Pizza Drawing for Kids : Easy 5 Min Guide

Written By Yohitha | Edited By Varsha & Adi | Updated on 28th May, 2024

Schools today are taking a fun approach to teach us about healthy eating habits, often through baking classes where we learn to enjoy our favorite foods in a balanced and nutritious way. And what’s one of our absolute favorites? Pizza! We all love pizza, don’t we? Pizza is super yummy, and you can make it your own by adding whatever toppings you like. It’s like a tasty adventure every time we make it. 

In this blog, we’ll learn how to draw a funny pizza slice while keeping in mind the importance of moderation and choosing nutritious ingredients. So, grab your pencils, and let’s create a mouthwatering pizza drawing for kids that not only looks delightful but also reminds us to eat pizza in a healthy, moderate way. We have also provided a worksheet at the end to help you practice.

Quick Summary

Pizza drawing for kids step by step –
  1. Basic List of Materials
  2. Step-by-Step Guide to Draw a pizza
  3. Final Touches
  4. Tips and Tricks to Draw a pizza
  5. Conclusion

1.  Basic List of Materials

  • Drawing Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Crayons or Coloured Pencils 
  • Stable Drawing Surface

2. Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing a Pizza

Step 1: Prepare the crust.

First, draw a big triangle on your paper. This triangle is going to be your pizza slice! Now, at the top of the triangle, draw some bumpy, bent rectangle to make it look like the crust of your pizza slice. Imagine you’re making a yummy, hand-tossed pizza.

Step 2: Add cheese and toppings.

Next, let’s add some cheese! Draw some wiggly lines coming out from the edges of the triangle. Make them look messy like the cheese is all gooey and dripping down the sides. Now for toppings! Drawing some little circles for pepperoni and spinach all over your pizza slice makes it even more appetizing.

Step 3: Add Eyes and Smiles.

Now, let’s give our pizza some personality! Draw two big, silly eyes near the top of the triangle. Make them as funny as you want, and draw a curved line underneath the eyes for the pizza’s mouth. You can make it wide open like it’s talking or smiling big. Inside the eyes, draw small circles for pupils. And if you want, add some eyebrows above the eyes to make your pizza slice look even more friendly and fun.

Final Touches

Get your crayons or colored pencils ready, and let’s add some color! Use brown for the crust, red for the pepperoni, and green for spinach. Once you’ve colored everything in, you can outline your drawing with a black marker to make it stand out. Great job! You’ve made a delicious pizza drawing for kids that looks good enough to eat.

Tips and Tricks

  • Pizza drawing for kids is all about having fun. If you make a mistake, don’t worry, erase it and try again.
  • If you want to make your drawing even more fun, you can draw a plate or a bowl nearby to make it look like your pizza slice is ready to eat.
  • And here’s a fun idea: add some extra stuff, like steam coming off the pizza or little hearts around it, to show how yummy it is.


Great job, artists! Drawing a pizza slice is a great way to have fun while also learning the importance of balance and nutrition. Using our imagination, we can add our favorite toppings to make a delightful creation that’s fun to look at and reminds us to eat in moderation. Don’t forget to use the worksheet to improve your skills and create your own unique, mouth watering pizzas! So, grab your pencils, and let’s make a delicious pizza drawing together!

Pizza Drawing For Kids Worksheet

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