Top-rated ICSE schools in Jalahalli West,Bangalore   

Written By Aishwarya | Edited By Varsha & Adi | Updated on 07th May, 2024

We, as parents, are constantly searching for the best educational institutes for our kiddo. And when it comes to something as important as their school,it sure can put us in a pickle!

In this blog, we’ve tried to put all the important information we could provide—what to look out for,what the schools offer, how to decide—in a personalized blog to save time, benefit,and conclude your choices from our experiences. 

In this Blog you will get all the details like the school fees, curriculum, and even how the schools look like. Be sure to stay with us till the end. 

Quick Summary

Best ICSE schools in Jalahalli West,Bangalore
  1. St. Claret’s High School: Best for Educational and employment oriented courses 
  2. MES kishore kendra public school: Best for audio-visual facilities 
  3. Schoenstatt St mary’s high school: Best for Infrastructure and Activity hub
  4. Regency public school: best for sports facility 
  5. Aham Aathma vidyalaya: Best for Holistic and Vedic learning 

• Conclusion

• What’s Next


Top Picks

St. Claret’s High School
MES kishore kendra public school
Schoenstatt St mary’s high school

1. St. Claret’s High School

1. St. Claret’s High School

What’s Special?

The school has established a special educational society that offers kids professional and employment oriented courses, ranging from IT,to literary skills. For students who are passionate about getting a headstart for their career,this school certainly provides that push!

Google Review 

Amongst the public schools in the area, St. Claret’s has a pretty solid rating of 4.2/5 based on 150 reviews. One wrote that  St. Claret School is led by teachers who foster a positive learning environment. Parents also mentioned and praised the principal of the school, Mr. Rev. Fr. Abraham Patteril,who is an inspiring leader dedicated to the school’s success. 

Quick Stats 

  • They are an English medium day school affiliated to the ICSE curriculum. 
  • Their student-to-teacher ratio is 30:1.
  • The school is led by the principal Mr. Rev. Fr. Abraham. He’s a firm believer that learning can’t just be taught, it must be internalized. 
  • St. Claret’s is a day Co-Ed. school where Students from Nursery to grade 10 can apply for admission here.
  • The school is in Jalahalli, near MES Ring Road. The road connects to the Main road, so traveling to your child’s school will be hassle-free!

 What have they got?

● So St. Claret’s has a spacious campus spanning across four wings.If your kid’s now in Grade 11 or 12(PU), you can also transfer their admission to St. Claret’s PU college,which is a lush 12 acre campus.

● St. Claret’s is an ICSE school with an impressive library equipped with over 10,000 books (of all genres) and 41 Kindles (a fancier- electric tablet book).

● This ICSE school in Bangalore also seems to have a strong influence of army cadets and NCC as they conduct a yearly “Clarethon,” with students from several grades participating.

● They are on the list of the better ranked icse schools in Jalahalli due to educational programs targeting professional and employment oriented courses.

● St. Claret’s is also in touch with their charitable side,as they conduct an annual “Bright Night Fest” to fundraise for the underprivileged and disabled.

● The school also prioritizes physical wellness and has offered its students a spacious cricket ground,basketball court and has outdoor sports like Kabbadi,kho-kho and volleyball.

● The school has a well furnished science lab (bio,chem,physics) and a modern computer lab where children learn and explore modern technology.


St. Claret’s has offered some pretty reasonable fees to parents at ₹ 40,500  annual fee,compared to the sky-high fees of some posh Bengaluru schools.

To compare, the monthly fee for a kiddo in LKG will cost 3,375/-, which is 2,406/- less than a main city school.

Social Media 

This ICSE school is keen on maintaining an active social media presence with their regular updates about events and activities on Instagram ,  and Facebook .You can also check out their official website.


● On the day of Pariksha pe Charcha,students of St Claret’s were present in Raj Bhavan,alongside the governor of Karnataka. The school received a certificate of participation for the same.

● Their students are  involved in sports and often win inter school tournaments in cricket, football and basketball.In 2023, a few  students of the school team represented Karnataka State Basketball.

