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Our Honest Review

The Landmark School, established in 2015, is a state-of-the-art CBSE school located in the serene and lush green environment of Avalahalli – Byrathi in East Bangalore. Spread across a sprawling 6-acre campus, the school boasts a modern and vast playground, well-equipped labs, an open science museum, and CCTV surveillance to ensure the safety and well-being of its students. The Landmark School offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, including coding workshops, environmental awareness programs, and exposure to scientific exhibits and models through its Science Park. 

Under the visionary leadership of its dedicated management team and a team of the best teachers, The Landmark School has consistently delivered excellent academic results. In the 2020-21 academic session, the school successfully navigated the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring that students continued their learning journey through online classes. The school’s commitment to providing value-based education and a dynamic learning environment has earned it a reputation that’s why CBSE Schools in Bangalore East.

The Landmark School has a rich history of academic excellence, with students consistently achieving top ranks in board exams and prestigious national-level competitions. The school’s sports teams have also made their mark, winning numerous trophies and accolades in various tournaments. The Landmark School’s annual cultural festival, “Euphoria,” is a much-anticipated event that showcases the talent and creativity of its students.

About the School

the landmark school reviews
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We are classifying The Landmark School into our new-age school categories.

What caught our attention was its innovative approach. It prioritizes child-centric learning, holistic development, and interactive teaching methods. With a 6-acre campus and international facilities, it fosters well-rounded growth.

What is a new-age school?

A new-age school embraces innovative teaching methods and holistic development. It prioritizes personalized learning, interactive classrooms, and co-curricular activities. These schools often have modern facilities and encourage creativity. Think of them as educational pioneers, adapting to the changing needs of students!

Why is The Landmark School a new-age school?

  • The Landmark School emphasizes a holistic and interdisciplinary curriculum that integrates traditional subjects with modern skills such as coding, robotics, and design thinking, preparing students for future challenges.
  • Advanced technology is seamlessly incorporated into the learning process, including the use of smart classrooms, e-learning platforms, and digital resources, enhancing the educational experience and fostering digital literacy.
  • The Landmark School promotes global awareness and cultural understanding through international collaborations, exchange programs, and a diverse curriculum that includes global issues and multicultural education.
  • The school focuses on personalized learning plans tailored to each student’s strengths, interests, and needs, promoting individualized growth and ensuring that every student reaches their full potential.

Why this school?

At Landmark School, we believe that every student deserves a personalized education that fosters their unique strengths and abilities. Here’s why we stand out from the rest:

USP#1 What sets us apart is the emphasis on individualized learning, where each student receives a tailored curriculum that caters to their specific needs. Additionally, cutting-edge technology and innovative teaching methods help students stay engaged and motivated throughout their learning journey. For instance, our students have achieved a remarkable 95% pass rate in the CBSE board exams, a testament to a commitment to academic excellence.

USP#2 The school also prides itself on its vibrant extracurricular activities, which provide students with a platform to explore their interests and develop valuable life skills. From sports and music to art and debate, our students have won numerous accolades and recognition for their outstanding performances. For example, our students have won the prestigious Bangalore School Sports Meet for three consecutive years, showcasing their exceptional teamwork and dedication.

USP#3 The school’s strong focus on community service and social responsibility helps students develop empathy and compassion for those around them. The students have participated in numerous charity events and initiatives, such as the annual “Cleanliness Drive” and “Food Drive,” which have made a significant impact on the local community.

Basic Stats

  • Dr. Subarna Gorain, a renowned principal with a Masters in Education.
  • The school maintains a student-teacher ratio of 40:1, ensuring personalized attention for each student.
  • The Landmark School follows the CBSE curriculum, which emphasizes academic rigor, creativity, and extracurricular activities.
  • The school offers classes from Nursery to Class XII, with boarding facilities available for students from Class VI to Class XII.
  • The school is situated in SY. No: 112/2, Rampura, Avalahalli – Byrathi Main Road, hobli, Bidarahalli, Bengaluru

Fee structure

The school’s annual fee is approximately Rs. 90,000 to Rs. 1,15,000. Please note that the fee may vary depending on your child’s grade.

the landmark school reviews
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What is the value for money School Category?

The Value for Money school category offers a balance between quality education and reasonable tuition fees. These schools focus on providing high-quality education, modern facilities, and a well-rounded learning experience without burdening families with excessive costs.

Why is The Landmark School a value for money school?

