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Looking for fun things for your kid to do after school in Sadashivanagar, Bangalore? You’re in luck! This area has a mix of cool stuff to try, from learning new things to having fun. Sadashivanagar is a lively neighborhood with a lot of history, modern comforts, and great education institutes, making it perfect for families. In this article, we’ll give you details about some of the best activities for your child to enjoy after school. Whether you want to help them learn more, discover new talents, or just have a good time, Sadashivanagar has something for everyone. Let’s get started!

Quick Summary

After-School activities in Sadashivanagar, Bangalore

  1. Importance of After-School Activities
  2. How to Search for the Perfect Activity
  3. Categories of After-School Activities
  4. Options available at Sadashivanagar
  • OVYA Art Academy
  • BPCA Cricket Academy
  • World Music Conservatory
  • Kumar Cricket Academy
  • Beagles Basketball Club
  1. Conclusion
  2. FAQs

1. Importance of After-School Activities

After-school activities serve as additional opportunities for children to engage in enjoyable and educational pursuits outside of regular school hours. These activities play a crucial role in children’s development for several reasons.

  • Firstly, they facilitate the formation of friendships and encourage teamwork, fostering important social skills and cooperation among children.
  • Secondly, after-school activities expose children to new experiences and interests that may not be covered in the classroom curriculum, ranging from creative arts to sports.
  • Thirdly, participation in after-school activities promotes physical health and well-being by encouraging regular exercise and movement, which is beneficial for both the body and mind.
  • Lastly, School curriculum might touch the surface, but after-school activities let your child dive deep into their passions.

In summary, after-school activities offer valuable supplementary learning opportunities that contribute to children’s overall development and success in various aspects of their lives.

2. How to Search for the Perfect Activity

  • Identify Interests: Observe and discuss your child’s passions, hobbies, or talents. Take note of subjects they excel in or enjoy at school and seek related activities.
  • Explore Options: Research the array of activities available in your community, including school programs, local clubs, and organizations. Look into diverse options like sports, arts, music, dance, science, or technology-related activities.
  • Consider Schedules: Ensure that the activity schedule aligns well with your child’s academic and family commitments. A convenient schedule can help maintain a healthy balance between school, extracurriculars, and leisure time.
  • Try Out Different Activities: Encourage your child to explore various activities until they discover the one that resonates with them the most. Experimenting with different experiences can broaden their horizons and unveil new interests.
  • Monitor Progress: Regularly check in with your child to gauge their enjoyment of the activity, acquisition of new skills, and formation of friendships. Remain open to reassessing the chosen activity if it doesn’t seem like the right fit.

By following these steps and collaborating closely with your child, you can assist them in finding an after-school activity that fosters personal growth and provides a fulfilling experience.

3. Categories of After-School Activities

After-school activities encompass various categories, each catering to different interests and skill development areas:

  • Sports and Athletics: This category includes activities like soccer, basketball, swimming, and martial arts, fostering physical fitness, teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship.
  • Creative Arts: Painting, sculpture, music lessons, and dance classes fall under this category, encouraging self-expression and nurturing artistic talents.
  • Performing Arts: Drama clubs, theater productions, and dance performances provide platforms for students to showcase talents, while enhancing skills in public speaking, acting, and performance.

These categories offer a diverse range of after-school experiences, enabling students to explore passions, acquire new skills, and engage meaningfully beyond regular school hours.

4.Options available for after-school Activities

1.  OVYA Art Academy


  • Ovya Art Academy in Bangalore offers classes in drawing, painting, mixed media, and sculpture.
  • Their goal is to provide high-quality art education at an affordable price.
  • The academy has skilled teachers who emphasize hands-on projects to encourage creativity and observation skills in students.

Timings:  11 AM to 8 PM.

Contact:  +91 96862 68115, For more information check their official Website.

Google Review:  OVYA Art Academy got a score of 4.9 out of 5 from 88 reviews.

Address: 17th, 42/4, East Park Road, &, 18th Cross Rd, Between, near Sadashivanagar, Bengaluru.