Varsha & Adi’s Take

From the details above,it’s clear that St. Claret not only engages their students in scholastic development, but also provides an equal balance of co curricular activities. We think that this school is excellent for icse board students, especially students involved in NCC,marathon and extracurricular activities. Plus on the positive side,you’ve also gotten a good fee structure as well as the able support of Mr.  Abraham,who will surely ensure that your child receives the right kind of education.

2.MES kishore kendra public school

2. MES kishore kendra public school

What’s Special?

This ICSE affiliated school believes in the growth of an individual at their own pace.Thus the school provides one-to-one career counseling sessions,audio-visual learning in the classroom and learning program for hands-on learning(via science kits,educational field trips,etc),is great for those kids who are curious and want to experiment with everything.

Google Review 

The school is considered a good school around the area,with a 3.9 rating out of 90 reviews. A parent stated that this is the best school in the locality and that you could just drop your child at the doorstep, and they’d make sure your child would come out with flying colors. However, there were some negative reviews saying that their registration process isn’t flexible and could be run more smoothly.

Quick Stats

● They’re an ICSE public school with English medium learning and teaching.

●It is a day,CO-ED School,which admits a maximum of 45 students per class, which in a way is better for kids who feel left out often.

● The school has a student-teacher ratio of 20:1.

●The Principal of the school is Mrs. Champa Devi T.R. who tries to implement the idea that “Imagination is more important than knowledge” Every event or Activity of this school is thus dedicated to reach a student’s imagination! 

● They have a decent location in Vidyaranyapura,Near Jalahalli Village Bengaluru,with transport easily available to the main city.

What have they got? 

● Mrs. Champa Devi T.R. ,Principal of MES KK High School and the teachers gave us an idea of their vision for the school. They believe in hands-on learning and also believe in teachers being actively involved in updating and revising themselves in this new age of online learning.

● The school has well furnished computer labs that can accommodate up to 40 students, science labs for all three subjects (phy,chem,bio).

● The school has a spacious cricket ground where students are trained for cricket. Other outdoor sports include kho-kho,Kabaddi, volleyball, basketball and football.

● Your ward cab also enjoys indoor sports like chess, carrom and table-tennis. 

● The school also offers scholarship tests worth 6–15,000 rupees for rank holders,so if you’ve gotten yourself a smart child, you’ve also gotten a partially sponsored education for them.

They have a good campus with a solid sports field and library.

● They also believe in preserving cultural roots,so for a typical Kannadiga, their annual “kishora pratibha” event will be a feast with traditional rangoli making,cultural programs, and competitions.


One of the best things about this school is that the school fee is very affordable and definitely won’t burn a hole in your pocket. At Rs. 26,000/- annual fee with a registration cost of just Rs. 100/- .

Social Media 

In a world that’s moving at a fast pace online, MES High School doesn’t hold back and has active social media where they frequently post about school programs, events, and student achievements. You can check out their  Facebook page. You could also check out their official website


● They seem to have achieved not only your child’s dream but your secret dream as well: to enter the Guinness Book of World Records ( for Roll Ball Speed Skating for 48 hours held in Belgaum).

Varsha & Adi’s Take

The detailed list of amenities we gave above for MES must have surely drawn your attention! At a competitive pricing considering other options, MES kishore kendra provides scholastic development as well as offers a space for children to enjoy and find out about their interests.MES kishore kendra school surely does have a lot to offer,not only to its students but also to its parents.We think if your kiddo is admitted to this school, they will surely love experimenting,learning and building themselves as an independent individual. 

3. Schoenstatt St mary’s high school

3.Schoenstatt St mary’s high school

What’s Special 

The school focuses a lot on skill development and it is their belief that individuals grow only when they are skilled in various aspects of life, not just academics. Thus Schoenstatt provides a rather unique “Activity Hub,”  where students can master their best skills and get a taste of how the real world works. If your child’s a budding writer, developer,orator,sportsman,dancer or possesses any other talent, then this school will really suit him/her.

