Aeroplane Drawing For Kids: Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial

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An aeroplane is like a magical flying machine with big wings and powerful engines or spinning blades. It zooms through the sky, carrying people to faraway places. Think of it as a super-fast car, but for the air! It’s how we hop from one country to another, bringing us closer together. Oh, and we just remembered, you know, nowadays many top institutes in India provide trips outside of India for students. We feel these kids are so lucky. These things weren’t there in our time. Right?

But for now, let’s just draw the aeroplane with kids so they can create happy memories with you. In this blog, we’ll take you through each step to draw an aeroplane, just like the way our parents used to teach us.  

Plus, you can practise more with our “Aeroplane Drawing for Kids Worksheet” linked at the end of this blog.

Quick Summary

Step-by-Step Aeroplane Drawing For Kids
  1. Basic List of Materials
  2. Step-by-Step Guide to Draw an Aeroplane
  3. Final Touches
  4. Tips and Tricks to Draw
  5. Conclusion


1.  Basic List of Materials

  • Drawing Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Crayons or Coloured Pencils
  • Stable Drawing Surface

2. Step-by-Step Guide to Draw an Aeroplane

Step 1: Draw an Aeroplane Body

Start by drawing a straight line at the bottom. Then, curve the line from the left side to create the front of the aeroplane. Extend this curve like a wave until it meets the end of the straight line. This will give the body of the aeroplane a shape similar to that of a whale.

Step 2: Draw the Wings

Now, draw a curved oval shape in the middle of the aeroplane for the main wings. Then, at the back end of the aeroplane, draw another curved oval for the tail wings as shown in the picture above.

Step 3: Draw the Windows and Cockpit

Now, draw a circle at the front of the aeroplane for the cockpit. Behind it, draw three circles to show the windows, just like in the picture.

Step 4: Highlight the Outline

Let’s highlight the outer line. Just go over the outline of the aeroplane with a slightly darker or thicker line. 

Step 5: Colour you Aeroplane

Finally, it’s time to add some colour to your aeroplane! You can choose any colour combinations you like to make your aeroplane unique and colourful.

Final Touches

After colouring your aeroplane, take a look for any extra lines or marks and erase them. To make your drawing even more lively, add some fluffy clouds near the aeroplane. It’ll give your drawing a realistic touch, like the aeroplane is flying through the sky.   

Tips and Tricks to Draw

  • Start by outlining the aeroplane’s basic structure using simple shapes like circles and triangles.
  • Sketch lightly and take your time. You can always darken your lines later once you’re happy with the shape.
  • Refer to the attached images in the guide to accurately draw the aeroplane body.
  • Remember, practice makes perfect! Don’t feel discouraged if your first tries don’t meet your expectations.
  • Keep practising and experimenting with various styles and techniques to enhance your skills.


Hey there, budding artists! We’ve finished our aeroplane drawing journey! Just remember, drawing is all about having fun and using your imagination. Even if your aeroplane looks a bit different, that’s totally okay! Just keep practising and adding your own special touches. 

Now, grab your crayons and let’s dive into more creative fun! Check out our “Aeroplane Drawing for Kids Worksheet” below for extra practice.

Aeroplane Drawing For Kids Worksheet

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