Lotus Drawing for Kids: Easy and Simple 5-Minute Guide 

Written By Lovely | Edited By Varsha & Adi | Updated on 20th May, 2024

Lotus flowers are like aquatic wonders, growing in freshwater spots like lakes and ponds. They gracefully float on the water, with petals shaped like tiny boats. Some are white, while others blush pink. These flowers are symbols of purity and strength, bringing peace and beauty wherever they bloom. Even in some of the schools, like the IGCSE schools, students delve into detailed studies of plants. Cool, right!

In this guide, we’ll walk you through drawing the easiest lotus step by step. Whether you’re just starting out or already skilled, let’s begin! Plus, for extra practice, check out our “Lotus Drawing for Kids Worksheet” linked at the end of this blog.

Quick Summary

lotus drawing for kids
  1. Basic List of materials
  2. Step-by-step guide to drawing an Lotus
  3. Final touches
  4. Tips and Tricks to Draw
  5. Conclusion


1.  Basic List of Materials

  • Drawing paper
  • Pencil
  • Sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Coloured pencils or Crayons
  • Stable base of support/ Drawing board

2. Step-by-Step Guide to Draw a Lotus

Step 1: Draw a Petal

Draw a vertical leaf-like structure on a sheet of paper for the lotus flower’s petal- it will look like a water droplet.

Step 2: Drawing Additional Petals

Now, draw a leaf-shaped structure on both sides of each petal, like on the right and left sides of the lotus flower for the other petals. You can refer to the picture.

Step 3: Drawing Lower Petals

Now, create two leaf-shaped structures at the base of the lotus flower to form the lower petals.

Step 4: Adding Additional Petal Details

 Now, draw a pair of triangle-shaped leaf structures, whose sides are curved in the middle of both the left and right sides of the petals. Then, draw two pairs of triangle-shaped leaf structures on both the left and right sides of the lower petals,  just like in the above picture.

Step 5: Adding Leaves Details

Now, draw two ovals around the lotus flower on two opposite sides of the lotus flower, these will be the big leaves which we see floating on the water.

Step 6: Adding Colour

Finally, colour your drawing of  lotus flower using crayons or watercolour paints. This will make your lotus more beautiful.

Final Touches

After adding colour to your lotus, check for any extra lines or marks and gently erase them. To enhance your drawing further, consider adding a few lines to create the illusion of water, bringing your artwork to life with a touch of realism.        

Additionally, what you can do

  • Start by warming up with simple exercises, like drawing straight lines and curves, to get your hand ready.
  • Use different curves when drawing the petals to make them look more natural.
  • Adding water droplets can make your drawing look more alive.
  • Try out different techniques and tools, like shading and continuous strokes, to see what you like best.


Great job! Your lotus drawing looks amazing! Now, share it with your friends and family to impress them with your talent. Keep exploring your creativity and practising your drawing skills. Who knows what incredible artworks you’ll create next?

For more fun practice, you can use the attached “Lotus Drawing for Kids Worksheet”. Happy drawing!

lotus drawing for kids

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