Google Review

This school maintains a very positive image, with a 4 star rating out of 170 reviews.  Multiple parents complimented their infrastructure and teaching facilities, comparing them to international school standards. The faculty is considered helpful and polite, and it is considered one of the top  schools around the area.

Quick Stats 

●The Principal, Sr. M Joice is qualified with an M.A and M.ED degree. She leads the school’s qualified teachers and administrative staff. 

● They are affiliated to the ICSE curriculum and have an English speaking faculty.

● The average class strength is 35-45 and currently the school has 2000 students.

● This school is located  in Vidya Nagar,Jalahalli  Bengaluru. 

What have they got? 

●  Schoenstatt has an impressive library that has audio-visual facilities and, in addition to books,also has a large collection of CDs for students to use (the kids are going to love this one!)

● They have sports facilities, cultural programs, and new age labs,making them one of the highly rated schools near the area for the batch of Bangalore.

● In addition to holistic education, They also focus on sports, especially Kabaddi and volleyball.

●The school also provides a unique opportunity to partake in pot painting, singing, and freestyle dancing.


Amongst the list of other  schools nearby, Schoenstatt has a yearly fee of Rs. 50,000/-. That’s a pretty good cost considering the effort they put into extracurricular activities.You will have to visit the school and pay Rs. 200/- to start the admission process.

Social Media 

The school has regular updates on their  Facebook  . You can also check out their official website for info on contact, curriculum details, dates, etc . 

Varsha & Adi’s Take

We think Schoenstatt lives up to the standards of any top ICSE school in Bangalore. For the fees that they’ve set,Schoenstatt offers great infrastructure and IT support. The constant support of their principal SM Joice will surely make your ward’s schooling a smooth experience. 

4. Regency public school

4.Regency public school

What’s Special?

Regency is also associated with Sports Village (India’s No. 1 sports education organization) to provide sport facilities to young players, so if you’ve gotten a mini Kohli or mini Mithali Raj at home, this school may be the one for you!

Google Reviews 

The Regency has a great ranking for ICSE schools near Jalahalli, with a rating of 4.8 from over 50 reviews. Students have expressed that the state-of-the-art environment,quality education, and good teaching facilities drew them in. Ex-students of the school also complimented the friendly nature of teachers,who pay attention to the individual needs of each student. 

Quick Stats 

● The Principal of the school is Ms. Rama Kartik, M.A and M.ED degree holder. She has nearly 2 decades of experience in the educational field. 

 ● They are an English medium day school affiliated to the ICSE curriculum. 

● Classes are provided for Nursery to grade 12 .

● The student-teacher ratio of the school is approximately 30:1.

● The school has a good location at AMS Layout,Vidyaranyapura, with three main gates that open to three different roads, making it easy to transport. 

What have they got 

● For book lovers,this school’s library is a win, with over 7,000 books ranging in genres.

● They also have a spacious play area, a cricket ground, a volleyball court, etc., bets for that sporty kid in your house!

●The school is equipped with a conference hall and quadrangle, which is good for kids with an interest in theater and vocation.

● In addition to physics,chem,bio labs, etc etc, they also have a ‘tab lab’ where students are provided tablets to work on and gain the much needed IT skills.

● It’s also tech savvy (very important for today’s world), with labs equipped with not only computer desks but also tablets and a mobile app called ‘parenteye’ to connect teachers and parents, a feature attracting parents but surely teasing the trouble maker kids 🙂


Amongst the schools affiliated with Cisce, The Regency is a little bit on the pricier side, with LKG to UKG at Rs. 65,000/- and higher grades up to Rs. 70,000– Rs. 80,000. However,the facilities and their support make up for most of it.

Social Media

Being a tech-savvy school certainly means that this school has an active social media presence with an Insta account- Instagram, Facebook  and a well developed   official website which you could take a look at to check syllabus, eligibility etc . 


●  It is recognized as one of the top schools in North Bangalore by the Times Survey, 2022.

● A commendable feat is that their teachers took part in the National Level Tata Class Edge Classroom Excellence Teacher’s Competition held in Mumbai, and Ms. Rama Shetty bagged the 2nd place in 2019 among other awards. 

