Balloon Drawing for Kids | An Easy 5 Min Guide

Written By Rashi | Edited By Varsha & Adi | Updated on 29th May, 2024

Every one of us in our childhood has played with balloons. The excitement of bursting them or running away with them is different. Now imagine a balloon that carries you and your family up in the air. You are experiencing a stunning view that you have just seen in movies or your dreams. This type of balloon is often called a hot air balloon.

Hot air balloons remind us that sometimes the most extraordinary experiences come from simple ideas. Whether you can watch it moving in the air or take a ride of it, both of these have their own experience. Balloons also symbolise dreams of flight and adventures. Talking about adventures, many top schools and colleges in Bangalore take their students for adventure activities.

But why are we talking so much about balloons? Because, Today, in five simple steps, we are learning balloon drawing for kids. We have also provided a worksheet for practice. 

So, collect the materials, which we have mentioned below and let’s begin with the drawing.

Quick Summary

Balloon drawing for kids step by step –
  1. Basic List of Materials
  2. Step-by-Step Guide
  3. Final Touches
  4. Tips and Tricks
  5. Conclusion

1.  Basic List of Materials

  • Drawing Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Crayons or Coloured Pencils 
  • Stable Drawing Surface

2. A step-by-step guide for Balloon Drawing for kids

Step 1: Draw the outline of the balloon

  • Make a large circle in the centre of the sheet. Erase the bottom portion of the curved line of the circle and join the ends by making a straight line.
  • Mark three points on the circle, and from these points, make the curved lines a little outward.

You can refer to the image which is given above for any confusion.

Step 2: Give the pigeon a wing

  • Now make vertical lines from the top of the balloon to the bottom, thus creating segments. Make sure that these lines should be at equal distances.
  • Make a rectangle in continuity with a line, which we draw for joining the circle ends.

Step 3: Make it more realistic

Make straight lines from the rectangle, two from the corners and two from the centre.

These lines represent ropes that connect or hold the baskets.

Step 4: Add the details!

Now, connect these lines by making a thin leaf. Then, from the ends of the leaf, draw two diagonal lines and join the line by making a curved line.

While making the basket, you can also think of making a bucket without a handle.

Step 5: Finishing up!

We have come to the last step of balloon drawing and the most fun step.

Add whichever colour you want to add to your balloon. If you want your balloon to have one colour, it is on you. To colour the basket, go for shades of brown and colour the ropes black.

Final Touches

Add more texture to the basket by drawing vertical and horizontal lines to represent the weave of the basket. Add a small loop below the balloon and on the ends of the top of the basket.

Now, it’s time to add some glitter to the balloon. You can make horizontal lines using it.

Tips and Tricks

  • In the background, you can draw clouds and birds. You can also draw a sun and place it on the corner of the sheet and show rays coming out of it.
  • You can make a few balloons flying in the air with people inside it.
  • Make a landscape with hills and trees in the background.
  • You can enhance the colours in the drawing by doing colour shading.


Bravo! You have created a beautiful balloon drawing. You can gift this drawing to someone special, like your sibling, parents or friends. Even if you think you have created a mess by drawing the balloon, don’t worry, it’s just your first attempt at drawing this. Always take a step back and admire your work.

If you are in the spirit of learning, you will be making some of the best drawings. A practice worksheet is attached below. You can download it for your child to practice.

Balloon drawing for kids Worksheet

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