP #2: Their objective is to nurture students into future leaders with strong human values, achieved through Value-Based Education. This approach involves integrating life lessons into daily lessons, regardless of the subject or chapter. At the end of each lesson or period, teachers include a related life lesson, enhancing student learning in an enjoyable yet practical manner.

Fees Structure

We are classifying Sri Sri Academy into our Value For Money category when it comes to fees. The reason is that Sri Sri Academy offers infrastructure and facilities that surpass those of typical schools, and most importantly, they are affiliated with Sri Sri Vidya Mandir, a renowned name in education. Okay, let’s delve deeper into this.

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What is the Value for Money School Category?

Value-for-money schools in the fee category are those that offer a good balance between the cost of tuition and the quality of education and facilities provided. These schools ensure that students receive a high standard of education and resources without charging excessively high fees. They prioritize delivering excellent education while keeping costs reasonable for families.

Why is Sri Sri Academy a Value for Money school?

  • As this school is new and will open in 2024, we have closely examined their plans. This school is not your regular institution- it will make a big difference, from infrastructure to facilities. 
  • Affiliated with Sri Sri Vidya Mandir, known for its legacy in education with over 120 schools, it offers affordable fees with excellent value. 
  • Scholarships are also available for the first year, which is a big deal considering how competitive it is to get admission to any SSRVM schools, right?

Given the exceptional facilities and SSRVM’s esteemed reputation in the education field, all available at such reasonable fees, Sri Sri Academy stands out as a top choice in the Value For Money category.

Basic Fees

Rs.80,000 – Rs.1 Lakh (Pre-Primary to Grade 5)
Application Fees

Rs. 1,000 (One Time)
Misc Fees

Rs. 6000/- (Pre-Primary) to Rs. 9500/- (Grade 5)


Number of Teaching Staff

Number of Non – Teaching Staff

Sports Coaches

Support / Cleaning Staff

Security Staff

  • All instructors at Sri Sri Academy undergo “Shraddha Training,” an in-house program that combines ancient wisdom with modern teaching methods. 
  • They also prioritize spirituality in teacher development by offering Art of Living courses, which contribute to their personal and spiritual growth.


As you may already know, this school is currently under construction or may have started when you read this blog. Nevertheless, based on our discussion and observations during our visit to this school and other Sri Sri Schools, we can confidently say that this school will be an excellent choice for your kids. Sri Sri Academy spans across 2.75 acres of land, and while the campus may not be expansive, it is well-sized to provide all the essential facilities for students’ learning and growth.

We were really impressed to see that even though this school is only up to Grade 5, they have a huge playground spanning 1.5 acres. They offer a variety of sports like Badminton, Table Tennis, Athletics, Basketball, Cricket Pitches, and a Multipurpose Ground. 

Another thing worth mentioning is that The toilets are designed really well. Even Pre-Primary kids will have washbasins at their level to make it easier for them to wash their hands. The campus is well-planned and designed with plenty of natural lighting, showing a lot of care in its design.

Let’s take a look at the facilities available:

Area of School

2.75 acres
Number of Playgrounds

Badminton, TT, Athletics, Basketball, Cricket Pitches and Multipurpose Ground
Number of Libraries

Indoor Sports

Area of playground

1.5 acres
Number of Activity Rooms

Number of Classroms

11 classrooms

Number of Auditorium/Amphitheatre

Number of Lifts

Number of Digital Classrooms

Grade 1 to Grade 5 are all digital classrooms
Number of Cafeterias


Ramps for differently abled

Wifi Enabled Campus

Fire extinguishers

Clinic facility

Examination center of board

Outdoor Sports

AC classes



1. Classrooms

  • At Sri Sri Academy, they have 11 classrooms that are designed for the 21st century. 
  • Grades 1 to 5 have fully equipped digital classrooms. The classrooms are filled with natural light and fresh air.

2. Library

Sri Sri Academy features a cozy library filled with a wide range of books covering different topics and interests, providing students with a welcoming space to discover new worlds and expand their knowledge.

3. Multi-purpose room

They even have 1 activity room where students get to learn Dance, Music, Drama, Arts & Crafts.

