Animals Drawing for Kids : Fun and Easy 5-Minute Guide

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Welcome to our Animals Drawing for Kids blog! Today, we’ll show your child how to draw a cute panda. Pandas are such adorable animals with their playful nature and black-and-white fur.
Knowing how to draw various animals is a fantastic skill set that can greatly benefit children studying in leading schools. It enhances creativity, improves fine motor skills, and gives a deeper appreciation for wildlife. Encourage your child to practice their drawing skills using the worksheet provided, and watch their artistic abilities blossom!

Quick Summary

Animals drawing for kids step by step –
  1. Basic List of materials
  2. A step-by-step guide
  3. Final touches
  4. Additionally, what you can do
  5. Conclusion


1.  Basic List of Materials

  • Drawing paper
  • Pencil
  • Sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Coloured pencils or Crayons
  • Black sketch pen
  • Stable base of support/ Drawing board

2. Step-by-step guide on animals drawing for kids

Step 1: Draw the Panda’s face and ears

Start by drawing a huge oval shape. This oval will serve as the panda’s face. Make it big enough to add the details later on.

On either side of the top of the oval, draw two curves. These curves will form the panda’s ears. They should be slightly rounded and placed symmetrically on both sides of the oval.

Step 2: Giving life to the Panda with its eyes and mouth

Inside the oval, draw two large circles for the panda’s eyes. Position them evenly spaced near the upper half of the face. Inside each of these circles, draw a smaller circle to represent the eyeball. Colour the outer circles black, leaving the inner circles white to act as the eyeballs.

In the center of the face, below the eyes, draw a small circle. This will be the panda’s nose.

Inside this circle, draw a small oval and colour it black to complete the nose.

From the bottom of the nose, draw two U-shapes on either side. These U-shapes will form the panda’s mouth, curving slightly upwards to give a gentle, smiling expression.

Step 3: Drawing the Panda’s body

From the bottom of the panda’s face, draw a large circle that overlaps slightly with the bottom of the face. This circle will form the panda’s body. Also, add another curve inside the panda’s ears to give it a more real feel.

Step 4: Add hands and legs to the Panda’s body

From the bottom left and right sides of the panda’s face, draw two curves extending downwards to the panda’s body. These curves will form the panda’s arms. Now, draw four curves starting from below the panda’s body. These curves will form the panda’s legs. 

At the end of each arm, draw a cloud-like pattern to represent the panda’s fingers. Similarly, at the end of each leg, draw a similar cloud-like pattern to show the panda’s feet. Also draw two small ovals on either side of the panda’s face to show its cheeks. This makes it look really cute!

Step 6: Colour time!

  • Face and Body: Leave most of the face and body white.
  • Ears, Eyes, Nose, and Limbs: Colour the ears, the outer circles of the eyes, the nose, and the arms and legs black.

Your panda should now be fully coloured with a white face and body, black ears, black patches around the eyes, a black nose, black arms, and black legs with cloud-like fingers and feet. Great work! Your adorable panda drawing is complete.

Final Touches

For the final touches, add light shading to the panda’s body for dimension and small white highlights to the eyes for liveliness. Lightly sketch fur texture around the ears, face, and limbs. Add a shadow under the panda to give the look that it’s standing on the ground, and enhance the outlines with a darker pencil or pen for a polished look. These details will make your panda drawing more vibrant and realistic. Great job!

Additionally, what you can do

  • To enhance your panda drawing further, consider adding a simple background. You could draw some bamboo stalks or grass to place your panda in a natural setting. This will give context to your drawing and make it more engaging.


Congratulations on completing your panda drawing! With its vibrant black-and-white features and playful details, your panda is sure to bring a smile to anyone who sees it. By adding a simple background, shading, and texture, you’ve created a lively and engaging piece of art. Keep practicing from the worksheet given and let your creativity continue shining!

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