2. BPCA Cricket Academy


  • Many consider it the top cricket clinic, boasting excellent coaches.
  • BPCA provides personalized one-on-one coaching, access to bowling machines, and hosts a summer camp suitable for all age groups.
  • Founded by a former member of India’s cricket team, the academy carries a strong legacy in the cricketing world.

Timings:  8 AM to 6 PM.

Contact:  +91 98800 43858, For more information check their official Website.

Google Review:  BPCA Cricket Academy  got a score of 4.3 out of 5 from 114 reviews.

Address: gate 8, Bellary Rd, behind Shringar garden palace, near Sadashivanagar, Bengaluru.

3.  World Music Conservatory 


  • The World Music Conservatory (WMC) in Bangalore offers classes in music, art, and singing.
  • The school is known for its excellent teachers and provides ample opportunities for students to showcase their talents.
  • WMC offers special music classes tailored for students from various countries.
  • Additionally, the conservatory prepares students for exams conducted by the Karnataka State Board.

Timings:  10 AM to 8 PM.

Contact:  +91 96862 68115, For more information check their official Website.

Google Review:  World Music Conservatory   got a score of 4.7 out of 5 from 267 reviews.

Address: #42/4, East Park Road, Between 17th &, 18th Cross Rd, near Sadashivanagar, Bengaluru.

4.  Kumar Cricket Academy


  • Kumar Cricket Academy (KCA) in Sadashivanagar, Bangalore, has been a prominent cricket institution for over 30 years.
  • Renowned for nurturing top players like Rahul Dravid and Venkatesh Prasad, it is considered to provide the best coaching in Karnataka.
  • Beyond cricket skills, the academy emphasizes crucial attributes like leadership, teamwork, and communication.
  • Students at KCA participate in matches and tournaments, offering valuable field experience to enhance their overall development.

Timings:  6 AM to 8 PM.

Contact:  +91 73376 67220.

Google Review:  Kumar Cricket Academy got a score of 4.6 out of 5 from 88 reviews.

Address: Sadashiva Nagar, Armane Nagar, Bengaluru.

5. Beagles Basketball Club


  • They offer training, assessments, and wellness classes to improve players’ skills and fitness.
  • The club provides top-notch facilities including an indoor court, table tennis hall, and gym, aiming to develop exceptional players.
  • Beagles Basketball Club has produced players who have represented both nationally and internationally.
  • They organize tournaments catering to all skill levels and exciting exhibition matches such as India vs. Syria, creating a festive atmosphere for players and fans.

Timings:  4 PM to 8 PM.

Contact:  +91 73376 67220, For more information check their official Website.

Google Review:  Beagles Basketball Club got a score of 4.4 out of 5 from 445 reviews.

Address: 54, East Park Road, 5th Cross Rd, Malleshwaram, near Sadashivanagar, Bengaluru.


In conclusion, after-school activities are great for kids! We talked about why they’re awesome and how to pick the right ones. We even listed some classes available in Sadashivanagar, covering everything from art to sports.

Encourage your kids to try new things, meet friends, and enjoy themselves after school. Help them choose activities they love, and remember to check the timings and costs. Let’s make after-school the best part of their day!


Q1. What types of extracurricular activities are available in Sadashivanagar?

 Sadashivanagar offers a diverse range of extracurricular activities catering to various interests. You can find options such as sports clubs, art studios, dance academies, music schools, and hobby classes like gardening or cooking.

Q2. Are there opportunities for children to participate in extracurricular activities in Sadashivanagar?

Absolutely! Sadashivanagar provides ample opportunities for children to engage in extracurricular activities. There are specialized classes and clubs tailored for different age groups, covering everything from sports to arts and crafts.

Q3.  How can adults explore new hobbies and interests through extracurriculars in Sadashivanagar?

Adults in Sadashivanagar have numerous avenues to explore new hobbies and interests. They can join fitness classes, cooking workshops, language courses, or even community clubs focused on specific interests like photography or book clubs.

Q4.  Are there any community centers or clubs where residents can engage in extracurricular activities together?

Yes, Sadashivanagar boasts several community centers and clubs where residents can come together and participate in various extracurricular activities. These centers often organize events, workshops, and group activities for people of all ages.

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