4. Transport

The school provides cameras, seat belts on each seat, 2-way communication, GPS, and safe buses to drive children to and from school. Drivers are hired after a driving test and a medical test to ensure the complete safety of the children.

The school provides bus transportation services to students residing within a 25-kilometer radius of the campus, offering affordable charges for this convenient facility.

5. Playgrounds

Sri Sri Academy has huge playgrounds spanning 1.5 acres, providing students with exceptional sports facilities, including: Badminton, Table Tennis, Athletics, BasketBall, Cricket Pitches and Multipurpose Ground.

6. Hygienic Campus

Keeping everything clean is very important at Sri Sri Academy. They have 2 cleaning staff who work hard to make sure every part of the campus, like classrooms, the library, and the kids’ play areas, are carefully cleaned and sanitized. What’s special is that they don’t use any strong chemicals for cleaning.

7. Extracurricular activities

  • At Sri Sri Academy students get special classes for Music, Dance, Art and Craft.
  • This school values mental health highly. They include yoga, meditation, and Suryanamaskar in the students’ curriculum to promote well-being.
  • Various workshops are organized at Sri Sri Academy, such as the Art of Living Workshop designed for students in classes 1 and 2, the Sri Sri Sanskar Kendra Workshop, and the Pragya Yoga workshop.
  • They arrange service activities and hold festivals to teach students about helping others, becoming better people, and learning about their culture.
  • Every day, they practice “Sudarshan Kriya” for 20 minutes. This breathing exercise helps improve concentration and encourages clear thinking in children.

8. Special Programs

  • Every Monday morning, Rudrabhishekam will be performed within the university campus, while every Thursday features Gurupuja and melodious bhajans sung by university students.
  • Every month, on “Pushya Nakshatra,” Sri Sri Academy offers “Swarnaprashan,” a practice that benefits children’s growth and development, as mentioned in ancient pediatric texts. This practice has several advantages, including improved intelligence, speech, and memory, as well as reduced common infections.
  • Parents will receive special sessions on child health, diet, and overall development.

Our Verdict

Before we delve into our thoughts on Sri Sri Academy, we want to emphasize the importance of figuring out what you’re looking for in a school. Understanding your preferences, whether it’s a traditional setting or a more modern approach, is crucial. Each child is unique, so take the time to consider your child’s needs and your budget before making a decision.

So, now let us share our opinion on Sri Sri Academy.

We believe that Sri Sri Academy in Yelahanka will be just as exceptional as other Sri Sri schools. This school is set to be renowned for nurturing great leaders with strong human values. During our visits to other Sri Sri Schools, we observed how they incorporate Indian cultural values and spirituality into their daily routines, such as practicing Sudarshan Kriya for mental health benefits as mentioned in ancient texts. This is why we consider them both a niche and mainstream school, recognizing their ability to provide outstanding value for the fees paid, ensuring that every penny is worthwhile.

We’ve got a bunch of helpful blogs on different types of schools like Mainstream, Legacy, New Age, and Niche schools. They’re packed with useful info to help you find the right fit for your child’s education journey.

Our review of Sri Sri Academy should give you some good insights. But if you still have questions or need more help, just remember we’re here for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything else!


  1. What documents are required for the admission application?

You’ll need to provide a birth certificate, the previous school report card, a leaving or transfer certificate from the previous school, proof of address, Aadhar cards of parents and child if available, a medical certificate if the child has a chronic illness, and any specific forms included in the admission package.

  1. What are the fees of Sri Sri Academy?

The basic fees at Sri Sri Academy range from Rs. 80,000 for Pre-Primary to Rs. 1 Lakh for Grade 5. Additionally, there is an application fee of Rs. 1000 and an admission fee of Rs. 20,000. Miscellaneous fees, covering expenses like field trips and school events, range from Rs. 6000 for Pre-Primary to Rs. 9500 for Grade 5.

  1. Can parents schedule a school tour or visit the campus before applying? 

Absolutely, Sri Sri Academy encourages parents to visit their campus, even during the construction phase. This allows you to get a firsthand look at the school and its facilities before it is fully completed. Please reach out to their admissions office to arrange a tour at a time that works best for you.

Varsha & Adi

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