Carrot Drawing for Kids: An easy Step by Step guide.

Written By Rashi | Edited By Varsha & Adi | Updated on 20th May, 2024

We’re sure many leading schools have a set curriculum for physical and mental fitness for our kids . But we know it all starts from what they eat. Nutrition, vitamins, minerals packed in fruits and veggies are what makes one body fully charged. Remember our mom’s used to say, eat carrots for good eye-sight? Yeah, we’re learning to draw one today!  Many top CBSE schools in Bangalore want their students to become fit and active.They want their students to participate in various sports and activities like dance and yoga.One of the most important factor that make one fit is eating vegetables and fruits that provide good source nutrition and vitamins to the body and thus makes one body fully charged.May it be apple, carrot or any other green leafy vegetables, they should be included in one’s diet especially in the diet of students.

Today,in 5 easy steps, we are learning Carrot drawing for Kids. 

We have chosen carrots because they are a good source of vitamins and by drawing them the kids will get to know about them.

So, take out your drawing sheets and all the necessary items that you will need to draw a carrot. Let’s go!

At the end of the blog, we have provided you with the worksheet for your child to practise. You can download it from the end.

Quick Summary

Carrot Drawing for Kids step by step –
  1. Basic List of materials
  2. A step-by-step guide for Carrot drawing
  3. Final touches
  4. Additionally, what you can do
  5. Conclusion


1.  Basic List of Materials

  • Drawing paper
  • Pencil
  • Sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Coloured pencils or Crayons
  • Black sketch pen
  • Stable base of support/ Drawing board

2. Step-by-step guide for Carrot drawing for kids

Step 1: Drawing the Carrot’s Body

First, draw a dotted line and make the letter T in the centre of the sheet.

(The vertical line should pass a little above the horizontal line).

From the end of the vertical line, draw a curved line till the end of the horizontal line(think you are making the letter V, which has a curved line).

Now, join the ends by making a curved line( you are closing the letter V).

Step 2: Make a leaf, eyes and a smile

On the top of the carrot, mark a centre, and from there, draw a stick. After making a stick, make the letter C in continuity and join the end of the last C to the carrot. 

To make winked eyes, draw one small circle and, a distance apart, draw a small semi-circle in the centre of the carrot.

For eyebrows, make small rectangles above the eyes.

To make a smile, draw a small semi-circle.

Step 3: Add details

Make small lines on the carrot.

Make one straight line on the leaf, and mark two points to draw small lines going outwards to show divisions.

Step 4: Draw outline 

Trace your drawing using a black sketch pen. This step will make your carrot look better and will help as an outline when you will colour it.

Step 5: Add colours

Add an orange colour to the carrot and, for the leaf, go for a light green colour. Don’t forget to colour the eyes with black.

Final Touches

Erase all the extra lines that you might have made during the drawing. Make small dots on the carrot using a sketch pen. Add a red colour to show cheeks. 

Add a square border around the carrot.

Additionally, what you can do

  • Instead of colouring your drawing, you can do pencil shading.
  • You can show a bunch of carrots and different vegetables in a basket or a tray.
  • Can draw a vegetable market with different vegetable stalls. It will make your drawing more creative.
  • You can also show a boy holding a carrot in his hand.


Wow! Your drawing looks great. Good job, kiddo! You have learned to make a carrot drawing in just five easy steps. Show it to your teachers, friends and family. Start eating carrots and encourage others to eat too. 

Even if you have not made a perfect drawing, don’t be upset. It is just your first attempt. Keep practising and keep learning. You can download the worksheet to make your child practice.

Carrot Drawing for Kids Worksheet

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