Mermaid Drawing for Kids: Quick & Easy 5-Minute Guide!

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Mermaids are mythical creatures who often appear as half-human, half-fish with long, flowing hair and shimmering tails. They are known for their beauty, grace, and love of the ocean. According to mythology, mermaids sing enchanting songs and live in underwater kingdoms. Drawing a mermaid can be a fun and creative way for children to express their imaginations and artistic abilities.

In this simple step-by-step guide, we will show you how to draw a mermaid in a fun and engaging way that is right for children of all ages, including those attending top-tier schools. Follow our instructions and use basic shapes and lines to create your own magical mermaid artwork to proudly display or share with friends and family. To get started, all you need is paper, colours, and a pencil. To make things easier, we created a practice worksheet for children.

Quick Summary

Mermaid Drawing for Kids: Quick & Easy
  • A Basic List of Materials
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing a Mermaid
  • Final Touches
  • Tips and Tricks for Drawing a Mermaid
  • Conclusion

1. A Basic List of Materials

  • Drawing Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Crayons or coloured pencils
  • Stable Drawing Surface

2. A step-by-step guide to mermaid drawing for kids

Step 1: Draw the Mermaid’s Head

Begin by drawing a big circle. This will be the mermaid’s head. Make sure the circle is nice and round.

Step 2: Draw the Mermaid’s Body

Draw a vertical, long rectangle for the mermaid’s body. Now draw the helmet-like shape on the head for giving the hair to the mermaid. Make sure the line is drawn neatly and cleanly.

Step 3: Draw the Mermaid’s Hands and Tail

.To draw a mermaid, start by drawing curved lines for arms and small ovals for hands. Then, draw a flowing tail that curves to the right. Add a star on her hair and two dots for eyes to make her look pretty.

Step 4: Draw the Mermaid’s Face and other things

  • Draw two small curved lines on either side of the top of the eyes to depict the brows.
  • Add another curved line for the mouth just below the eyes.
  • Design a rectangle on the upper body of the mermaid, for the mermaid’s body clothes.
  • Create two joint ovals near her waist.
  • Draw her two fins in the shape of leaves on the end of the tail. The shape will be symmetric.
  • Imitate flowing hair by drawing two curving lines on top of the head, one longer than the other.

Step 5: Draw the Outlines

Draw the outline and borders to enhance the appearance of the mermaid drawing. And check that all of the sections are symmetrical.

Step 6: Final Touches

Colour the mermaid’s hair a bright red shade. Don’t forget to colour the star in her hair yellow. Use a light skin tone for her face and arms. Choose a nice yellow colour for her top and fins. Colour the upper part of her tail green.

Tips and Tricks for Drawing a Mermaid

  • Start with simple shapes like circles and ovals to outline the mermaid’s head, body, and tail. It’s like building a character with basic building blocks!
  • Look at pictures of mermaids or real sea creatures for inspiration. Notice their flowing hair, graceful tails, and magical features. This helps you get creative ideas!
  • Think about your mermaid’s pose. Is she swimming, sitting on a rock, or waving? Decide on her position before you begin drawing to make it easier.
  • Begin with basic lines and shapes, and then gradually add details. Draw her hair in wavy lines and add scales to her tail with small, curved shapes.
  • Draw lightly with a pencil at first, so you can easily erase any mistakes. Once you’re happy with your drawing, trace over your lines with a darker pencil, pen, or crayon to make them stand out.


Drawing mermaids may be a fascinating and joyful experience! A gorgeous and charming mermaid can be created by following simple procedures and using your imagination. Begin with simple forms, using inspiration from real-world sea animals, and gradually adding details. Do not be afraid to experiment with colours and textures to make your mermaid unique. Most importantly, have fun while bringing your mermaid to life on paper! 

Also, use the worksheet included in this guide to improve your skills. Enjoy learning about and drawing your own underwater companion!

Mermaid Drawing for Kids Worksheet

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