  • The Landmark School offers competitive tuition fees, making quality education accessible without compromising on the standard of teaching and facilities. These aspects are recognized as one of the best schools in bangalore east.
  • The school provides state-of-the-art facilities, including modern classrooms, well-equipped labs, sports amenities, and extracurricular resources, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience at a reasonable cost.
  • With a team of highly qualified and dedicated teachers, the school ensures that students receive excellent guidance and support, contributing to their academic and personal development without the need for additional expenses like private tutoring.
  • Emphasizing both academic excellence and character building, the school offers numerous programs and activities that nurture critical thinking, creativity, and leadership skills, providing significant value for the investment in a child’s education.
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The Landmark School in Bangalore is known for its impressive 6-acre campus featuring a lush green environment, 60+ smart classrooms, dedicated creative spaces, spacious play areas, and a science park. The school’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its use of biofuel and unleaded petrol for transportation, as well as its plastic-free initiatives, providing a conducive and eco-friendly atmosphere for holistic student development.

the landmark school reviews
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The school’s classrooms are aesthetically designed and integrated with smart boards, providing a modern and engaging learning environment. The ergonomic desks and chairs ensure student comfort and focus.


The school is equipped with well-equipped science, math, and computer labs that allow students to gain practical experience and develop their cognitive and scientific skills.


The school’s library is a treasure trove of knowledge, serving as a hub for reading, research, and idea-sharing. It is a state-of-the-art, digitally-equipped space that inspires and motivates students.

Multi-purpose Rooms and Auditorium

The school boasts a spacious multi-purpose hall and a well-equipped auditorium, which are utilized for various events, performances, and assemblies, fostering a sense of community and creativity.


The school campus features dedicated playgrounds for preschool and primary students, complete with colorful swings, slides, seesaws, and climbing frames, promoting physical activity and fun-filled learning.

Extracurricular Activities

The Landmark School offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, including sports like basketball, football, tennis, badminton, and volleyball, as well as opportunities for drama, art, and music.


The school’s transport system is equipped with GPS tracking, ensuring the safety and security of students during their commute to and from school.

Google Review

The Landmark School boasts an impressive Google rating of 4.0 stars, with over 103 reviews. 

Parents praise the school’s unique blend of traditional and modern architecture, with lush greenery and well-maintained facilities. The school’s commitment to environmental sustainability and eco-friendly practices is particularly noteworthy. Parents appreciate the school’s efforts to create a peaceful and calm environment, fostering a sense of community and nurturing growth among students.

Our Verdict

The Landmark School in Bangalore is a top-notch institution that goes above and beyond academics. They are dedicated to nurturing well-rounded individuals who embody values like kindness, honesty, and environmental stewardship. The school’s lush greenery and meticulously maintained campus create a serene and pollution-free atmosphere conducive to learning.

The Landmark School employs a blend of traditional and innovative teaching methods to ensure students thrive. They offer a wide array of extracurricular activities, from sports to clubs, allowing students to explore their interests and talents. The school’s commitment to character development is evident in its focus on imparting life skills alongside academic knowledge.

Parents consistently praise the school’s dedicated and skilled teachers, who go above and beyond to support their students. The school’s management is accessible and responsive to parents’ concerns and suggestions. Overall, The Landmark School is an excellent choice for parents seeking a holistic education that prepares their children for the challenges of the future.

FAQs on the landmark school reviews

What type of students does Landmark School serve?

Landmark School is tailored to meet the needs of students who have one or more of the following primary diagnoses: specific learning disability (SLD) with impairment in reading (dyslexia), written expression (dysgraphia), or expressive language disorder. Many students also have a secondary diagnosis of executive function weakness and/or ADHD.

What is the class size and level of individualized instruction at Landmark School?

Class sizes are on average 6-8 students, and all instruction is highly individualized. Each student is assigned an Academic Advisor who oversees their program, matches them with a tutorial teacher, and provides personalized support.

Does Landmark School offer foreign language classes?

No, Landmark School does not offer foreign language classes. However, American Sign Language is offered at the High School campus.

What is the matriculation rate of Landmark School graduates? 

100% of Landmark students are accepted to college, and 94% choose to attend or pursue post-secondary education.

Does Landmark School have a residential/boarding program?

Yes, the High School campus offers a residential program with separate dorms for male and female students. Boarding students can stay on campus during the weekends and participate in a variety of activities and outings.

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