● The school maintains an impressive 100% reception for ICSE and state board higher secondary exams, and also gives equal importance to sports, by winning high jump,running,kabaddi and other sports in inter school- competitions.

Varsha & Adi’s Take

According to us,Regency public school has found the perfect balance between academics and extracurricular activities. In addition to parents being at ease about the academics of their child,this school will certainly also  please your sports loving kid,who would love their campus and training for cricket kabbadi,football etc.With great faculty and a good fee structure, The Regency Public School should definitely be on your list for your kiddo.



What’s Special?

This CISCE affiliated school is spread across 2 acres and is best known for the holistic  activities offered to its  students. The school  gives importance to Vedic and cultural ways of education, teaching yoga, offering self help programs and teaching  gardening to its students( so that children can appreciate nature and stay grounded to their roots).

Google Review

The school has pretty positive reviews on Google, with a 4 star rating out of 234 reviews. Students of the school have praised the school and said that the faculty provided them with the best platform to shape them, with the teaching staff giving great importance to discipline ( could be a very important factor for preteen and teenager students).

Quick Stats 

● The Principal is Mrs. Ramalakshmi Kontham. She believes that the key role of education is to liberate people. Young minds will automatically connect to theory roots when they feel liberated.

● It is an English-aided private school for pre-KG to Grade 10 students.

● It has a decent student-teacher ratio of 30:1,a decent strength in comparison to other school’s we’ve checked. 

● They are located in Gruhalakshmi layout,6.7km away from Jalahalli. 

What they offer 

● The school offers a media room that serves as a hub for holding cultural events and programs.

● It has a good yoga hall and other sports and wellness facilities.

● The school also values the environment and nature, so students are taught gardening. 

● They also provide both indoor sports like chess as well as outdoor sports like basketball.


 Sri Aham Aathma Vidyalaya has an annual fee of Rs. 73,000. For information on transport fees for different grades,you can call the front desk at 09902645678.

Social Media

Sri Aham Aathma Vidyalaya has an engaging  Instagram  , Facebook page. They provide important information about eligibility criteria, board syllabus.,etc on their Official website.

Varsha & Adi’s Take

Although their campus size is a little small, the school is very connected to Indian roots. The fees are also affordable so if you live near Jalahalli, Aham Aathma Vidyalaya could be considered for your child. Do visit this school for better understanding. 


So let’s conclude! We know you want the best for your child ,so it could be very worrisome,trying to select the best school for your ward. St. Claret is going to help build your child’s future with their extensive programs,MES kishore kendra is tech savvy and Schoenstatt has a great campus. All 3 have a good price tag and Regency public school is definitely for your sporty child  and with their limited campus space, Aham Aathma makes the most of its facilities.

We would suggest you talk to your child and understand their needs. Don’t just focus on one feature of any school,but look at the all round development the school could provide to your kiddo.

So, What’s Next?

We suggest asking yourselves, What do you want for your kid? 

Make a list – of the “must-haves” and the “nice-to-haves”. Also, don’t be shy – talk to everyone! Friends, and neighbors, may have some thoughts. Check online too, but remember, reviews are like opinions, everyone’s got one!

Oh, school visits! Take a tour, meet the teachers, ask questions, and see if it clicks.

Open houses are helpful too – you’ll learn about what they teach and meet other parents. And don’t forget the money talk- school fees are just the tip of the iceberg. There are uniforms, field trips, and the occasional surprise costs.

Stay on top of the applications, it may be followed by an interview. When it comes to interviews, just being yourself is the key, even for the kid. 

But really, you can’t go wrong with any of these schools as they are the best in Bangalore. Let us know which one you wind up enrolling your kid into!

Varsha & Adi

Hi, we are Varsha and Adi, and we’re on a mission to help parents make the right choice for their kids’ education. Picking a school is like a 10-year commitment, and we realized parents needed clear, no-nonsense info. That’s why we created Candid Schools, where you can get the real deal on schools without the fancy jargon. Our goal is simple: to give parents the info they need to make the best choice for their little ones.

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