Vagdevi Vilas School Reviews, Marathahalli, Bangalore 2025-26

Written By Vasudha | Edited By Varsha & Adi | Updated on th July, 2024

Our Honest Review

Established in 2004, Vagdevi Vilas School is one of the best CBSE schools in Marathahalli. The school offers a healthy, pollution-free environment with modern facilities, including well equipped classrooms, labs, and an audio-visual room. Learning is interactive, with Digi Class boards for active participation. 

Teachers act as facilitators, engaging students with projects, presentations, and quizzes. Counseling services support students’ well-being, while a spacious playground and extracurricular activities promote physical and emotional development. The school emphasizes Indian culture through festivals and celebrations. 

Pre-primary education follows a play-based, child-centered approach, focusing on foundational skills and social development. The school is renowned as one of the best schools in Marathahalli for its holistic education, fostering academic excellence and skills in extracurricular activities like dance, music, art, and yoga through additional classes and competitions.

About the School

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We are classifying Vagdevi Vilas School into our Mainstream School Category. You might be wondering why we’ve classified this school as mainstream. Let’s explore that a bit further.


What is a Mainstream School?

You usually see mainstream schools around your neighborhood, where kids of all kinds go to learn. They have regular math, science, English, and social studies classes.

 But it’s not just about studying—they also offer fun activities like sports, clubs, and arts programs to make school more enjoyable. These schools welcome everyone, no matter who you are or what you like. They aim to give you a complete education and help you figure out what you’re into! The best part is that mainstream schools often have extra help available for kids who need it, so everyone can learn together. 

Why is Vagdevi Vilas School a Mainstream School?

Vagdevi Vilas School in Marathahalli, Bengaluru, can be considered a mainstream school for several reasons:

  • It is affiliated with a recognized educational board – the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), which is standard for mainstream schools in India.
  • The school provides a comprehensive curriculum that includes academic subjects, physical education, arts, and other extracurricular activities like dance, music, art and yoga.
  • Vagdevi Vilas School likely accommodates students from various backgrounds and with different learning needs, ensuring an inclusive educational environment.
  • The school offers appropriate facilities and resources, such as smart classrooms, well-equipped labs, a well-stocked library, a spacious playground, and dedicated areas for art, dance, music, and yoga, to support the educational and developmental needs of the students.

By meeting these criteria, Vagdevi Vilas School aligns with the principles of mainstream education, aiming to provide a well-rounded and inclusive learning experience for all students.

Why this School?

To understand why you should choose this school, we did thorough research. We conversed with the school authorities, toured the entire campus, and checked out all the facilities. As a result, we have come up with three critical unique selling points (USPs) for the school. 

Let’s take a look at it:

USP#1: Vagdevi Vilas School stands out with its exceptional infrastructure, including well equipped classrooms, Digi classboards, an audio-visual room, an international standard swimming pool, comprehensive science and computer labs, and specialized facilities like a junior and senior science lab, physics lab, chemistry lab, biology lab, computer science lab, and a dedicated math lab. The school also prioritizes sustainability with rigorous rainwater harvesting practices and offers a unique Science Tech Park for hands-on scientific exploration.

USP#2: At Vagdevi Vilas School, extracurricular activities are a key focus. They organize monthly field trips to places like museums, planetariums, and industries, enriching students’ learning beyond classrooms. The school also offers specialized coaching in sports like Cricket, Kho-Kho, Basketball, Table Tennis, Chess, and adventure sports. Regular intra school and inter school competitions further enhance students’ skills in dance, music, art, and yoga, making their education holistic and vibrant.

USP#3: At Vagdevi Vilas School, their pre-primary education stands out with two distinct methodologies – Kindergarten and Montessori. In Kindergarten, they focus on a child-centered curriculum that uses play to foster learning, developing good habits and social skills. Montessori education emphasizes self-directed learning in a structured yet flexible environment, promoting independence and a positive attitude towards learning. Both approaches ensure children have varied, hands-on experiences that support their holistic development, setting a strong foundation for lifelong learning and growth.

