Penguin Drawing for Kids: An Easy 5 Min Guide!

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Penguins are fascinating creatures found throughout the world, from the icy Antarctic to the warm coasts of South America. These flightless birds have distinctive characteristics such as tuxedo-like feathers, flipper-like wings, and webbed feet. Penguins are known for their adorable appearance, playful behaviour, and exceptional swimming abilities. Drawing penguins can be an enjoyable and educational activity for children of all ages.

In this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to draw a penguin that you can proudly display or share with friends and family. Drawing is a valuable skill that can be improved with practice and patience. Many elite schools encourage art education because it allows children to express their creativity, improve their fine art skills, and gain confidence. 

We have included a worksheet for your kids to practice.

Quick Summary

penguin drawing for kids step by step –
  1. Basic List of Materials
  2. Step-by-Step Guide to Draw a penguin
  3. Final Touches
  4. Tips and Tricks to Draw a penguin
  5. Conclusion

1.  Basic List of Materials

  • Drawing Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Crayons or Coloured Pencils 
  • Stable Drawing Surface

2. A step-by-step guide to penguin drawing for kids

Step 1: Draw the Penguin’s Body

Begin by drawing a large, upside-down egg shape for the penguin’s body. Make sure it’s round at the top and slightly narrower at the base.

Step 2: Draw the Penguin’s Belly

Draw a smaller, rounded oval shape within the bottom half of the larger oval. This will give the penguin an adorable belly. It looks like egg yolk.

Step 3: Draw the Penguin’s Eye and tie Bow

Draw two small dots on the face. This will be the penguin’s eye. Draw a small bow tie shape directly below the head. This depicts the penguin’s cute neck bow.

Step 4: Draw the Penguin’s Nose, Hands, and Feet

Draw a small inverted triangle in the centre of the face, just below the eyes. This will be the penguin’s adorable little nose. Draw two simple curved lines along each side of the body to represent the penguin’s flippers (hands). Draw two small Curved shapes at the bottom of the body to represent the penguin’s feet.

Step 5: Final Touches

Use black to colour the penguin’s body and wings. Fill in the entire large oval shape we drew earlier. Paint the belly and face white. To highlight the eyes, leave a small area around them uncolored. The penguin’s feet and beak should be orange. Make them bright and cheery! Don’t forget to tie a cute red bow tie just below the penguin’s neck. It adds an element of style!

Tips and Tricks for Drawing a Penguin

  • Use circles and ovals to outline the body, head, and beak of the penguin. It’s like drawing with building blocks!
  • See how they look. Look at their beaks, eyes, and the way their feathers stick out. It’s like getting ideas from nature!
  •  Maybe it’s waddling on ice or swimming in the water. Decide first and then start drawing.
  • Begin with simple lines and shapes, then add more details later. Feathers can be drawn as small lines or shapes like tiny ovals.
  • Draw lightly with a pencil so you can erase mistakes easily. Once you’re happy with your drawing, you can go over your lines with a darker pencil or crayon.
  • Drawing a penguin is all about having fun! Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, each penguin is unique, just like yours!


Drawing a penguin can be a delightful and engaging activity! By following the easy steps in this guide and using your creativity, you can make an adorable and colourful penguin. Begin with basic shapes, observe real penguins for ideas, and add features step-by-step. Feel free to experiment with colours and patterns to make your penguin one-of-a-kind. Most importantly, have fun and savour the experience of bringing your flightless friend to life on paper! Keep practicing with the provided worksheet to get better. Enjoy this journey of learning and drawing penguins!

Penguin drawing for kids Worksheet

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