Easy & Beautiful Diwali Drawing For Kids in 5 Minutes!

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Many National and International Schools nowadays emphasize the importance of co-curricular activities alongside academics. Drawing, being a form of expression, is often encouraged during festive seasons like Diwali and Holi. However, children may sometimes find it challenging to decide what to draw. Not to worry, we’ve prepared a step-by-step tutorial to guide them through creating a delightful Diwali-themed drawing.

Diwali, known as the festival of lights, holds significant cultural importance in India. It is celebrated with the illumination of diyas (oil lamps), vibrant rangoli designs, decorative lamps, lanterns, and mesmerizing fireworks displays. The festival also involves prayers to Goddess Lakshmi, symbolizing the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil.

So, are you ready to dive in and learn how to create a simple yet colorful Diwali Diyas to make Diwali drawing for kids more fun? Let’s get started!

Quick Summary

Here are the Easy & Beautiful Diwali Drawing For Kids
  1. Basic List of Materials
  2. Step-by-Step Guide for Drawing Diwali Art
  3. Final Touches
  4. Tips and Tricks to Draw 
  5. Conclusion


1. Basic List of Materials

Here is a list of materials you need for drawing and coloring the creative Diwali drawing for kids:

  • Drawing Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Crayons or Colored Pencils 
  • Glitter Pens
  • Stable Drawing Surface

2.Step-by-Step Guide to Diwali Art

We will guide you step-by-step to help kids draw a simple diya as it is an important part of the Diwali festival. Let your kids enjoy a beautiful Diwali drawing using different color combinations.

Step 1

So, first, draw the big half circle for the diya. It is like drawing a happy smile that makes your day bright.

Step 2

Now, draw two oval shapes side-by-side on top of the half-circle, as shown in the image.

Step 3

Next, From the center of the two sleeping ovals, draw a slightly curved line extending upwards. This will be the outline of the flame. Now, draw a series of short, curved lines extending from the sides of the first curved line you drew. These lines should curve outward and upward, mimicking the shape of a flame.

Flames flicker and dance, so feel free to make these lines irregular and playful.

Step 4

Add a curved underline below the two sleeping ovals to show the brim.

Step 5

Time for some decoration, Add small circles below the underline, as shown in the image

Step 6

Now, Use an orange or yellow crayon, colored pencil, or marker to fill in the flame, leaving some areas lighter to represent the glow of the fire. Color the diya as given in the image, or choose the colors of your choice. Use any brown color for the base of the lamp.

Final Touches 

Look forward to every extra mark or unwanted line and erase them carefully. Let’s add the glitter colors to the diya for that extra sparkle. 

Finally, step back and admire your colorful Diwali artwork! You’ve created a beautiful scene filled with the warmth and glow of festive diyas.

Tips and Tricks to Draw 

  • You can draw multiple colorful diyas showcasing the lively colors of the celebration.
  • Rangoli is a traditional Indian art and is considered the essence of Diwali. So, you can use your creative skills and add rangoli on four corners of the page along with an array of Diyas.
  • Take your time and have fun! Drawing is about expressing yourself, so don’t worry about perfecting it.
  • If you make a mistake, don’t stress. Use your eraser and try again.
  • Practice makes perfect, so keep drawing cats until you become a pro!


Ta-da! You have just created a stunning Diwali painting! Your drawing looks awesome, don’t forget to show off your artwork to your friends and family. You can also make this a Diwali poster and stick it in your puja room with other Diwali decorations. Celebrate the festival of lights by making colorful rangoli designs and avoid burning a lot of firecrackers as they pollute the environment. Happy and Safe Diwali!

Diwali Drawing For Kids Worksheet

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