Basic Stats

  • Mrs. Y Padma Sagar, the school Principal, is a dedicated and strong leader, and holds solid qualifications of MSc, B.Ed.
  • The student-teacher ratio is 25:1.
  • They welcome kids from Nursery – Class XII.
  • This is a day school and follows the CBSE curriculum.
  • The school is located at 77/2, 77/3B, 77/4, 77/5, 6th Cross Rd, Laxminarayana Layout, Thubarahalli, Marathahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka.
vagdevi vilas school reviews
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Fees Structure

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We are classifying Vagdevi Vilas School  into our Standard School Category when it comes to fees. 

The reason is that Vagdevi Vilas School offers a fundamental level of education and facilities at an affordable price. 

What is the Standard School Category?

Standard schools typically refer to educational institutions that offer a fundamental level of education and facilities at an affordable price. These schools may not provide the same level of amenities or specialized programs as premium schools or high-value schools, but they aim to provide essential learning opportunities within a reasonable fee structure. 

In short, they offer a foundational education without the added luxuries or high costs associated with premium or high-value schools.

Why is Vagdevi Vilas School a Standard school?

At Vagdevi Vilas School, the annual fee is around Rs 80,600 which covers admission fees, tuition fees and annual fees. However, this amount may change depending on the grade your child is in.

Vagdevi Vilas School can be considered a standard school for several reasons:

  • The school provides good education at a reasonable cost, making it accessible to many students and has necessary facilities like smart classrooms, well-equipped labs, a library, and playgrounds.
  • The school has trained teachers and follows the required curriculum, ensuring it meets educational standards and offers extracurricular activities like sports, dance, music, yoga, and art to help students develop in all areas.

Vagdevi Vilas School aims to give a good education without being too expensive. It provides the basics needed for learning and charges a fair price. This makes it similar to other standard schools, focusing on giving students a balanced education without extra fancy stuff that might cost more.

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At Vagdevi Vilas School, a team of 108 dedicated teachers, including Trained Graduate Teachers and Primary Teachers, plays an important role in guiding students through their academic journey. Alongside teaching subjects, they oversee extracurricular activities, providing expert guidance in sports and other non-academic areas. These teachers are committed to nurturing students’ talents and skills beyond textbooks, ensuring a holistic education. Working collaboratively, they strive to prepare students for success in all facets of life, fostering a well-rounded learning environment.

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The school has an amazing infrastructure, with a campus that covers 3.8 acres and is specifically designed for students’ safety and comfort. Everything, from the buildings to the facilities, is up-to-date and made with the students’ best interests in mind. 

Let’s explore further:


Vagdevi Vilas School offers abundant facilities for student development. From smart classrooms and child-centric infrastructure to advanced labs, and extracurricular activities, everything is well thought out and planned. 

Well, let’s see what the school has to offer:

  1. Classrooms
  • The school provides spacious, well-ventilated and well equipped classrooms.
  1. Laboratories
  • The school provides well equipped Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Maths and Computer Laboratories.
  1. Library
  • The school offers a well stocked library, offering a diverse collection of books to enrich students’ learning experiences.
  1. Multi-Purpose Rooms
  • The school provides an audio-visual room and dedicated areas for various activities like dance, music, indoor sports, art and craft.
  1. Playground

The school has a spacious playground for various outdoor activities like:

  • Badminton
  • Cricket
  • Kho-Kho
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Throwball
  • Athletics

They also have indoor sports facilities for 

  • Chess
  • Carrom 
  • Table-Tennis
  1. Extracurricular Activities

The school offers diverse extracurricular activities like:

  • Dance
  • Music
  • Art and Craft
  • Yoga
  1. Swimming Pool
  • At Vagdevi Vilas School, they have a top-notch 25-meter swimming pool for all-round fitness, complemented by a dedicated baby pool for pre-primary children, ensuring safety with constant lifeguard supervision and offering coaching in morning and evening sessions.
  1. Sangeeta Kalamandira
  • At Vagdevi Vilas School, students excel in academics and a wide range of extracurricular activities including Classical Dance (Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi), Folk Dance, Carnatic and Hindustani Vocal, Instrumental music (Violin, Keyboard, Veena, Tabla, Mrudangam), Drawing, Painting, Art & Craft, Yoga, Samskrita Sambhashana, Veda chanting, Bhagavad Gita and Shloka chanting, Nitya Pooja Vidhanam, and Vedic Mathematics. Classes are conducted by both in-house and visiting experts from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM, with snacks provided afterward and evening transport available at 5:00 PM. Special performances by Vagdevi Kalamandira further enhance students’ skills and confidence.
  1. Vagdevi Science Tech Park
  • At Vagdevi Science Tech Park, students engage actively in daily science activities where they learn through hands-on experiments. The park features outdoor models covering topics like mechanics, sound, light, and hydro-electricity, such as Newton’s Colour Disc and The SunDial. Additionally, Khanija Bhavana exhibits minerals in their natural forms with support from the Government’s Mines and Geology Department.
  1. Transport
  • The school offers a convenient transport facility, ensuring students’ safe commute after afternoon activities. Transport is provided for students participating in various classes and activities beyond regular school hours.

Google Review

Vagdevi Vilas School impressively maintains a solid Google rating of 4.0 out of 5, based on 341 Google reviews.

Parents have appreciated the school for their quality education and positive learning environment. The school has been appreciated for its infrastructure and amenities provided to the students for their comfort and convenience. Parents have also appreciated the school for striking an equal balance between academics and extracurricular activities leading to the overall growth of the children. The combination of cultural enrichment through Sangeeta Kalamandira, scientific exploration at the Vagdevi Science Tech Park, and experiential learning via field trips creates a well-rounded educational experience and is highly appreciated by the parents.

While the majority of the feedback is positive, few parents have raised concerns over management issues to which the school has replied that they will work on it.

Our Verdict

In our view, Vagdevi Vilas School excels in academics and holistic development. With diverse extracurricular activities, specialized coaching, and modern amenities such as the Science Tech Park, an audio-visual room and a swimming pool, the school offers a comprehensive educational experience. It emphasizes cultural enrichment through Sangeeta Kalamandira, sustainability via rainwater harvesting, immersive field trips, and a curriculum that integrates practical learning, ensuring students are well-prepared for success in every facet of their lives.

But before you dive into reviewing Vagdevi Vilas School, it’s important to figure out what you’re looking for in a school. Are you after a traditional one, or maybe something more modern? Take a moment to consider your child’s needs and most importantly your budget. 

We have actually got some pretty insightful blogs covering various school categories, ranging from Mainstream and Legacy schools to New Age and Niche schools. They’re packed with helpful information that could really give you some clarity in finding the perfect fit for your child’s educational journey. 

We hope our Vagdevi Vilas School review blog helped you in making up your mind. However, if you still have doubts or questions you can check out our FAQ of CBSE Schools In Bangalore blog. Remember we are always here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

FAQs of Vagdevi Vilas School Reviews

  1. How can I enroll my child at Vagdevi Vilas School? 

To apply for Pre-Primary at Vagdevi Vilas School, submit a passport size photo, original birth certificate for verification, and a copy with the application form. For Class 1 and above, include an Aadhar copy of the student and parents, and provide the SATS number. Submit the original Transfer Certificate (TC) on the reopening day. Outstation TCs need endorsement from the respective State Board authority. Contact the school office at 8050005851 or 080-28495850 for more information.

  1. What are the safety measures in place at Vagdevi Vilas School? 

Vagdevi Vilas School prioritizes student safety with measures including CCTV surveillance, trained security personnel, and safety drills to ensure a secure learning environment.

  1. How does Vagdevi Vilas School support students with special needs? 

The school provides inclusive education and supports students with special needs through individualized education plans (IEPs), special educators, and accessible facilities.

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